Tuesday, 19 March 2019


So, leaving a blog post til the last minute is not usually a very 'me' move but I just didn't know what to say. I finished work at lunch today and spent my afternoon with Finn. We had a beer, got some cake, ate the cake and now I'm writing this...

At the moment I'm finding it difficult being myself and being present, I'm often very floaty and distant and should probably see a Doctor because it's not particularly fun. I am slightly worried however that it's nothing to do with my health and maybe just a lack of focus? I really miss being at university and being in education and though it's nice knowing I will be going back to do a masters it feels so far away.

I'm trying to regain a bit of focus by keeping on top of plans and organisational stuff whilst also making sure I do spontaneous fun stuff, like going for beer and cake on a Tuesday afternoon. I know I'll be fine though and that whatever this is, it will pass.

I do have more exciting things coming up on the blog in the next few weeks, so do keep your eyes and oranges peeled, but today I'm afraid it's just a pic of me having a beer.


Wednesday, 6 March 2019


I am notoriously early for everything: I am also a morning person, I just am. Don’t get me wrong I love a night out and having a boogie (I come across a lot older than I am using the word boogie don’t I?) and right now I’m writing this at midnight in bed but I just fucking love mornings. I love the sunrise, I love waking up feeling refreshed and awake and I like getting stuff done before lunchtime. If I don’t get up until late morning or midday I feel rubbish. Like a slug. Like I can’t possibly achieve anything now because the best bit of the day has gone. 


This love for mornings and my sense of belonging in the morning, therefore, meant I was over the moon that the lovely Scarlett Stevens was more than happy to meet up with me on a Sunday morning before work to do this photo shoot. It was such a great couple of hours, which lead to me being in a great mood at work all afternoon. I was up and out the house by 8am; dewy, cold, morning air on my face- even though I hadn’t eaten or had any coffee yet- I was happy. We had gorgeous weather, creating these insanely glowy shots of (a usually gloomy/ grey in February) Manchester, we wandered around some of my favourite buildings and places and I made a wonderful new friend. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2019


Okay so I have not been this excited about a blog post in quite a while; partly because of the absolutely gorgeous photos my lovely friend Eilish took of me and partly because I actually have quite a lot to say. 

For the most part, I’m in a really happy place at the moment, I’ve got loads of great new, gorgeous, creative friends; I’m super happy within myself and really enjoying dressing up and shooting and being a little busy body. 


I don’t know if I’m at that proper adult stage in life yet when everyone says it’s difficult to make friends... I thought I was but I’ve made loads of friends recently so maybe I’m not an adult yet? I’m definitely not trying to sound braggy or anything, I’ve just been hanging out with some seriously lovely gals and I’m really flipping happy about it. It’s weird growing up and moving away and friends moving off and suddenly you can’t just go and knock on for your mate or have a sleepover at the weekend. I’m so proud of all my friends for everything they’re all doing, I just wish I could see them more so now it’s nice that I have more friends who I can see and spend time with. I don’t think I’m explaining any of this particularly well but I’m sure some of you can relate. Basically, I’m saying that it’s nice having friends... 

I say I’m mostly in a really happy place, and that is true and annoyingly I think it has a lot to do with the weather. As you may know, I have depression (wooooo) which is actually, probably, S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) as I have discussed with my Doctor who also thinks that’s the case. The problem with S.A.D is that you’d have to be having your mood monitored for literally years to know for sure that it is that and not just depression. 

Now, because it’s been uncharacteristically sunny and warm for February in the UK the past few days, I’ve suddenly become a lot perkier and happy, which in turn is depressing because this weather is actually due to global warming which is terrible. Now I don’t want to lecture anyone on the effects humans have had on the planet as I shouldn’t need to, nor am I qualified to- but I do care, a lot, about the environment, more so than I do about my own mental health. I’m fine with having depression, it’s part of me and I kind of like that, I can rely on a somewhat never-ending sadness (lol help) and though it has been nice for the sun to come out and make me happy, I’d actually quite like a normal winter back. 

So in conclusion, I like having friends, I tolerate depression and I do not like global warming. Thanks for listening to today’s TED talk? 


PS- if you ever needed proof of my dyspraxic, wandering mind, this post is probably enough

Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Let’s dig out the vintage bits and dress real cute just because... 


