Wednesday, 22 June 2016

I don't feel like blogging today - and my summer face

My favourite make up look at the moment is this one, neat ish eyeliner and an orange lip. I like that my eyebrows match my hair colour for the first time in forever and I like that my freckles peep through my foundation. I like how simple this is and how it goes with everything.

I realise I'm possibly being quite contrary by saying I don't want to blog yet still blogging but I'm doing it anyway. I have posts planned and I could sort them out and do them but I don't want to. I think it needs to be okay to not want to. I don't have any reason as to why I can't. I'd like to put it down to laziness but it isn't. If anything I'm bored and need something to do but I don't want to blog today so this is all you're getting.

If anyone has any ways in which they motivate themselves to blog and to want to blog please share them because I think I need them.


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Brixton Blondie

Dungarees - Topshop, Blouse - Vintage Laura Ashley, Jacket - Missguided, Bag - UO

I have spent far too much time on trains this past week, I'm home this weekend for Father's day, and I spent a few days in London with one of my favourite humans, Helena, who very kindly took these pictures for me in Brixton, as well as talking me into buying far too much delicious vegan food which my bank balance certainly isn't happy about but I enjoyed the eating so all is well.

I really liked exploring bits of London I hadn't seen and meeting Helena's pals and just spending time with one of my fave people. It of course wouldn't have been right for me not to pack some dungarees because I practically live in them and I needed to blog my new-ish vintage Laura Ashley blouse I bought from Cow in Notts and I loveeee it, mostly just with my dungarees but it is reminiscent of primary school blouses and I think we are all aware how much I love dressing like a toddler.

Now that it's supposedly summer I've been wearing orange lipstick with everything and this one is 'My Beautiful Rocket' from limecrime and it's super orange and bright and beautiful and I'm in love with it, especially now my hair isn't orange and it's my favourite colour. Oh yeah and I dyed my hair blonde.. again.

Happy Sunday! 


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

What I Ate Today | 9

Breakfast 7.35am

Normally breakfast is not this early but when you've been up since something past 5 in the morning and dropped your sister off at the train station it turns out you're actually quite hungry. I had a cup of coffee, a bagel with margerine and vegemite and two tiny apples cut up with peanut butter. It was great I did then have another coffee about 2/3 hours later because when I have a cold I drink more coffee and it doesn't affect me quite so much as normal, rather it keeps me okay and awake.

Lunch 1.25pm

At this point in the day I was exhausted and straight after eating I did indeed nap and since I was so tired I just ate leftover pasta salad from the day before which was fine good, nothing too exciting, just pasta and salad and bits and balsamic vinegar.

Dinner 6.45pm
Dinner was thrown together in a similar way to lunch if I'm honest, I made a roasted red pepper and tomato soup for just me, which was not as good as when you make a large quantity so I'm never doing that again. I used leftover pizza dough and violife to make cheeeeeesy dough balls to dip in the soup and they were great ish. I never thought vegan cheese was ever going to get good but I do really love violife and possibly eat too much of it.

I then proceeded to have a vegan choc ice, drink far too much cider and have some chips... these were not photographed but I'm sure you can use your imagination..


Sunday, 12 June 2016


What a beautiful colour a blush pink is. As someone who has always said they hate the colour pink (I'm definitely not keen) I do really enjoy wearing it and anything a bit rosy or blush I just adore. I think it goes with my ridiculously pale skin and blue eyes quite well so I suppose that's good. I bought this skirt in primark a couple of months ago and I adore it, it's fun to wear out because it's comfortable but oh so pretty, which we all know is the best way for clothes to be, and can be dressed up and down and I love it soooo much. The fact it's so floaty definitely helps in the summer heat too.

You may have noticed that I also really like wearing brown and black together. I feel like a lot of people aren't fond of wearing brown shoes with a black back but I actually quite like wearing both, I think If I had been wearing a black belt and bag the outfit would be a bit too tough looking for my liking and for a day time summery vibe.

The weather at the moment makes me crave sparkling elderflower presse and slow walks outside but unfortunately it has left me sun burnt and a bit uncomfortable. I honestly didn't think I'd get sun burnt with factor 50 on but apparently I am really that pale so I think I'm going to have to become a sun-dodger and live from the shadows...


