Friday, 13 July 2018


At home in Stockport, the town I was born in and grew in and always feel at home in yet now feeling somewhat out of place. I'm an adult now. It is the first time I am in Stockport as an adult and it is strange. I got used to uni life in Nottingham and occasional trips and summers at home but now I'm just here and even though it isn't... it feels like that's it.

I am, however, over the moon to be back up north where complete strangers are friendly and overly polite and I gosh darn love it. I met up with Alex Ward, in Merseyway in Stockport who took the photos featured in this post, which I love. For the first time meeting him and doing a shoot with him, I'm very happy with how they turned out and how I don't look as awkward as I could have done. 

Stockport has also been particularly delightful during this heatwave, the old town is gorgeous and where I live is gorgeous but with actual sunlight and warmth, it is sooooooo much better. I'm actually also starting to look forward to things in life that aren't education, and moving away from the stress of knowing I'm done at uni and feeling like I need to have my life together in the next 5 minutes.

Because I don't need to have everything together and sorted and I have as long as I want to do cool stuff and be a grown up.

So, yes, I'm at home, I'm happy and that is pretty much it for today. The dress is asos, the top is a vintage jacket and my face is my face.

*All photo credit goes to Alexander Ward

Thursday, 5 July 2018



HELLOOOO HEAT WAVE! So, I packed my bag, grabbed Eden and Finn and jetted off to Tenerife, to come back to the exact same heat we had there. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a sun dodger but I am loving the heat. I have also decided on somewhat of a summer uniform, outfits I adore to wear in summer, due to practicality and pretty vintage, south of France vibes. 

This outfit is one of my favourites, in that it is shorts and not a dress, they're white and keep you cool and I love them. I often hate how shorts fit me but these are comfortable and I don't hate how they look. The original idea was to get some white shorts to pair with white shirts but these turned out to be more of an off-white, with the tobacco stitching adding a touch of interest, whilst allowing for pairing with plenty of creams and beiges and I'm obsessed. 

I've admired weekday's clothing from a distance for a while, never actually having purchased anything, but when Eden offered to get me this t-shirt as a late birthday present I was soooo happy when it arrived. It's organic cotton and so soft and lovely, I love the font of the text and the oversized, boxy cropped shape, allowing to still be loosely tucked in. I'm not actually, exactly sure what "It's not nice to fool mother nature" is intended to mean, but I like the general sentiment of being honest and connected to the earth. I'm very happy to be a hippy over here. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018



I've recently been struggling to find the motivation to do blog posts, to shoot outfits and to actually think of my blog as important. I know exactly why this is... There is so much bad in the world and I have got into my head, that if I'm not talking about all the bad and doing what I can to make it better then it's not worth any effort. This in fact, just leaves me feeling down and a bit rubbish, because funnily enough, I can't create world peace on my own.

I write a lot, just what is in my head to get it out and get it down, and I had written something I was going to include it in this blog post, but due to the fact that time does not stop still, news has changed and it's slightly less accurate than it was. The basic idea is still present here, it is essentially the fact that I feel useless in regards to the bad things that happen constantly, especially due to Donald Trump. But I also realised that even if the good I put into the world is trivial and unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, I am still putting happiness into the world and an equal balance of good and bad is obviously preferable to all bad.

I don't know if any of what I have rambled about makes sense and I realise it is totally unrelated to the outfit but I was wearing this outfit when I had all these thoughts so there? I'm going to Tenerife in a couple of days and I am super excited to maybe have a bit of freedom from my thoughts and all this stress etc. 


Saturday, 16 June 2018



So, you'd think moving back up north would entail layering up a bit more but weirdly the opposite has been the case. I've come home to tonnes of sun and warmth and no rain. This outfit was a winner in the sense that I had a short skirt on and a backless body but the fact I was wearing faux leather and velvet to see Haim at the Apollo on Monday meant I was beyond warm regardless. This didn't actually matter in the end though as it was the best concert ever ever ever, the best birthday present ever (Thank you, Finn) and just the most fun night of my life. 

Este, Danielle and Alana are just hilarious and super cool and real with such a fab stage presence. I love a good concert and it was so epic. Not to mention the fact that the angelic goddess that is Maggie Rogers was the support act. It was so uplifting and lovely and just made me so happy.

Being at home has so far been non-stop, in that I have literally barely been at home, going to Parklife and to see Haim, staying with my pal in Lancaster and spending time with Finn, I'm still sort of everywhere. Post-uni life so far seems to be a bit of a maze, especially not knowing what I'm graduating with yet or what exactly I'm supposed to be doing with my time. Fortunately, I'll be going on holiday next week so I have something to focus on and organise myself for.

If anyone older and wiser than me has any post-graduate life advice then it would be greatly appreciated... 


Tuesday, 5 June 2018



This denim dress is my favourite denim dress I have ever owned, I love the way I look and feel in it and yet looking at the photos taken for this blog post made me feel awful. Ordinarily, I see myself as the most beautiful thing to walk the planet, I am vain and quite fond of this trait. Today I am low, as low as it gets and I know exactly why. I really don't want this post to become about my mental health because I have a separate post planned regarding it, but I feel low and crap about myself because my medication has been lowered by half and my body relies on it. I rely on antidepressants to get me through everyday tasks like getting out of bed and brushing my teeth, I rely on them to be a somewhat normally functioning human and I'm finding it really difficult to think properly on this lowered dosage. 

