Thursday, 23 November 2017


Top - Pull&Bear (similar)
Bag - Primark

I love Tenerife and I want to live there and be warm in November in just a strappy dress. One of my closest friends and favourite people is studying there this year as part of her degree and kindly invited me to visit - I think, I mean, there is a high possibility I invited myself but I don't think she minded too much...

I had the most fun, despite it being such a brief visit, and Jemma took some gorgeous outfit photos for me whilst on a day trip to Puerto de la Cruz. With its black sand beach and incredible view, warm air and gorgeous plants it was the perfect place to be in adoration of the world and its beauty. My trip also happened to be the perfect opportunity to wear my brand new Tobi dress which was kindly sent to me, November in England is definitely not an apt time to be wearing so little. I could have easily worn the dress alone but being as pale as I am I thought it best to team with a t-shirt so as not to burn my shoulders and I think it looks really cute, I like that you can see enough of my tee to know that it has Debbie Harry on it - Queen of all - and I just think it's so much more 'me' than it would have been without the t-shirt. The colour of the dress is, of course, stunning, orange is one of my favourite colours and I love that this is so copper toned, perfect for a beach holiday but also metallic enough for party season.

I've been a super busy bee lately but in the next few weeks you can expect a lot from me on the blog, loads of outfit posts I'm hoping and at least one post purely of some of my Tenerife snaps because they are far too gorgeous to not share.


Friday, 17 November 2017



So, writing this in bed in Tenerife feels a little odd since this is an outfit post not only including a fluffy jumper and tights but an actual raincoat *eye rolls*. I’ve either become a proper Mancunian by buying, owning and wearing a raincoat or I’ve done the opposite and become a bit pathetic when it comes to weather. Who knows, you decide! 

BUT this is a pretty darn good raincoat. I love the colour and the fact it looks ace with my current candy floss coloured hair, I love that it’s lightweight but completely waterproof, I can fit at least two jumpers and a top on underneath which is fab when you like your layers AND it only cost me £17 from Newlook! I’m not going to lie, I was sceptical, in a dream world I’d get a gorgeous bright yellow Rains waterproof but I’m a student and way too far into my overdraft to even consider that, so I was very glad to find a coat I liked the look of for a decent price. 

You could put this raincoat on top of ANY outfit and look darn adorable so I’m pretty keen. This outfit is one of many textures, my vinyl skirt was a night out inspired purchase but paired with tights and this super soft knit from Primark is an autumnal dream and I look forward to styling it down more often as opposed to dressing it up. (Let’s be real though, this skirt with a band tee for a night out and you’re good to go.) I’m hoping it’ll bode well for layering so we will see. Regardless of all of this, i love the contrast of my matte raincoat with the high shine skirt and the fluffy jumper, it’s just somehow very aesthetically pleasing to wear. 

I would lie and say the rips in my tights were intentional but when are they? One was a complete accident while tidying my room, the next couple were to make it fit in... I hate cheap tights. 

Ordinarily, I don’t think this outfit would be warm enough for November, but for just popping to the shop or going for a walk I reckon it’s pretty alright. I also have a pretty skewed view of November weather hopping from Notts to Tenerife and back to Leeds and Sheffield, once I’m back I’ll probably want to be putting on several more jumpers and the notorious super cosy tights will no doubt be brought out!! 

There will be a couple of posts in regards to my short stay in Tenerife within the next week so if you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled! -like oranges. 


Tuesday, 7 November 2017



So I've found myself rather the busybody recently and due to this am only going to do one post per week, I'll do more when and if I have time but all I consistently have time for is the one. Especially over the weekend having had my sister and Kayleigh stay over which is always tonnes of fun and actually means I have an extra person to take photos for me however sometimes there just isn't enough time to sit down on my own and just write or edit or whatever.

I think this outfit is simultaneously my least and most favourite ever. I have a love-hate relationship with red and pink in combination though I am entirely obsessed with any outfit that feels like I'm still in pyjamas. These trousers were stolen from my sister in that she bought them, didn't like them and gave them to me. They're not at all something I would have chosen myself but they are super duper comfortable and actually look really cool. They remind me of motorbike racing and how much I adored Valentine Rossi as a child, not at all a bad thing.

I paired these trousers with my fave red jumper because I wanted to be cosy and I felt like the black and white check needed some red. The trainers were simply for comfort though they do look pretty cool and gave me an excuse to show of my new space-themed socks from Primark. I seem to constantly be in need of socks and I hate having boring plain ones. I usually go for glitter or frills but when I spotted these I neeeeded them. I kind of want some with dinosaurs on but I can't actually find any yet.


Tuesday, 31 October 2017


"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" 
"Oh, 'cause she's dead!"