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Tooooooo Warm

Dress - Primark, Sandals - H&M, Socks - asos, Sunglasses - Monki

Today is very very warm, though apparently not up North where my sister travelled down from to stay with me for a few days. This outfit did have more layers, with a t-shirt underneath and with different shoes and socks but it was so warm that I had to buy some sandals which I think is justified when your only flat shoes are Dr Martens and converse.

This dress is also my new favourite thing, I saw it on someone's instagram and I love dresses this length and went straight to primark to find it... it did involve crawling on the floor to get to the rack it was on but it was definitely worth it.


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I love peanut butter... |2 Raw Vegan Chocolate Peanut Crumble Bars

1 cup dates
1 cup cashews
1 tbsp cacao (or cocoa)

1/2 cup of oats
1 tbsp of peanut butter
1 tsp of agave or other syrup

1. Blend the cashews to somewhere between bread crumb sized and flour.
2. Blend the dates until fully blended.
3. Add Cashews back to blender with Cacao and dates and blend until fully combined. - This part can be done by hand in a bowl but takes a lot of effort.
4. In a cellophane lined baking tray (I used a 25cm x 19cm tray), place the date mixure and squish with hand until flat, place in fridge.
5. In a bowl mix oats, peanut butter and syrup until it is a crumble type texture. - This may be easier if you melt the peanut butter slightly but it should work regardless.
6. sprinkle oat mixture on top of date mixture until completely covered then press it in firmly, making sure the edges are especially pressed down
7. refrigerate over night, cut into bars and enjoy!

These are super crumbly (hence me calling them crumble bars) so although they are a great alternative to a hob nob I would not recommend dipping them into your tea. They're a fab revision snack and soooo tasty, comparable to a nakd bar but let's be honest these are far superior. They are also amazing crumbled into vanilla yoghurt!

Let me know if you have a go at making these!


Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Neckerchief

Striped dress - forever21, Neckerchief - Primark, Glasses - eBay, Lippy- Jeffree Star Red Rum

I realise wearing a neckerchief is absolutely nothing new and you've probably seen it on everyone's blog a million times over but I thought it was about time I bought a new one and did a little post about how much I love them. 

There were a few different colours of these in primark, like red and black but I figured navy would fit into my wardrobe far better than anything else (My whole primark shop aside from a bobble was navy... oops?) and it was much softer oddly and therefore much more comfortable. I'm sooo happy with it, before this I had been wearing my fave monki headscarf as a neckerchief which I will continue doing but I'm glad I have something a little less bold to add to my day-to-day simple outfits.

Let me know if you like the whole neckerchief trend or if you hate it, or suggest other ways I could be wearing mine in the coments! All I know is I will be wearing mine a lot more and you will no doubt be seeing them in future outfit posts!


P.S. could I have said the word neckerchief any more?

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I love peanut butter...|1 Satay Sauce recipe

I used to absolutely hate peanut butter and I've realised that particularly in the past few months my food preferences have completely changed. I'm still not fussy and eat the same things as before but the choices I make for meals is definitely a little bit different.

Mostly in the sense that I want to put peanut butter in EVERYTHING...

I think my current favourite way to eat peanut butter is in satay sauce on noodles and pretty much any veg in a stir fry. This is probably a ridiculous thing to do a blog post on but I make the best satay sauce and for dinner today I had it with lots of green veg and plain noodles and oh my gosh it was incredible. I think it goes particularly well with green veg because greens can be a bit bitter and it adds a sort of sweetness, creaminess and tang that I just cannot get enough of.

All I do is mix together 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, a tablespoon of sriracha (my one true love), the juice of one lime, a tablespoon of soy sauce, a couple of tablespoons of hot water (to thin it out) and sometimes garlic, I either mix finely chopped raw garlic into the sauce or I put garlic in with my veg if i don't want to smell. So I mix this in a bowl, stir fry my veg and noodles, pour the sauce into the pan when veg is cooked, along with a splash of water, stir until all the veg is coated. Then, if it's just for yourself because let's be real you won't want to share this, serve it up in the bowl you mixed the sauce in, for extra sauciness *insert smirk emoji here* and it is delicious.

I know this isn't at all my usual type of post but I like food and whilst I'm busy revising food is very much a constant and therefore something I can still blog about quite easily so I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you try this little recipe!