Although actually, the vintage bits featured in this post are all new to me. I bought them at Barnardos Vintage in Cheadle, Stockport, and they’re god damn dreamy. The lilac shirt only cost my £2 and once I’d cut the shoulder pads out (not for me) is just beautiful. I hate the colour purple - I dunno why, something to do with compromising on bedroom wall colours as a child I think - but somehow am just obsessed with this top. I think it’s the potential I could see it having in my wardrobe, it’s a colour that looks good with warm and cool tones and light and dark colours and that made me happy. The jacket is the other vintage piece I’m wearing, I bought it with a matching skirt and it is so Chanel-esque which I’m of course keen on. The skirt needs a bit of work to be something I’ll actually wear but the jacket was good to go and I couldn’t resist pairing it with the lilac blouse and a denim mini, I mean seriously- how cute is this little outfit. Super-70s and 100% me. 

I love love love feeling like myself in an outfit and this is the kind of look I know I’ll still be wearing in 40 years... absolutely timeless.


Tuesday, 12 February 2019



I've been poorly, which if you follow me on any social media you will already know... partly because I moan about it and partly because I'm just way more active on there if I'm stuck in bed. Because I've been poorly I feel like I've not really had anything to say over on the blog. I always feel like if I'm too ill to go to work then I am too ill to do anything... which is a little bit silly since there is plenty of things I can do from my bed.

I also always feel guilty for being unwell... for so many reasons. It definitely started which being told off for bad attendance during school (even though in reality my attendance was fine) and carries on into adult life when you have to fill out "back to work" forms if you've been off ill - which though they make sense - make you feel guilty for your immune system, which you have absolutely no control over? And then proceed to ask you how you are going to not get ill and have days off work again. 

I do understand the inconvenience of someone being off work sick for business - it slows things down and work piles up - but the blame should not be put on the individual. Illness should be accounted for in advance and there should be no blame. I honestly feel stupid writing all this out, it should be plainly obvious.

Simply, people get sick, deal with it, don't place blame.


Tuesday, 5 February 2019


IT'S FEBRUARY, which means it's nearly valentines day and I absolutely love, love - if you couldn't already tell. I've spoken about my love for valentines day before on the blog but I'm gonna speak about it again because I can. I have always loved valentines, and have always viewed it as a celebration of love for everyone, for your friends and family and everyone - not just a significant other and not just a boy-girl thing. About a million (accurate) have told me throughout my life that I shouldn't make cards for my friends or give them gifts or tell them I love them and quite frankly that is the most ridiculous thing in the world. So, regardless of who you're spending valentines with I thought I'd share a few little suggestions on what you could do.

First of all, a MOVIE NIGHT, in cute PJs with snacks and blankets is always a good idea, with your boyfriend or girlfriend or just your pals. The PJs pictured above are from H&M, they're super silky and slinky and by god the most gorgeous valentines palette. My top 3 valentines day movies are Crybaby (1990), Love, Rosie (2014) and About Time (2013) - if you can't tell I am keen on a soppy love film.
Secondly, if you're more of a fan of going out, DRINKS. I had the pleasure of being invited to Dirty Martini* last week to try out some of the vegan cocktails and I flippin' loved them. I brought my friend Jess along and together we managed to try out the whole vegan menu and I really liked them. You might think i'm crazy talking about a vegan cocktail menu, as most cocktails are vegan but it was so nice being able to pick anything on the menu without having to carefully read all the ingredients and getting out your phone to google them. It was such a nice place for a few drinks on a Friday night and I'm sure would be equally lovely for Valentines. -Pictured above are the Pink Garden, Smooth Operator and The Green Mile - Honestly all bloody delicious too.

My final suggestion for today (I'll no doubt be milking the whole valentines thing here on the blog and my Instagram tbh) is BREAKFAST IN BED. An absolute classic - I bought Finn a 'bed table' for Christmas and it is a life saver for working, eating and basically living from your bed. A mon avis, the best breakfast in bed involves pancakes, coffee and juice. I have an ace pancake recipe here you can follow which is honestly my fail-safe for perfect vegan pancakes.

