Tuesday, 25 April 2017



Fun fact: I paid for this jumper in almost entirely 10p coins... the cashier didn't seem too impressed. I love it. I love the colour red, it makes me happy and this a jumper so in this instance it also makes me cosy. Fishnet tights do not, on this day they were possibly the worst idea because I was actually freezing. It gets to about april and I sort of give up on coats and warm tights because I just assume I'll be fine. This is not true and I really should know that by the grand old age of 21.

I didn't do much over my easter break from uni due to illness which was a shame but this day I did manage to drag myself out for coffee with my sister and our friends and it was lovely. I got straight back into bed when I got home. Since all this I've had my birthday and nights out and a joint birthday party with my housemate, as well as being back at uni having had little to no sleep. I'm exhausted. I've had the best week back in Nottingham so far, but with friends handing in their dissertations and leaving uni this year I am starting to realise that it will be me next year and it is so scary. I have a vague idea of what I want to do with my life but right now I just don't want to leave NTU or Nottingham ever.


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Birthday Blues


I'M 21! ! ! ! Can you believe it, I've made it this far without doing that much damage to myself *touch wood* and I still look cute and am interested in things. I think it would be very sad if I didn't have any interests, but because I'm 100% an adult now I do find it weird that I don't feel like one and my personality hasn't been overwhelmed by dullness. I don't know why I thought it would because most adults I know are very cool and fun. Simultaneously I have also always looked forward to my early 20s. 

When I was 11 I went to a Blondie concert with my Dad and there were some studenty-types sat behind us who were probably in their early 20s and I just thought they seemed the complete epitome of effortlessly cool. I have also always admired my Mums photos from her 20s and her stories of uni life and what followed. And I guess now that's me, my stories are happening now and one day I'll be telling them to my many cats.

Though I didn't do anything that special for my birthday, other than over eat, I dressed up, I had been planning this outfit for weeks and I adore it. I bought this jumpsuit a couple of months ago for summer but it was too nice to not wear before hand. The new vegan DM sandals were my birthday present and I couldn't be more pleased with them. I mostly hate sandals, I hate all the ones I've ever bought before, I have always had a lust for something chunky and not at all girly and these are perfect. They're pretty comfy so far and you can guarantee I'm going to wear them with everything I own. 

The way I pictured this post was some beautiful photos taken in a botanical gardens or a greenhouse but because it chucked it down literally all day we just did them in my bedroom and I actually really like them. The day out would have been nice, though I liked my day, I woke up at 6am and was really giddy all morning then sort of got super sleepy around midday so I would have been tired and grumpy had I left the house. I'm not keen on birthdays as it is but this one was fine.


Saturday, 15 April 2017


TOP - PRIMARK (similar here)

Whilst everyone is fawning over gingham - a trend which by the way I have always been a big fan of - I have made the decision to turn my attention to polka dots for the mean time. I did and do have a couple of polka dot items already in my wardrobe but I was searching for something new to then be handed this top from my mother, which she had bought for herself and didn't like, and here we are now. I have a new polka dot top, in one of my favourite shapes ever and I love it, it's super floaty and pretty and the softest cotton in the entire world. Not to mention the fact it's navy, making it timeless and such a great addition to my wardrobe.

Polka dots always make me happy. I think they just are happy in general. They're quite feminine and young I suppose, but they mostly make me happy because of a little speech Jess (Zooey Deschanel) did on New Girl about how even though she is cute and sweet and girly she is also tough and smart and strong and I love it so much. I think that this gave polka dots more than one dimension in my definition of them and made them far more interesting. You can watch that here if you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. Since viewing this I also decided I really want cheques with baby farm animals on them...

So that's where I'm at, cute but clever is a good look.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017



Do you ever think too much goes on in your mind? Because I do, I wish I had the capability to zone out from it all but as of yet I haven't figured out how. I think about everything all the time, what I should be doing, what I want to be doing, that I should probably drink more water, over analysing relationships with various friends and things that have or might happen. There's too much going on all at once. I want to be able to sit myself down and just stop for a minute.

