Thursday, 15 March 2018


I currently feel like time is against me. I'm trying to make the most of my last few months as an undergraduate student whilst also trying not to wish away the time due to deadline stress. I'm sure this is more than relatable to most...

Regardless I managed to dress up a bit at the weekend and have a little boogie before sneaking off to get an early-ish night anyway. I've discovered recently that I am most definitely a morning person. A statement I made over the phone to one of my closest and oldest friends to which her response was "Well I could have told you that 10 years ago". I think I had a momentary lapse in being a morning person though, in that, in my late teens and until fairly recently I was more of a grumpy morning person. I'd still be up relatively early but I was just grumpy. 

As the days start to get lighter and lighter as we slowly approach summer, I am starting to really look forward to spending more time outside and in the sun, watching the blossom grow and reading books. I've never been so excited to read in my life, I don't get to read for pleasure nearly enough at uni but I am so so so close to that no longer being my life and I cannot wait. I have a huge pile of books on my bedside ready for me to dive into.

Anyway, here's a little ramble, bye, luv u?


Tuesday, 6 March 2018



I think it's finally time to admit something. I have a problem, I really really like horizontal stripes... it doesn't seem to make a difference what colour or size but at least half of my wardrobe is striped. I also can't bear to part with any of my stripes so this is never going to change. Perhaps the obsession will die but I'm doubtful. My new favourite striped item is this oversized maxi dress that I nabbed in the Post-Christmas monki sale for about £8. I'm OBSESSED. I have never in my life been so comfy as I am in this, especially paired with my fila's. 

I also just love how it looks. The size and ~lack of~ shape is so stunning, it's the epitome of man-repelling and I love it. I also feel like it makes me look about ten times cooler than I actually am which is always a bonus. I'm not overly fond of it paired with this jacket though I am also kind of feeling the lack of shape and weird lengths rather satisfying. Please let me know what you think of this look, I'm interested to know others thoughts - and also completely don't care if you hate it because I LOVE it... in case you hadn't already grasped that.


Monday, 19 February 2018

BRUM AND THE LOST KITTEN | 24h in Birmingham


Okay so yes, I have stolen the title of an episode of Brum for this blog post. It felt only necessary since I was in Birmingham and wearing so much yellow and red. Had I been more prepared I'm sure I could have done some face paint or something to look even more like him. That wouldn't have been weird at all... Also didn't see any cats at all so the lost kitten really has no relevance, I suppose it could have been used as a metaphor for me being lost in the big city but I actually have a great sense of direction.

I'm not actually sure why we decided to go to Birmingham but we did and we had fun. Though half of my family are from there I've never exactly explored and had only been into the city once, which was as a teenager and was mostly just shopping. I had desperately wanted to go to the library of Birmingham since that first visit and lucky for me Finn also loves books and being around them so he was more than happy to go too. It is a beautiful library, I was entranced by the shelves of books the public don't actually have access too and equally distracted by messy shelves I wanted to tidy up. I also almost immediately made my way to the librarianship section where I did pick up a book and read for a bit whilst Finn was distracted by the vastness of the Philosophy section.

Friday, 9 February 2018


I love valentines day. I think it's great, it's commercialised and gross and cringe but I choose to ignore all of that. I think valentines day is about love and loving all the people in your life who you appreciate. I used to make cards for all my best friends in primary school and I know I still have some that they made me. 

I don't really know what I'm doing for valentines yet, I proposed a Galantines evening with my pals but I'm still unsure if that will happen. I know I'll spend at least a little time with Finn, and we did decide to do silly presents. Regardless of whether you're celebrating it or not or want to buy a loved one or yourself some little treats, I thought that once again I'd put together a little list of suggestions.

1. Bath Stuff
- Specifically, from Lush, the photos above are of the 'cheer up buttercup' bath bomb which is like bathing in lemon sherbert but less sticky. It smells of lemon and cocoa butter as well as containing Neroli which is naturally uplifting and creates serotonin (happy hormone) in your head. Of course, there's a massive range of things you could buy as a gift from lush, from something small like a bath bomb or one of their lovely valentines gifts. 

2. Stationery 
- Maybe not for everyone but I love drawing and writing and planning and making notes. My fave place to get planners and diaries from is Ohh Deer. They just have the cutest stuff and are also great for cards. 