I convinced myself that I maybe didn't like these pictures because perhaps the shapelessness of this dress actually does make me look gross despite the fact I know that's not true. It is my favourite denim dress, I look great in it, I feel great in it, it makes me happy. I know that feeling down about yourself is normal but it is not how I usually think of myself at all. So I'm posting these pictures and this post anyway because I know that when I'm back to normal I won't think any of this...

Apologies for the rambling but unfortunately I am just a bit all over the place. This outfit makes me happy though, my docs are falling apart but they make me happy, and my tiny cropped blouse makes me happy and as we've established, this dress does too. 

I'll write my next post on a better day, I promise.


Friday, 25 May 2018



Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn. There's absolutely no way I will ever wear blue jeans and a white shirt and not be singing Lana Del-Rey all day. I love this outfit, it's a simple one for me, no pattern or crazy colours, but I really like it. I've reached a point rein my life when I felt like I should finally be able to pull out a white shirt whenever I want to wear one, and therefore needed to purchase one. This Topshop dream was love at first sight. It's super lightweight and sheer; perfect for summer and for layering. The tortoiseshell buttons contrasted with the bright white cotton is a beauty to behold and I love that from halfway down the shirt the buttons are covered. It gives the shirt an overall grandad feel, making it comfortable and casual as well as being easy to dress up. 

Obviously, with my new white shirt, the first point of call was to pair it with some blue jeans. These, however, are actually the least blue jeans I own...

Sunday, 6 May 2018


Well, hello there lovely people, long time no speak (or see), I'm still slightly busy with uni deadlines and exams but last week I finally handed in my dissertation which I'm super proud of and then to treat myself, headed to the Viking Arty Party I was so kindly invited to in Sheffield the next day.

*Eloisa Georgiou

If you know me, then you know I love doodling and making stuff and that I love Sheffield so I did have a really great time. The venue the event was held at was absolutely stunning, and I learnt and enhanced my skills at a few crafts as well as meeting lots of lovely people.

There were 3 different workshops, lunch, hot drinks and chatting all day and I had such a fab time. I first did paper cutting, which I hadn't done in years and years - since my mom confiscated my cutting board and craft knife lol- where we cut out our first initial as a decoration. I was quite fortunate in that my initial is 'I' so basically a straight line but I really enjoyed it. Maddie from tea and crafting helped us out with the papercutting and was super lovely. 

*Eloisa Georgiou


Friday, 20 April 2018



Dress - Vintage
Trainers - Fila Disruptors
Ring - Newlook

So I turned 22, and it was the best birthday ever. No one made me cry and so many people were wonderfully kind to me. I spent the afternoon wandering around Wollaton Hall and Deer Park with Finn where he surprised me with a picnic consisting of gin and tonics and crisps.

I’ve only been to Wollaton Hall once before, for Splendour 2016, which is actually atrocious when I have friends who live literally right by it. Unfortunately though this now means that every time I’ve ever been there I have drank alcohol... I’m not normally like that at big old houses and parks I promise...

I refused to do any uni work all day which I’m glad of, I deserved to enjoy my day, I watch both Love, Rosie and about time on Netflix, alone with my wagamamas takeaway and bowls full of trifle and it was fab. I normally hate birthdays but I honestly had the best day, wearing my pretty vintage dress and prancing about being a loon.

I’d say more but, other than my birthday, my life is mostly just writing and reading about things I vaguely understand and trying to pass my degree. I’m being modest but it is starting to feel like I’m not really part of the real world anymore... thank god it’s over soon.

Love you all millions, unless you’re Theresa May...


Thursday, 5 April 2018


April is my favourite month, rain-soaked sunbeams and cold dark clouds hidden behind blossom trees.

I can’t decide if the fact my birthday is in April has anything to do with it being my favourite or not... I don’t think so. 

Unfortunately so far in April I’ve been at work or doing uni work and felt somewhat guilty about anything else. I like my job and I like my degree but I do not like how there seems to be so much all at once. This also seems to mean mostly no blogging for a little while. There will be a birthday outfit post FOR SURE but it will be brief and then perhaps after all my deadlines I'll bombard you with a million exciting things.

Sounds like a plan... see you soon babes x


Tuesday, 27 March 2018


SHIRT - YSL via charity shop

The sun is finally starting to shine and the cold seems to have disappeared for now and I've decided I can go partially bare legged and I'm very happy about it. I am sticking to long dresses or skirts though, or, in this case, my thigh high floral boots. They haven't yet graced my blog with all their glory which is a shame since I bought them just after Christmas but I couldn't be happier with this outfit.

Double denim paired with oversized shirts is something I don't wear nearly enough but need to continue, I love the clash of a smart shirt with casual, comfy denim. I'm also very tempted to go one step further to triple denim because I reckon this would also look ace with a denim shirt...
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