Being dead Taylor Swift for Halloween feels a bit weird like I'd happily just be her without the dead bit but I don't think that would be scary enough. Of course you could full on be dead zombie Taylor Swift from the 'look what you made me do' video but I'm going old school. I've copied her 'Junior Jewels' tee from the 'you belong with me' music video, waved my hair (fortunately I have a blonde bob so that works out) and paired with my denim mini skirt, my white vans and of course the signature red lip. 

In order to be 'dead' and therefore a little scarier, I added bruising with dark matte red and brown eyeshadows from my pals naked basics palette.

This is one of three Halloween costumes I'm this year. I'm not sure how I've gone from doing nothing for Halloween last year to everything this year but since I was doing so much I wanted multiple super easy costumes which I didn't have to buy much for.

H A P P Y   H A L L O W E E N


Saturday, 28 October 2017


Odylique Tea Tree and Herb Shampoo and Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub - C/O CCD

So, other than only buying and using vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, I literally know nothing about what's good for my skin or my hair. Great start to a review India, really, well done. However, I know when stuff works and when it feels nice. I'm going to start by talking about the coconut candy scrub.

I haven't used all too many body scrubs before but usually I find them to only be quite rough on the skin, which I guess is sort of the idea but while also being abrasive in the best sense of the word this scrub also feels nourishing and soft and when you use it in the shower it goes a sort of milky, creamy texture and is just lovely. It also smells incredible, I imagine if you're not a coconut fan you may not be as keen but it's definitely worth a try. I plan on using this once every couple of weeks, after shaving and before fake tanning (a rarity tbh) but it honestly did make my skin soooo super soft. 

The Tea Tree and Herb Shampoo is not at all like the shampoo I usually use. Not at all a bad thing but I just don't think I'd use it for every hair wash. My hair had never felt so squeaky clean before which was amazing but for this reason, on my bleached hair, I think it could end up being quite drying so I've literally just been using it when my hair needs a very very deep clean and for this it works wonders. Again, the smell may not be to everyone's taste but I love the smell of tea tree and that it isn't too sweet or girly. I don't really ever want my hair to smell outrageously feminine (as if that's a thing, why we need feminism clearly) so this is great. 

Overall, after trying Odylique products for the first time I definitely want to try some of their other products. It is worth noting that not all of their products are vegan though so having a quick check is a good idea. 



Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Balance is something I struggle with. I think as a Uni student I’m very much not alone in that and now that I’m actually in my final year I seem to have even less balance. I’m constantly busy and instead of doing an okay amount of each thing or just focusing on one I choose to do as much of everything as possible. And I get so tired.

The Uni library, where I like to pretend to be productive x 

My problem is that I’m a Lorelai not a Rory and while I’m finishing up a degree I need to be Rory or at the very least have a Rory coaching me to success. Sorry if you don't watch Gilmore Girls, but you should.

To realign myself, I’ve decided to get a bit more organised and scheduled. Who knew 21 was such an exciting age? I think I'll just cope so much better and be far less stressed if I can see what I'm supposed to be doing and actually physically remove it when I'm done.

1. Get a Calendar and cross off each day. This won't happen until 2018 but I need visuals of when I'm doing what.

2. Weekly planner - This is something I already do, I have a gorgeous weekly planner I got for Christmas last year from Ohh Deer and I use it most weeks and plan out what I'm doing just so I can see it in front of me.

3. The big to-do list. A list of the big stuff, dissertation, assignments, blog posts, travel, emails, admin, work. Cross off as completed and prioritise.

4. The little daily list. A maximum of five small or three big tasks for the day. Done in my whiteboard notebook so they can be removed when completed, so I can physically see how little I have left to do rather than trying to locate it in a sea of scribbles.

5. Prep food, freeze meals, eat well. Eating out isn’t eating well, neither is getting takeout, nor plain spaghetti. Cook for more than myself, freeze and eat for as long as possible. Never ever skip breakfast and more importantly coffee. Do not skip coffee. 

6. At least one day off a week. No obligations, do whatever you want, sleep all day, drink all day    w h a t e v e r (I don’t advise drinking all day but girl you do you). I hope you read for pleasure India, fall in love with books again, please. 

If you're also struggling to find balance I hope this helped out a little, and if you have anything else you think I should be doing tell me, it's greatly appreciated!


Saturday, 21 October 2017


Led Zeppelin Top - H&M
Striped Top - Newlook

I’ve loved Sheffield since my first trip there with my best pal Molly and I don’t think I’ll ever not love it. I adore it even in the rain and it reminds me of Home in so many ways and now that one of my oldest loveliest friends is living there (in an actual house, when did we become adults?!!) I have all the more reason to visit and that is what I did this week. 