Weirdly this string of thoughts does link to the outfit above. Dungarees are my favourite item of comfort clothing. They're safe and cool and go with everything, they cover up a lot and are actually comfortable. When you overthink it's nice to have something comfortable on because if you don't it just sort of adds to the things in your head and I just don't need that kind of stress at the moment.

I've realised actually this blog post barely makes any sense so I might just shut up now but there you go, a cute (mostly) primark outfit and some mindless nonsense.


Sunday, 9 April 2017


I have always longed for naturally curly hair. I really want a perm but everyone keeps telling me it's a bad idea (lame) I just want my hair to permanently look like this. I only started curling my hair like this recently and though it takes longer than how I usually wear my hair - just rolled out of bed hair- I adore it and can make it last around 3 days which is fab. 

I love how bouncy and toddler like it is and how it sort of hides the fact I need a haircut by creating the illusion that I have got one and that it's shorter... I just LOVE it so I thought I'd tell you how I achieve this.

I start off with my hair half up in a bun to start curling the first layer. This can be a bit tricky on me because I have short hair and I do nearly burn my ear with the straighteners every time. 

I use straighteners to achieve these curls, by clamping shut right by the roots and slowly twisting under / away from my head, wrapping the hair back up, holding for up to 10 seconds then letting go.

As I have a fringe and it was annoying me I curled this next. I generally separate it into 3 equal ish sections, curl each as before, tightly from the root. Curling my fringe was scary at first, because I knew once it was curled that was it but I think it would look weird if I didn't now tbh.

Next, I let down the lower half of the bun and tie the rest back up again. If needs be, brush through this before curling. 

Then, as before, go around curling this layer. I also find it useful to use a bit of hairspray after this step.

I then let down the rest of my hair, and separate down my parting.

In large-ish sections I go round this layer curling each section exactly as previously done.

To complete the look, I separate much smaller, wispy sections of hair to curl tighter, around the top of my hair and towards the front to shape my face.

Finally, I style with a bit of dry shampoo to make it fluffy and hairspray to hold in place for as long as possible!

Let me know if you try this yourself or if you like or hate it! I love wearing my hair like this, I just think it's so cute and easy and very me.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Guess who's ill again? Yep, me. I had 12 hours sleep last night and all I want to do is eat yoghurt and drink coffee and cuddle the cat. I'm home from uni for easter and I want to be back at work and making the most of being in manchester but the constant exhaustion that comes along with having glandular fever is not working in my favour.

I've run out of things to watch on netflix and I miss my pals and Nottingham already, also my double bed and doing my own food shopping. I'm hoping the excessive amount of sleeping means I'll feel well enough to work and actually do stuff really soon. In the mean time I'm going to try to get dressed and get outfit photos as much as possible but we shall see. 


Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Dress - Primark
Body - Zara
Denim Jacket - Levi's
Shoes - Converse x CDG
Sunglasses - Primark

Saturday was like a summers day and it was weird. I'm not gonna lie I spent my afternoon in the pub and my evening in another pub and I'm not really sure why that happened. I'm a student so I realise this isn't actually that weird.

Being pale is interesting, in the sense that people either think that you are pale and interesting or that you need to put some fake tan on because you look ill. I do look ill sometimes, but I don't think I usually look that pale until I'm next to anyone that isn't. It's funny when I realise how pale I am, I don't mind it at all and I actually quite like it but it's peculiar that everyone has an opinion on it. 

I think I'm interesting, I think everyone is interesting but it is not down to my appearance at all, if your interestingness only extends to the way you look then you surely must actually be pretty boring. Sometimes I am so vain that I am boring maybe. I don't really know what I'm talking about or what I'm trying to say in this blog post but I wore a summer dress in March and I'm very pale, I guess that's it.

Thank you to my lovely housemate and best friend Laura for taking my photos and putting up with my weird ramblings more often than she should have to.

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