Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Skirt and bag - Primark, Top - Monki, Belt and Shoes - Asos

Ooh look it's me in that pink skirt again... I am literally going to wear this skirt until it is falling apart because I just completely adore it. I love pretending I'm a ballerina since I certainly can't dance as eloquently as one and could never actually be one. 

I also love this top from Monki. Monki t-shirts are my all time fave, in fact I think Monki is just my fave high street shop at all for anything but they're t-shirts are the best, they're far too affordable and either have super cool slogans or adorable doodles or prints and I'm obsessed. This one says on it 'don't hide in the bush' with an illustration of legs and heels poking out the bottom of a bush with peachy flowers or berries on it and I love it so much. 

Hiding in a bush is something I'm surprised I've never done, especially when I was the most awkward little young teen and once wore sunglasses in the hope people couldn't see my eyes and therefore my emotions or even worse my soul - oh anxiety, how I love you so - hiding in a bush never actually occurred to me but I'll definitely consider it in future awkward situations.

I'm still not sure how I feel about Summer as a whole, I think it is going relatively quickly which is good, I wish the weather would stay sunny and between 13-18 degrees but unfortunately I don't think mother nature takes requests.

Anyhow I hope you're all having a swell week whether you're binge watching gilmore girls on netflix and eating too many snacks like me or actually being productive...


Sunday, 24 July 2016


Denim Skirt - asos, Bardot top & Bag - Primark, Hat, Shoes and Sunglasses - H&M

Oh look another bardot top from India's collection, what a total and utter shock... I actually don't know what I love so much about them, I think I just find having bra straps and clothing in general on my shoulders irritating which is possibly a little odd...

I'm not sure if this counts as a proper outfit post but you've seen this skirt a million other times on my blog, most recently here and here so I didn't think it was quite worth it. Plus, these happen to be my favourite pictures anyone has taken of me for a long time - thank you Eden - so I thought we'd stick to my shoulders. 

We weren't actually going to leave the house but since my bedroom felt like a green house anyway I figured I may aswell be outside and drag Eden with me and make the most of the rare Stockport sunshine. We didn't wander far before being too warm and I was super glad of my sun hat.


Friday, 22 July 2016

'Honestly I'm Okay'

-Usual posts will resume on Sunday-

So it's Tuesday night and I can't sleep, normally when I can't sleep it's because there's too much going on in my head, so I write it down. Ordinarily writing it in a blog post is the last thing I'd want to do but these are thoughts I want to be heard. My blog is an honest place, I don't want to save it for happy things, it's for me and for friends and for trust and acceptance and this is part of my life so. 

I've had a constant feeling of melancholy for the past week and a bit, partly due to listening to too much Lana Del Rey, and I've been trying to figure out what I'm sad about. I keep picking and choosing pretty much anything and convincing myself that whatever must be making me sad and that I don't want to do things. I think since moving back from uni I've been eating worse and exercising less (by exercise I mean going out and dancing) I haven't really seen any of my friends and I've started a new job and I'm definitely overwhelmed and lacking in all the happy hormones I think. 

7 years ago (22/07/2009) my baby sister Florence was born and died. I've written briefly about this on my blog before and I'm sorry if it upsets you but quite frankly I wish I could stop feeling bad for telling people incase it upsets them because it's an upset I have to deal with every second of every day and I don't want pity for that I just really want to be understood. I think actually that's why I'm sad, because since summer 2009, every summer has been sad, obviously there have been happy moments but I suppose it's habit of a sort. 