I’m trying to learn to travel light and I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it. It did mean I wore the same pair of jeans three days in a row but that was good by me, I also knew I’d be cold in Sheffield so packed a long sleeve top as well as my led zep top and I am obsessed with this layered autumnal look. It reminds me of Avril Lavigne Sk8er boi rather a lot but I’m okay with that. I was also just SO SO comfortable, which is obviously essential for a long day with lots of bus and train journeys. 

Also perhaps something you don’t care to know is that I wore a bralet. There’s no way I’ll ever wear a full on wired bra for such a long day. I’d also like to say that I’m a 30E which means most bralets don’t give any support but my favourite ones are from asos, monki and primark. Maybe I’ll discuss bras and bralets a little bit further in another post. 


Tuesday, 17 October 2017


 TOP - MONKI (similar)

It's officially autumn, there are leaves everywhere and it's sometimes a little bit colder - though there is definitely some weird heat wave thing happening because October should not be this warm surely? I deliberately wore my white jeans and a tee to work on Sunday, knowing it would still be warm but wanting to be covered enough in case it wasn't to hide the goosebumps.

I find these white jeans really difficult to style and have only managed to wear them a handful of times. It's a bit of a nuisance but I think I'm finally onto something with the big t-shirt, blue denim jacket combo. This was an outfit I was truly comfortable in; Once upon a time, I'd have never expected to be remotely comfortable in white jeans.

Comfort is something I often completely ignore or forget about when shopping or lusting after clothing items before actually buying them. And I don't actually just mean physical comfort, I mean thinking I look alright and being happy to walk out the house and anyone see me kind of comfortable.

I wish I could say starting back at uni this year has been easy but it’s been really tough. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stressed most of the time along with an overshadowing sadness that I can’t figure out. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nottingham and NTU, living with my best friends and only being a ten minute walk from my boyfriend, but I just haven’t stopped since I moved back and I’m worried I’m going to crash and burn from doing too much. 

It’s a shame because I’m not doing a single thing I don’t like and so therefore don’t want to slow down or drop anything but I’m missing out. I’m missing out on time to myself, tv and chill time with my housemates and blogging has become a real struggle. 

Maybe I’ll get into the hang of juggling everything, I just can’t see that happening any time soon. If anyone has any tips on how to ace Uni while being sociable and working and volunteering, send them my way, they’re truly truly needed. 



Wednesday, 11 October 2017

super happy wednesday

Having depression means that, even on medication, sometimes you just can't cope. It's horrible, feeling so small and incapable of just doing normal, everyday things. I don't want to ever have to miss university or feel like I'm a bit behind everyone else but sometimes I just am. As I write this I've been crying since yesterday, not really knowing why and.... 

Then I stopped writing. Which was probably for the best. Yesterday was mental health awareness day and the day before is when I started this post. I feel like at times I talk about mental health too often on my blog but it literally affects every aspect of my life so it's sort of helpless. 

I take medication daily for depression. At first, we thought I could have Seasonal Affective Disorder which is still a possibility and quite likely, meaning I'm sadder and more depressed in the winter months. The only way I cope and get out of bed every day is my medication and as great as it is, depression doesn't just go. It gets a hell of a lot easier but sometimes you'll still just cry without apparent reason and being okay with that is super difficult yet completely necessary. If the only thing you do all day is sleep and cry that's okay. 

Maybe one day I'll be able to talk about all this in a much more informed and intelligent way but I'm still figuring it all out. 

Look after yourselves Huns, 

Sunday, 8 October 2017


Gooooooooooood morning pals, as this goes up I'm on my way into work, (fortunately, my favourite place to be on a Sunday) hopefully without a hangover and most likely with my new FILA Disruptors on. Honestly, I know I declare my undying love for like most of my clothes but I am beyond obsessed with these. They are my first *proper* pair of *cool* trainers and I'm just dead happy. They're super comfy and bouncy and chunky and 90s and I am planning on wearing them for eternity.

Tops - H&M

This outfit is one I've had in my head prior to owning any of it. The top is such a dreamy colour to compliment the shoes with and there's nothing better than girly frills with something a bit sporty to balance it out and give you that ultimate Cool-Girl 'I just threw this together' Chic look.

I also thought that 80s bouncy curls were completely necessary for this look because when aren't they? I still want a perm if I'm honest but I keep cutting my hair so it just wouldn't really work out yet. Also there's no one to do it for me as of yet. I need to dye my hair soon too as I have horrific roots but again just don't really know what I'm doing, I think I'm going to stick to blonde but I don't know, endless options. 

It feels so freaking good to be back blogging outfits, and my personal style. This is the one passion I doubt
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