3. Candles or Incense
- Candles and nice room smell seem to have become a massive part of my life as a student. I reckon this is due to spending a hell of a lot of time in my bedroom, whether that be sleeping or doing uni work at my desk, my room has to smell nice. My favourite is incense at the moment, which I got for Christmas from my boyfriend's lovely parents. Candle wise, Yankee Candles are always a good way to go, avoid any of the 'honey' scented ones and they're also vegan.

4. Flowers and Plants
- I'm hoping that when I'm a fully fledged adult (I don't know either) that I'll be a bit of a crazy plant lady. I love houseplants and I don't have any and receiving flowers is my absolute favourite thing. It may seem like a very romantic gesture but I honestly think that buying flowers for one of your friends is the most lovely thing. They may not last forever, but it is such a beautiful gesture. 

5. Books
- I love books. This is no secret, unfortunately, I don't get as much time for reading for the fun of it at the moment but I do have an ever-growing pile of books to get through when I can. Regardless of the type of book just getting someone a book you think they'll like is very very sweet. I recommend shopping for books in charity shops - just because I work in one and I love them - Oxfam book and music stores are great.. you can also get some ace vinyl.

If you have any other cute gift ideas or valentines plans please let me know in the comments! I could always use a bit more inspiration.


Thursday, 1 February 2018



HAPPY THURSDAY! Please tell me other people have accidentally done an asos at almost midnight in a practically asleep state? Or is it just me? Either way, I didn't exactly think I'd actually love everything I ordered and end up keeping it all. Maybe being almost unconscious is key to being happy with an entire online order, I could be on to something...

Sleepy me was just super spot on, I never knew I needed a lime green turtleneck but oh my god I adore it. What a great, great, great colour. it's super soft and lovely quality too, teamed with other bright colours and blue jeans it just looks so cool. It's clearly the colour I needed to cheer up my January. 

Aside from the fact I got a lovely new jumper, I'm also finding ways to style my over the knee floral boots, I realise they hadn't actually made it to the blog yet, but they actually are great under wide legged jeans. I'm sure I'll showcase them over here in their full glory very soon.

I'm planning to do a valentines gift post within the next week, so watch this space!
(I may have a little more to say then) 

Tuesday, 23 January 2018



Okay, SO, I'm going to be positive in this blog post which I think might be difficult but I'm going to try. I've spoken about mental health and wellbeing on the blog and the importance of being and making sure you are ok. Though I do think this is something you should prioritise I am starting to try to maintain a sense of balance and composure regarding self-care and uni work. 

What I love most is when people reach out to me to talk about things like this, I've had plenty of lovely people let me know that they have appreciated me speaking about this in the past and to have someone ask me to discuss this, even more, was overwhelming in the nicest way - If you're wondering, this post is in collaboration with Jack Wills, a brand I honestly didn't know much about but since having a scroll through their site I've accumulated quite the wishlist. From cute, preppy skirts and jumpers to wear on positive productive days to women's joggers and athleisure wear for when I need to be comfy without sacrificing style.


Tuesday, 9 January 2018


I really like seeing what people got for Christmas but don't really care to show off what I got. I'm not sure why, perhaps because a lot of it will end up on my blog or Instagram anyway but I never seem to share book stuff on here, so, since I got a few books for Christmas (my favourite presents) I thought I'd share what they were. 

I suppose most everyone knows I adore poetry. I write my own poetry which you can find on Instagram here. I love that poetry books can be put down after a couple of pages and it won't affect the story being formed in your mind. I love novels and fiction but I like to read the entirety in one go which a lot of the time just isn't possible. I loved reading Rupi's first book, Milk and Honey, and am positive I will love and cherish this in the same way.

So I may be an adult who got a children's book for Christmas but quite frankly I think my sister did wonderfully with this present. I have loved Miffy my whole life, probably stemming from living in Amsterdam when I was very little. This isn't a usual Miffy book as it isn't a story but it is Miffy shaped and full of lovely illustration and colour and I can't stop flicking through it.

I asked for this book as I often find myself tagging my friends in Sarah's illustrations on facebook because I find them hilarious. I don't know what else to say about this book but as a 21 year old this book is ridiculously relatable and I'm sure will continue to be for my whole adult life. Also the front cover has felt on it which is a dream.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018



HAPPY NEW YEAR. This isn't going to be a post about hopes and expectations and aspirations for the following year, though I certainly have them. Nor is it going to be a reflection of the past year. I'm sure you're all super interested in my life and the inner workings of my brain but instead, let's talk about my outfit and these photos. 