It's difficult to think about properly, right now, Florence should be asleep, dreaming of the summer holidays and her 7th birthday but she isn't. She never got the chance to do anything and it isn't fair. And as much as I try to imagine how her life could have been despite how painful that is, I don't even know what she would have looked like, newborn babies never seem to look like the person they become and that's the only face I have for her. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

With The Utmost Sincerity

Top - Primark, Jeans - Asos, Boots - Newlook, Bag - UO
Yes utmost is a word and it means what I want it to shh

It's the return of the bardot tops for me this summer although I'm not sure they actually went anywhere as they are probably the only constant in my ever growing wardrobe. This one, unfortunately, is nothing new, it was bought in primark at least a year ago by my mother and either given to me or stolen by me and I have loved it ever since. Oddly I hadn't actually worn it with jeans until the other day and I'm so glad I decided to pair it with my asos Ridley's, which are a bit big but with a belt look super cool and put together.

This outfit makes me feel like I can do anything, it tricks me into thinking I'm productive and a woman of success even when actually I'm just drinking a lot of coffee and dancing around doing not much of anything useful. I also feel like I look great in this outfit which is good and I shouldn't feel silly for saying that because there is nothing at all wrong with thinking I look fab.

Today was ridiculously warm and after a wonderful morning in Manchester Art Gallery the humidity made my hair feel so gross and it needed to be kept up. I love it being sunny but I do not like being too warm.

A photo posted by India Charlotte💫 (@indiacharlottewood) on
You may have noticed this outfit on my instagram a few weeks ago (see above) and it has been one of my faves since and top of my to blog list though today was definitely far too warm for jeans and boots...


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Soapy J

We all know one of my favourite places to be is in the bath, and even if you didn't know, my lovely friend Jemma clearly knew quite well because as a belated birthday gift she bought me the most lovely bath bombs from SoapyJ in Afflecks in the Northern Quarter which are certified vegan and are completely natural. 

The packaging and concept of this bathtime milkshake is adorable, you get 12 bath bombs of two different scents that you can mix and match however you like which is pretty cool. I started out using a couple of rose ones and one vanilla one but then decided I wanted a pink bath so added the rest of the rose ones....

It smelt amazing and I felt like I was bathing in turkish delight so thats rather fab but I definitely did not need to use so many at once, that was definitely me being excessive.

It was just such a lovely and unexpected gift to receive and I thought I should blog about it so here you go!


p.s Thanks Jemma, love you!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Dancing Queen

Top - Primark, Jeans - asos, Bag - Primark, Watch - Casio

So if you follow me on instagram you may already know that I bought this top last week when I'd left the house in a jumper and jeans and changed into it immediately in Stockport's most lovely public toilets (they're pretty grim, clean and fine but grim) because I was way too warm. I have no idea why I thought a wooly jumper was a good idea in July but I have done this before so I didn't really surprise myself...

I decided it was best to buy a top I really liked as opposed to a plain baggy tee and I'm glad I did because this is so cute ! ! !

I used to hate peplums because I assumed they had to be on tight fitting clothing and I just thought they looked silly but I really love them on more relaxed, oversized clothing, they add such a girly finish to something otherwise quite plain. I love the fact this top is baby pink too, it makes me feel like I'm back at ballet as a small child - when doesn't my wardrobe remind me of being a small child - and do not even get me started on the sleeves. 

Outfit photos are always a bit of an ordeal, especially when no one wants to take them and considering these photos took me and my sister about 5 minutes and I was just dancing around like an idiot, I am happy with how they turned out, I also like to think I was dancing to Abba in my head which is entirely probable. Although I think the first photo was definitely more likely Lana Del Rey...


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Me and Maude

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while you'll be aware that my Mum designs patterns and sews etcetc and you may also recall me making a Maude skirt last year when she first released the pattern, well, since my only other Maude is now slightly too big for me I thought it was time for a new one and it couldn't be better timed as if you pick up tomorrow's (14/07/16) edition of Love Sewing Magazine you can download the pattern and make one yourself!

A-line skirts never go out of style and are by far my favourite shape for skirts and dresses, they're easy to dress up and down and flatter pretty much any body shape. They're super 60s and retro and make me feel a million times cooler than I actually am.

