Sunday, 18 June 2017



White bricks outside my window and long grey curtains that let in any and all light. Hearing the neighbours arguing or shouting about something in an unknown language in the mornings and ordering too many takeaways. Soon I have to move out of my current student house, which I completely adore and am incredibly sad about, there's so so much I'll miss. My favourite bedroom I've ever had is in this house, right by the kitchen, big with a high ceiling and my pictures on the wall. It's already starting to feel weird being here knowing it's all done and I'll probably never step foot in this house again once I leave for good. It is the only place I have lived so far at uni that I have been truly comfortable to call a home and to look forward to going back to. We got very lucky considering the horrors that can be student accommodation.

This is the kind of thing that I used to get too upset about, and don't get me wrong I'll be a bit sad, but I've made a decision to be a bit stronger. I take pride in my emotions, I just don't think I have enough time to focus so much energy on being sad about a house. 

Despite the heat my favourite outfits as of late all revolve around these jeans. Featured in my last post too, these are the Florence Jeans from asos and I adore them, I never knew I'd be so ridiculously fond of a straight leg, not quite high waist jean but apparently I am. I like this outfit a lot though I was too warm in the jacket, it needed it's first outing - to the garden - as did the tee.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Happy Hippy


My goal is to be a happy hippy and has been my entire life due to this tshirt of my dads, it's a big part of my childhood memories and has faded a hell of a lot. It's from Cosmetics-To-Go (now LUSH) and I borrowed it while I was last home because I'm terrible at packing and didn't bring enough t-shirts. 

These jeans are new and my fave. They are the 'florence' straight leg jeans from asos and fit amazingly and will be a bit more visible in my next post. I always rave about whatever new jeans I have but I do think I have truly fallen for this style, straight leg jeans just are so clean cut and create such a great shape. 

I'll check back in when my brain is working... (hopefully Sunday)


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Let's talk... opinions & voting (and how i'd really like you to vote labour xx)


So this wasn't the best outfit for a rainy Sunday in Stockport. I'm actually not going to talk about my outfit at all I don't think because it's not what's in my head and I can't be bothered. I know that I am individual in the way I dress, I don't dress how I think I should whether that's weather appropriate (lol) or what other people think I should be wearing and I think that's reflected in everything I do and should be how everyone is. Let other people teach you and inform you but think for yourself, have reasons and listen to others. 

There is a general election tomorrow and if you're registered to vote you need to vote. I would honestly prefer you vote Labour or Green (if you can) but having your say is all that really matters, even if you draw a frog on your ballot paper it's better than not turning up. 

Though some may argue that politics in this country is ridiculous - which it definitely is - you can't complain about anything the government does if you don't have your say, this is our one and only opportunity to change the way we have to live with such immediate affect.

I'm voting Labour, for so many reasons, you can view their manifesto here, but I honestly think that Jeremy Corbyn would be the best PM we'd have had in a long time and that the labour party as a whole actually really care about this country. Also I'm pretty sure Theresa May is a lizard...

PLEASE VOTE!!! And if you can't, convince someone else to!


Wednesday, 31 May 2017



Okay so 26 degrees C is not that hot at all, however I do not cope well with heat. I'm sensible and I wear factor 50 and stick to the shade as much as possible but being too warm is not something I have ever been able to enjoy until very recently. Arguably I still don't cope well but I will happily spend my entire day outside in the warm with a book or with my friends.

I have also realised that Summer is when I wear most black. This definitely has no common sense behind it - like most things I do - I don't know what it is I just really like wearing all black in Summer. Maybe because there's so much colour around already I feel like I don't need to be the centre of attention and I let mother nature show off to a full extent. This black dress is the love of my life, I came across it in H&M literally seconds after saying I really wanted a black plisse sleeveless dress and grabbed it immediately. I'd wanted one since admiring the coolest woman ever on the train back to Notts from Stockport, she was wearing (I think) this exact dress, had a shaven head, loads of tattoos and piercings, the cutest daughter ever and she was just beautiful and really effortlessly cool. I've basically bought this dress in a bid to be that cool... 


Monday, 29 May 2017

And the bees still buzz...

*Image by Dick Vincent - Facebook page here, Instagram here

You know when your heart aches for so long and you begin to feel numb. And everything new adds to the numbness and it feels like nothing will ever be okay again. That's what this week has been. I don't need to describe what happened in Manchester at all and I'm not going to, and though I'm filled with great amounts of sadness due to it amongst other things I've also never ever been prouder or happier to be from Manchester. The reaction of vast love and care and community such a terrible terrible thing has caused is why I adore Manchester so much. Maybe everywhere is the same and I have been more ignorant until now but I am filled with incredible amounts of love for the city I will always call home. 

Below I have linked some things that made me happy this week, despite being numb. 

Please comment things that have made you happy recently, we could all do with a bit more happiness.



Wednesday, 24 May 2017



I've done that thing where an entire outfit is from primark again which I hate that I do. I got the black skirt super duper cheap before christmas, the belt and body more recently and I do actually wear all three very frequently though together is one of my favourites. This outfit looks sick with heeled boots and a hat but also simply just with my converse and a red lip.

If you can't tell these photos were taken at The Barbican Centre in London and it was raining... It was actually gloriously sunny when we got up and ready so that was kind of annoying and being bare legged meant I did get rather cold later on. I really like the subtle textures of this outfit, the pinstripes combined with the tortoise shell effect of the belt and the worn denim. There's definitely a subtleness to it and I love it, I also really like how simple the shapes are in this outfit.

Barbican was cool. I feel like I'd prefer it if it were sunny, and if I'd had sufficient time to explore. I however, as always had a lovely time in London with lovely people and lovely food- including the best pizza ever and all the food at the Linda McCartney event which I can do a post on if you like?


Sunday, 21 May 2017



I never thought I'd own white jeans. Mostly because I'm the messiest person ever but also because I didn't like them... until I inevitably saw someone who I think is a million times cooler than me wearing an entirely white outfit and decided I wanted to be that cool.

I do adore them but I did spill coffee on them within the first 10 minutes of wearing them as well as getting lipstick, foundation and mud on them throughout the day? I honestly have no idea how but thankfully unless you inspected my legs with a magnifying glass you wouldn't have noticed. It was a rather warm day when the amazing Lydia shot this look for me so wearing all white was actually fab and I didn't really need my jacket at all. So in short I like these jeans though they definitely aren't practical to wear all the time.

As someone with a rather large wardrobe that seems to be ever-growing and never ending I definitely cherish items with memories or emotions that provoke thought a whole lot more than I do my most aesthetically beautiful or more expensive items. Part of this outfit does make me feel a bit emotionally uncomfortable and I don't want to shy away from admitting it. I'm not going to explicitly say why but it's an item of clothing I would never have even considered buying without being inspired by a very specific person and therefore sort of has happiness and sadness attached to it and I don't know why I'm telling you this. But if they ever by chance read this post, thank you, you will always mean a lot to me.

Sometimes I think I'm too much inside my own head and I don't really know what to do about it. After a trip back home to Manchester last week and a brief trip to London this week I'm feeling a lot smaller. Nottingham makes me feel safe and tall. Basically I never want to leave again. I'm very very nearly done with uni for this year though so I'm hoping that will give me the head space I so desperately need.

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