Hopefully this post has given you a bit of inspiration for some sweet things to do for or with your loved ones this month. Let me know your valentines plans!


*AD - Gifted

Tuesday, 29 January 2019


TEDDY COAT - TOPSHOP (similar here)

So despite this post going up on a Tuesday, this was indeed a Friday outfit. I've decided Casual Friday's is a thing I'm going to do. I don't have much structure to my week- in that I don't have a mon-fri 9-5 job so my weekends are sometimes not at the weekend... So adding structure to this non-consistency of mine in dressing down and comfy on a Friday is something I want to do - as a way to look forward to Friday's and to also keep me on top of what day of the week it is.

It's not like I dress up all the time, and by dressing casually I don't mean putting no effort into what I look like, just a bit more of a jeans and tee (or massive fuck-off jumper in winter) kind of outfit. Believe it or not, I do love wearing jeans and a top and my vans - I just don't do it as often as most seem to. I've always always always been a dress and skirt girl- so actually in a way, my casual Friday's should extend my wardrobe repertoire. 

If you've known me for a while now, you will have noticed that my Teddy Coat barely leaves my body when it's cold - it is my ultimate comfort blanket, for cosiness and contentment and I would wear it all year round if that wasn't ridiculous. I also think, despite it being a gorgeous coat, it's not particularly smart and therefore quite easily lends itself to a casual winter look. 

Now onto my new ultimate loves. My Monki Kimomo jeans were bought in the sale in the Manchester store. I couldn't be bothered trying them on, so I guessed my size and honestly didn't expect much but they are the perfect jean for me. They are a high waisted, relaxed fit and the most gorgeous true denim blue and I'm honestly contemplating throwing out all my other jeans because this is true love and they deserve all my attention. I would highly recommend these jeans, though I would like the point out the style definitely isn't for everyone as I know my sister (who is skinny but strong) tried these and wasn't keen, she much prefers the Monki Taiki style jeans and she adores hers.

And my other love, this dreamy dreamy Topshop knit. So, when I was shopping with my pal Lucy the other day, I found this just on it's own in the sale section with no price tag - checked the care label (cos this gal does not buy wool) - and took it to the till to ask the price and it was £10 down from £45. This is, without a doubt the best bargain of 2019 and it is only January, like holy hell what a steal. Especially since I got an extra 20% off at the till. I think this jumper may have actually been cheaper than my lunch that day. It's also super soft and I've already worn it so much that it smells of me, which we all know is the ultimate comfort. 


- quick thanks to Charlie for being a doll and making me look cute in grey Stockport, and for drinking lot's of coffee with me x 

Saturday, 26 January 2019


I asked on Instagram Stories whether people would like to read a full review, from me, of Mary Queen of Scots after I saw it in the cinema on Tuesday and the answer was a resounding yes. So here it goes - though I would like to point out I have never in my life written a film review so have no idea what you want to hear or what you're expecting. I'm just going to share what I really loved about it. That's a spoiler, by the way, I flippin' loved every minute of it and I want to see it again already.

This image is in no way owned by me and can be found here.

Now I don't know much about History, I get timelines muddled up and was totally uninterested in it in school. I imagine this was due to little me being far too feminist to care about what a bunch of white men did and what a bunch of white men had to say about it. I think this is half the reason this film appealed to me in the first place; it was advertised as being about Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth and their unascertained relationship. And about a bunch of men being c*nts. And it was completely that, and I loved it. It felt accurate and the insecurity of men amongst a powerful woman was portrayed incredibly well. 

Parts were horrible to watch. Turns out there was a hell of a lot of murder and rape back then and though the film doesn't at all brush over this fact, it makes it very very clear that these horrific things did happen - it doesn't make it overly gruesome or take over the fact that the film is about these women, what they said and what they did and that is fully where the importance lies. I've always been interested in Queen Mary, I never knew anything about her though or where to find anything out about her. Admittedly I didn't try very hard. Everything I know about history I learnt either in the very very early years of my education or through Horrible Histories and I must say I never felt that was adequate - and I'm not saying I've learnt tonnes from watching this film or that it's enough to say I know what happened but it has inspired and interested me which I did not expect.

