Thursday, 23 March 2017


Dress - Glamorous 
Shoes - Newlook

So it's Thursday and I have some beautiful photos I've been desperate to share since taking on Sunday but as a busy person with priorities I forced myself to wait until now and I'm so glad you finally get to enjoy them all. This outfit is beautiful, for so many reasons. I stole the dress from my mum (with permission) she altered it for me and I wore it to a wonderful persons funeral. I wasn't sure if I'd ever wear the dress again and I especially didn't think I'd blog it because of the sadness attached to it but wearing it, though inevitably reassuring the sadness in my head and in my heart, made me feel reflective and mellow and adequate. She would have liked this dress. 

I don't think I'll wear it often at all, but I will be keeping it and will always have a fondness for it.


Sunday, 19 March 2017


Top - Urban outfitters
Jacket - Levis
Bag - Primark
Skirt - Vintage upcycle
Boots - New look

Turns out despite being from the rainiest place in the world I'm never weather ready, I have no coats with hoods and until yesterday no umbrella... and neither did Ellen so we took very few photos under rain soaked roses (I don't think they're roses) and then practically ran to the shops.

Yesterday I had rather a nightmare with just about everything but in particular, my septum piercing.. It fell out -which is a long story in itself- I had to go and buy new jewellery for it and ask a piercer to put it in for me because I'm incapable, it hurt more than getting it pierced in the first place and still feels just a little weird.

The skirt I'm wearing is an upcycle of a vintage 50s dress my Mum did for herself but gave to me and I hadn't worn it yet (also didn't bother ironing it,, oooops) and I really really like it. I always used to admire the dress in her wardrobe and I've always thought the colours were just beautiful. I really like it paired with my garish purple crop top and my super shiny boots which do not see the sun enough. Also, fishnets, fishnets with everything. 

I have a habit of not wanting to wash my hair so dutch braiding my fringe to the side which I really like although in a sort of love / hate way. I don't like having my fringe out of my face because I just don't feel like myself but if it looks gross this is definitely the best alternative.

Maybe next time I plan to take outfit photos I'll check the weather first...


Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Skirt - Primark
Bag - Primark

I don't think there was ever a colorado space mission... I looked it up and couldn't find anything so this t-shirt is probably just really stupid but I like it. It was a bit of a random purchase but I thought it was way too cool to leave behind and I'm so glad I didn't.

At the moment I feel like I need a break, I have a social hangover and I just want to stay at home and nap and watch films in my PJs but unfortunately I have obligations such as attending university which I sort of have to do. These photos however were taken pre-social hangover by my lovely friend Crystal who came to Notts for the day and we ate donuts and wandered about and it was so so lovely.


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Look at me twice, I'm wearing your clothes again

Dress - Vintage Next
Cardigan - Vintage
Shoes - Topshop (similar here)
Bag - Primark

I'm all for menswear, this definitely is not news, and menswear, it can be argued, is often made for practicality and therefore used to be 'manufactured with the battlefield in mind' and military style has definitely stuck and made it's stamp on both men's and women's fashion. The masculinity of the straight lines and bold shapes in combination with block colour is so pleasing to admire.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

rain rain go away (...I wanted to take photos outside today)

Top - Primark

So I spent the majority of my day feeling sorry for myself (because I have a slight cold) in my room and only really left to do a food shop with my Dad. I planned on going outside and taking proper outfit photos but it was tooooo rainy and I didn't have a tripod or anyone to take them unfortunately... I did however have the capability to balance a camera on a jar on the desk in my room and pop a timer on so I guess that's good enough!

I love how flippy my hair feels lately and I wasn't sure if I'd like my short hair teamed with a Bardot top but I actually love it, I also love that frills and gingham are quite cool at the moment. If my entire wardrobe could be gingham and covered in frills it would be.

The past week has been weird I've been a bit dizzy and out of it due to medication and I actually don't remember much of whatever the hell I've been doing. I know I went to uni. I know I went to a funeral and I know I cried a lot. But I'm definitely sort of not all here and I really hope that fades soon.

I'm now going to have a bowl of cereal and binge watch tv.


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Heart of Glass

Trousers - Zara (similar here
Body - Zara
Shoes - Topshop (similar here)
Coat - Vintage

Lately I've been trying to make more of an effort to spend time with great people and people who make me happy which is something I've been doing for most of my life unconsciously but as I know I could definitely be happier I'm now making it a conscious doing and I honestly think it's going quite well. 

I think you should surround yourself with people who inspire you, and make you want to create beautiful things, this is what was so lovely about doing the photoshoot for this blog post. I met up with Lydia Maycock in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, I had never met her before and I had such a lovely time. She has an amazing eye for good photos and I'm so grateful for all of these and considering we had never met, I had such a nice time and felt so excited about writing this post.


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Jeans Again... do I need to be organised?