I love the muted colours of this floral print, especially the pink and coral tones which I think they go perfectly with my little denim jacket. I like that this outfit is very definitely summery but that I will be able to wear the skirt throughout autumn and winter with a jumper and some wooly tights too.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sugar and Spice

I'd like to lie and post about this facemask immediately after using it for the first time but unfortunately that was a few weeks ago, in a different city and with other humans present, but I can assure you the novelty of the fact it is self heating and actually warms up on your face does not wear off and still seems completely insane...

If you weren't already aware superdrug are amazing as a shop and a brand. They are cruelty free and label everything that is (which is most things) as vegan so that you don't have to google scary looking ingredients for hours on end and they are of course rather affordable. 

This face mask cost 99p and could easily be used for two faces, it goes on soooooo smoothly, smells incredible and you can feel it getting hotter the second it touches your skin. I left it on for far longer than the suggested 15 minutes accidentally but after taking it off my face felt super soft and far better than it had in a long while! It is definitely worth treating yourself with since it is so lovely for so little money, especially compared to Lush face masks which are my usual go to, because as great as they are, sometimes buying them is simply inconceivable on a student budget and quite frankly this was as nice an experience.


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Golden Hour

Dress - asos, Shirt - no idea :), Shoes - Converse X CDG, Bag - UO Watch - Casio, Lippy - Limecrime

So I'm officially moved back to Stockport for summer, moving back on a hangover was possibly my worst idea, I definitely didn't help pack or unpack the car as much as I should have and I managed to forget my waffle maker but we did manage to get home so that's fine I guess. I love being with my family but when they're all busy with work and school I would much rather be in Nottingham with my friends and my own space and all my stuff in the right place.

Something incredibly pleasant about being home is the novelty of being able to sleep without traffic noise on both sides of your house and being able to go for a walk in the evening and it be rather quiet though I think the novelty will wear off.

This was my second outfit of the day in all honesty and my preferred one, It may seem like I'm off for my first day of school and like more of a winter outfit that should be teamed with a warm coat but actually long sleeves and tights were a good idea because I didn't get chilly and I looked pretty cool.

I do hope summer warms up a tiny bit though because I do not want to spend the next few months digging through my wardrobe for winter jumpers...


Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Solution To Being Seduced By Synthetics - with Veeda

Okay so I wouldn't say I'm that successful at being a woman, pretty much no matter what your definition is. I'm alright at taking care of myself and making sure I make the best health decisions for myself but alike most people I think, I blag it all . I wish I knew more about the history of periods and how they were dealt with before we had a million different synthetic solutions handed to us with no explanation but unfortunately I don't which is why I am so passionate about working with Veeda

I never thought I'd talk about menstruation on my blog although I definitely have no objection to it, it's something that scared me a lot as a teenager which is silly because I was informed but unfortunately teenage years and puberty call for inherent embarrassment over completely normal bodily functions. Oddly as a 9 year old I was completely fine with the idea of the menstrual cycle and I understood quite a lot about it. I remember reading a book my aunty gave me, hidden inside another book, with my then best friend in the reading corner at school and giggling because we assumed no one knew what we were reading about. In retrospect we made it incredibly obvious, but at least we were learning!

Nowadays I don't really care about it all? I obviously care to an extent because my body is important but I'm not bothered about the stresses that come along with being a woman and I'm certainly not bothered about talking about them. I do however care quite a bit about what chemicals go in or near my body have always been all for natural products. Veeda use no chemicals, dyes, or synthetics in their sanitary products, are 100% cotton as well as being affordable (not only important as a student but the whole paying for your period thing sucks in general) and they are a nice, friendly company which means a lot to me.

A couple of months ago they very kindly sent me some tampons and pads and they were great. I preferred their tampons to any I had used before, I'm not entirely sure why but they were just much better and the pads were fine, definitely on par with those I would normally use and just knowing that I was being a tiny bit better for my body than normal did make me more content as a person.

If you want to know more about Veeda, all the interesting links are at the bottom of this post and I'm more than happy to answer any questions in the comments.