Saoirse Ronan's performance as Mary is beyond impeccable. Throughout the film, you learn to really, really respect and trust her as a woman and as a queen and therefore also feel genuine hurt when she is betrayed and failed by the men in her life. I left the cinema with a massive amount of respect for her, and for Elizabeth. I suspect a lot of other women placed in their positions in such a time would have crumbled but neither of them ever did. 

I want more films about women in history, I want to know everything about them and what they did and I feel saddened by the fact I was never taught about such incredible women at school. There was never a discussion or lesson about a historical figure I could relate to or admire, the only woman I remember learning about was Florence Nightingale and even what we were taught about her was sub-par at best. 

In summary, I am going to watch this film again because I was totally captivated by it the whole way through. It was 10/10 and I urge anyone and everyone to see it and to dwell on it afterwards.


Thursday, 24 January 2019



1. Find someone you want to be friends with.
2. Talk to them and become their friend.

So just over a week ago I finally got to met my friend Lucy in Manchester and she took some gorgeous outfit photos for me because she is an actual angel. I've known Lucy for longer than I can remember, basically as long as we've both been blogging and I've always admired her sense of style and her bloody good eye for a great photo.

I'm not gonna lie I'm slightly annoyed at the way my turtleneck was behaving this day... which is entirely my fault because I had to push it down out of the way at the hairdressers just beforehand. Normally it doesn't look quite like that. I bet this is one of those things where no one would have noticed but now I've pointed it out, it's all you can see. Lol, soz. 

Aside from that one faux-pas, I love this outfit, I love the layering of the jacket and the coat and the way the collar of the jacket doesn't quite behave under this gorgeous vintage coat. 

I honestly had such a fun afternoon shooting and shopping with Lucy, it felt like meeting up with an old friend you hadn't seen in a while and I am so thankful for the weird world of social media and blogging and the internet for letting me make friends with people who I otherwise may have never met. It truly is rather wonderful.

Unfortunately, I can't actually give you a guide on how to make friends because I don't think there ever could be a seamless one; but I honestly do believe that if you want to be friends with someone, you should just talk to them, if it doesn't work then meh at least you tried. I can promise though that it is so lovely to end up being friends with someone you once admired because they will continue to inspire you, in a much more personal way.



Tuesday, 15 January 2019



This may not be my first blog post of the year but I needed a bit of time to think before I decided what I truly want from the next year. I don't set new years resolutions because I quite honestly don't see the point but this will be my first full year without being in education and therefore without education-related goals, like graduating or simply making it to the next year of uni; So, I'm setting myself, some relatively insignificant and rather flexible goals.

Firstly I want to really get on top of the whole blogging thing. I've been blogging for a long time, some of which I had a schedule which I stuck to and some when I didn't at all. Basically what I've learned from this is that sticking to a schedule is best for me- so from now on, I am going to post onto my blog at least every Tuesday. Most of those will be outfit posts which sort of leads me on to my next goal... 

I'm stopping shopping. Not completely or entirely but I have reached a point with my wardrobe where I don't need anything new at all. Of course, if I end up ripping all my tights and losing all my socks I will replace them but I really don't need any new styling pieces. I have a wardrobe full of clothes I adore, vintage and high street, and I want to experiment with them more. This leads into the make-do-and-mend attitude I crave to have. I want to get used to fixing things that are broken and altering my own clothes, I have no excuse for not doing this anyway since my Mother is a seamstress and has everything I could ever need to re-invent what I already have. 

I also want to- if I need something new, like a belt- to look in charity shops first. My inspiration for this is my lovely friend Lucy. She somehow manages to find all the best things in charity shops, and re-works them and alters them to create the coolest looks you ever did see. 

My third goal is to start a podcast with my best friend Molly, which we have been planning to do since we were both teenagers (a while ago...). There's not much more to say about this other than the fact we are going to do it.

My fourth and final goal is to apply for my masters and to feel completely ready for it. I already miss education and being at university so this isn't necessarily a goal because I know I will end up there. I just want to make sure I keep on top of reading, get some more work experience etc whilst still enjoying and progressing in full-time employment. I like to be busy, essentially this is me saying I am going to keep busy.

I'm curious to know whether you have any new years resolutions or simple little goals like me. Let me know what they are as I'm genuinely interested to know!

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