My 7-year-old brother took these photos on the walk back from the post office just after Christmas. He took them on my phone because it's his favourite thing to do, usually, he likes to throw in a couple of shots of his feet and some twigs and we inevitably take outfit pictures of him too but he actually took these ones pretty seriously. Though he did take over 200 which he found hilarious.

Yellow is one of my most favourite colours and I think it looks ace with my pink hair. The only problem is, I have my yellow biker jacket from Missguided which I adore and like to wear with everything, therefore, meaning I don't own much else that is yellow. When I got my square neck tops from Asos it was with the intention to get more plain tops but that I don't find boring. I was also hoping the shape of the neckline would be quite flattering on me, which I think it is. It sits well on my narrow shoulders and shows a bit of skin but not too much and not cleavage.

I teamed it with these ace wide leg jeans from the Next clearance that I got for Christmas. I didn't have any black jeans as there are not that many styles of jeans I like enough to have in more than just a mid wash blue but I have always and will always love a wide leg. They aren't perfect for winter as you do get rather cold but I just wear long socks or fishnets underneath. I also borrowed my Moms lovely vegan Dr Marten Chelsea boots as, unfortunately, my Docs are falling apart which look really cool. I'd say I wore them because I think that black jeans require non-black shoes but I don't actually have any plain black shoes anyway.

This might be the last 2017 outfit I share on the blog but I do have a couple of photos of what I wore for NYE that I may post eventually. Regardless, I hope 2017 was good to you and that 2018 will be even better.


Friday, 29 December 2017



I completely understand the lust for brand new clothes but I do think there's a somewhat unethical amount of shopping that goes on in the blogging world and that there should be far more of an appreciation of personal style vs new trends. There should be no taboo surrounding wearing what you already have and posting about it and I think there is.

Of course getting new clothes is exciting and lovely and makes us all feel warm and happy and beautiful but how many times have you found yourself buying something new and eventually ending up only ever wearing it once. There are some things that you can never have enough of like jumpers and socks but how many pairs of velvet trousers do you really need - I've recently discovered a rip in mine so actually I do need more...

This outfit is one I will never not love, it is good all year round pretty much. I can't see a day where I ever won't wear these Monki dungarees and therefore sort of don't feel like I'll ever need a new pair of blue denim ones because it just seems silly. I may lust after plenty but I don't need them. This jumper too is a favourite, made by my mother from her Weekend Doris dress and sweater pattern in great contrasting colours and in a perfect 60s shape with a high neck, I will wear this until it falls apart.

Though I got lot's of lovely new clothes for Christmas and want to and will share these on the blog, this is what I wanted to wear and how I wanted to look and what I wanted to share it whilst addressing the materialistic side of blogging I don't particularly love.

Recently I think I've sounded rather too bitter in my blog posts, I'm not sure why as generally I'd say I'm pretty positive but I guess I've had a lot to say.


Friday, 22 December 2017



IT'S CHRISTMAS... Sort of. Like lots of people, I'm still at work and still have 5000 things to do before Monday but I'm excited to give presents and eat lovely food, however, I am unfortunately the worst person at receiving gifts ever. I cry at every gift ever, I cry when I love it and feel undeserving and when I'm just confused and if I hate it - everyone hates at least one gift they've received so think I'm horrible all you like, it's true -  on Christmas morning this is all heightened by lack of sleep and caffeine. 

I have managed a handful of Christmas' without tears so let's hope this year is another one. In other news, also completely not news to anyone, Christmas shopping is hell. My sister took these lovely photos in Stockport's little underbank before struggling our way round Superdrug and Primark with our mother. HELL, actual hell on earth, we went to two shops and I've never felt so exhausted. I don't even really know what we bought, it's all a bit of a blur.

Okay so now I've been as negative as humanly possible let's move onto the fact that I do actually love Christmas. Believe it or not, I've been listening to my Christmas Spotify playlist (which you can listen to below) since mid-November and it's Christmas music that's keeping me relatively sane whilst I'm stressed and grumpy about everything.

Because I've been listening to so many Christmas tunes this meant that when meeting one of my best friends little newborn (who is SO gorgeous) I was singing the likes of Darlene Love's 'Christmas' to get him to sleep. That along with Dusty Springfield - Stay Awhile - less Christmassy but he wasn't so keen anyway. Regardless, my Christmas playlist is TOP - highly recommend giving it a follow and a listen, you will not be disappointed nor bombarded with Bublé and a load of cheese.

No doubt this will be my last post before boxing day so I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and if you don't celebrate just a wonderful weekend!

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