Top - Primark
 Jeans - Pretty Little Thing
 Socks - Primark
 Shoes - Converse x CDG
 scarf - vintage

So I came home for a few days, I had a concert and hadn't been back since christmas so was sort of due a visit. I'm not organised or good at packing so I didn't really bring the most exciting outfits with me, I thought jeans and my new zara trousers (which will be appearing on the blog soon...) and a few tops to choose from would be enough. It definitely is enough, but it wasn't well thought out and I've quickly become bored of my suitcase wardrobe which isn't really surprising at all. I also forgot to bring a belt. Belts are essential when you deliberately buy your jeans too big... hence the scarf I stole from my mums wardrobe to hold my jeans up, which I actually think looks really cool.

This brings me to the subject of organisation. I think people assume I'm relatively organised. This is not the case at all... I'm early or on time for most things (I would say all things but recently I've been late for several occassions and possibly made the impression that I just am always late - sorry if you're reading this J), I get things done by deadlines and I do everything I need to but my head is a bit of a mess. I do most things last minute and at times a little bit rushed which definitely isn't being organised. I don't however think this is a bad thing at all. Everything I do I still try my absolute best at and usually do relatively well, I don't get too stressed or worried about getting things done because I know I will.

I guess in this respect I'm quite easy going and I'm glad that I'm like this rather than being stressed and feeling the need to organise every aspect of my life. Perhaps my room could be a bit tidier and I could put my uni work away instead of spreading it across my desk.. in fact that's definitely something I should work on but the way it all is now in no way hinders my well being or makes my life more difficult. It just looks messy. 


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Blue Jeans, Striped Shirt

Top - Monki
Shoes - Topshop
Cardigan - Topman (via charity shop?)
Bag - Primark 

Rainy weekends in Nottingham are for wandering around town and sort of shopping. Buying new super fluffy cushions and candles and lot's of sweets (being sugar free is going SO well...) and watching films with blankets and lot's of coffee. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sunday Girl Self Care

Bedding - Asda / George 

I'm trying really hard to find the balance between working hard and being motivated, but also making the time for safe care and relaxation. By most peoples standards I'm the worst at relaxing a person could possibly be. I may look relaxed when I'm lying around doing nothing but in fact I've probably never been more stressed.

Last night I made a real effort to wind myself down for bed by having dinner, taking a long bath, facetiming my best friend and making my bed with this amazing new bedding from Asda and though I didn't do very well at it (..because afterwards I was playing mario kart with my housemates rather competitively) I think I'm going to try and do this every night.

Unless I really desperately want to work through the night, because sometimes that is when I work best, then I'm not going to let myself, I'm going to force myself to switch off slowly. Likelihood is I will still be waking myself up in the night to write poems or prose but that I'm okay with, as long as I'm putting in time to look after myself I think I will be a lot happier.

Obviously I can't have a long bath or brand new bedding every night, though I wish I could, but I've come up with a little list of things I want to make sure I do something from after I've done all my work and before I sleep, this includes things like drawing and writing, reading, facemasks, watching something short or something I've seen before, having a cup of night time tea and quite frankly anything I consider just nice.

If you have any suggestions of things I could do to wind down please let me know because this is something I want to really give a good try...

I should probably also mention my blogs new look while I can. MY BLOG LOOKS SO COOL. The illustration in the header is by the incredible Molly Rushton and the theme was bought from and installed by Pipdig and I am totally in love with it!


Sunday, 5 February 2017

I'm a Sunday Girl - mental health chats

Other than the Blondie song I have no idea what the connotations of saying I'm a Sunday girl are but I'm going to give you my definition. 

I like Sundays, I now work on sundays, but I sort of wish everyday was like Sunday. I feel productive and like it's a day for preparation for the week ahead, but also a day for comfy, casual clothes, which at the moment are my favourite. I'm currently wearing Jeans and a stripey top, a bralette and glittery socks and I'm so happy. It's also a Saturday but we will ignore that bit...

On Sundays I feel calm and busy all at the same time, there's time to think on your own but also time to see other people and to work, whether it be at my actual job, or just uni work or reading or drawing or writing. 

I love Sundays. And I think the reason I love all those things about Sundays so much is that I struggle with my mental health. I cope, and I'm fine but that doesn't mean it isn't a struggle. I've had anxiety for a rather long time and recently realised I either have Seasonal Affective Disorder or Depression. I'm not just saying these things I would also like to point out, I've seen Doctors and I take medication and I suppose that makes it a serious thing? But Sundays are the one day of the week I feel good and like me and ready, the depression is still there, it doesn't go away but it doesn't bother me quite as much on Sundays.

Hence, Sunday Girl. (I'm also cold as ice cream but still as sweet)

One of my friends recently said that they believe if you can survive January, you can survive anything. After a more than hectic January I honestly could not agree more. A lot happened and a lot didn't happen and I honestly spent the entire month overwhelmed and lost in my own head. But, I survived and therefore I can survive anything and I'm going to live by this.

Here's to being a Sunday Girl and to every day being sunday for eternity. 

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