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Solar Powered

(this is Molly, she's dead cute, follow her on instagram here)

Top - Newlook, Jeans & Belt - asos, Bag - UO, Shoes - Converse X CDG

I got new jeans! I definitely didn't need new jeans but I wanted them so I got them. They are the Ridley Jeans from asos and I love how they fit. I did however need a new belt so the asos order was somewhat justified... I know it's summer and now probably isn't the time for dark indigo skinny jeans but I like them though can confirm that they aren't the best thing to wear in 20°C heat.

I had my first exam this week ad I think it went okay *touch wood*, I have two more to go that I am revising and stressing for. I have realised the actual exam never worries me at all, I'm fine with answering questions and writing essays, instead I worry far too much about whether I'll wake up on time and that if I don't have a substantial breakfast before hand I might get hungry during my exam or that I'll forget the alphabet and how to write and spell. So that's fun...

Since it becoming sunnier I have very much also realised that I am solar powered. My mum posted something on instagram the other day about the fact that she got tonnes of work done because it was sunny and I have realised I'm also most productive when the sun is out, I don't even need to go outside it's just the presence of it. It keeps me happy and moderately motivated. I imagine this is not that unusual.

You may have noticed that one of the photos above is not of me.. That is my pal Molly who I love dearly and have seen rather a lot of during breaks from revision in the past week but today (I'm writing this on Tuesday 17th) she's gone back up north because that's where she lives and I'm already sad about it and I only saw her a couple of hours ago so that's possibly a bit silly but I'm sure other people feel exactly the same way about their friends.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Teeny Tiny Book Haul

It's not a secret that I love books. I'm currently (very slowly, due to revision) reading Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut on my Dad's e-reader as a recommendation from him and I am very much enjoying it when I do get a chance to give it a read but I figured as exam season is incredibly depressing and dreary at times I should buy a few other books to look forward to reading over summer. 

None of the books I have bought were random purchases either, I sort of wanted to be a bit spontaneous with this but I definitely was not at all. The book that sparked the purchase was 'The Smel of Other People's Houses' by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock. I heard a little interview with her on Woman's hour on BBCR4 a couple of weeks ago and I really liked the idea of the book and the title very much drew me in. I wish I had had time to read this already and tell you more about it but I can tell you that I am very much looking forward to reading it.

Along with ordering the first book I decided I might as well get a couple of feminist type reads I'd heard a little bit about because feminism is an important concept to me and I don't see why I shouldn't have a bit of reading on it. The first I picked was 'we should all be feminists' bChimamanda Ngozi Adichie which I spotted on the babe that is @lucyknell's instagram and I really liked the cover. It is the tiniest book I have ever owned, it is definitely pocket sized and could be read front to back on the shortest of bus journeys. I imagine it is going to pretty much be what it says on the tin, my flatmate had a quick flick through and basically confirmed this but I look forward to hearing a perspective that isn't necessarily my own on the ideal that we should all be feminists and will probably enjoy this straight after my exams with a big cup of coffee.

The second non fiction, feminist inspired purchase I made was 'Not That Kind of Girl' by Lena Dunham which everyone and their dog has read probably twice before I even purchased it so I doubt I need to say much. I don't know much about Lena but I know she was the person to introduce feminism to Taylor Swift and I'm glad she did. I know lot's of people like to put people into categories of what kind of feminist other people are and for this reason some seem not to be so keen on this book but quite frankly I think it's derogatory and not feminist enough to be putting people into these boxes, and its never a bad thing to learn about other people's views and perspectives and the way they live. 

And last but by no means least my most recent purchase was a book of poetry by Madisen Kuhn, called 'eighteen years'. This book is beautiful. Like stunning and the cover is matte and bends quite easily and I want to keep this book forever and I want it to end up looking loved and used because I already do love it a lot. I've wanted this book for a long while and was sort of a bit sad that the book purchases I already had made were not going to started until my exams were done and I thought that was the perfect reason for poetry, because I don't have to read it all at once. So I've been opening it every now and then and there isn't a single word I have read yet and haven't loved. Even if you're not that fond of poetry or don't think you are, I feel like you can't help but fall in love with the incredibly relatable yet oh so eloquent thoughts of this teenage, nearly adult girl.