Wednesday, 19 July 2017



I haven't got much to say today other than the fact that I adore these photos and this outfit and that I'm off on my holidays this week so normal blogging will resume in August- hopefully with loads of gorgeous photos in Ireland. 


Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Buy or find now and keep (or buy again and again and again) forever, here are a few of my Summer survival essentials. I don't deal with heat well so Summer is not my favourite however I completely adore Summer style and these are the things I live for every year when I'm way too warm.

Sunnies - I like to have an array of sunglasses and seem to end up with a new pair every year without fail. This years faves are my 90s brown frames from asos. I adore everything about them but especially the shape, despite being my smallest frames they're still quite large and just so cool.

Blue denim - It's no secret that I love denim more than I love most actual people... from denim skirts and dresses to straight leg jeans and dungarees there is no avoiding blue denim in my summer wardrobe. There is nothing more versatile and I believe completely necessary in anyone's wardrobe.

Mini bags - I love mini bags, I love trying to squish as much as I possibly can into them and surprising people by how much I can carry in such a tiny thing. As well as being adorable they also prevent me from hauling about random shit I never need or use anyway.

BIG belts - On the warmest of days when I'm wearing something essentially shapeless and floaty a big belt gives a bit of shape and interest to an otherwise pretty dull outfit whilst still keeping you cool. (both senses of the word cool xxx)

Slip ons - My summer slip ons this year are from primark and I adore them, they've already been featured on the blog. A great alternative to sandals if you're not so ken on your toes being out they are fab and add so much to a day to day outfit. 

Hoops - Hoop earrings are my favourite and practically never leave my ears. Always gold plated sterling silver and often from asos

Factor 50 - It might not appear to be a style staple but it is for me, as deathly pale as I am, I would rather be pale and have healthy skin than be red as a lobster just for a bit of a tan afterwards and heightening my chances of skin cancer and prematurely aged skin. My go to place for suncream - as well as most beauty products - is superdrug, they don't test on animals at all and label products as vegan which I love. Their own brand self-tan is also fab if you want a golden glow without baking in the sun like me.


Monday, 10 July 2017



So I single handedly managed to wear enough outfits for at least 3 people but this was the first. I also single handedly took my own outfit photos -not that well- just in the garden, alone. It was warm and muggy and boring but I wanted to show off my crochet top, which was ridiculously cheap though quite awkward to wear considering you can't really wear a bra with it and I must admit I did use a lot of body tape. 

I want to get on top of all things bloggy and I am trying to sort myself out. If anyone fancies doing some shoots with me now I'm home that'd be greatly appreciated, that's sort of what I need. Just a huge amount of outfit photos to work with and hopefully the rest will follow?

I suppose we shall see.... in other news I'm super duper tired because whilst writing this I have been up since 6am and spent my day helping out at a gymnastics competition so my brain is not working at it's usual capacity. Soz.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017



I have always had a fondness for Sheffield and now that one of my best friends lives there I love it even more. I went last week to spend the day with my lovely friend Crystal and despite the crappy weather I had a really great day. The Winter Garden,, I think, is one of the best parts of Sheffield, there are few trips I've had there where I haven't at least wandered through. Located by the gallery and my favourite Starbucks- favourite because I used to spend hours in there on rainy days with Molly- it is almost unavoidable. And it was about time I took blog photos in there, so that's what we did. 

Okay, so this isn't the most exceptional or groundbreaking of outfits but it was rainy and not that warm so this is what I ended up with, my favourite straight leg jeans *shock* and my favourite stolen-from-my-sister jumper. Honestly this was as good an outfit as I could think of for two train journeys and a long-ish day wandering about and I actually really like it despite how incredibly casual (or slapdash) it was. 

I must say I also adore these photos that Crystal took, the camera I brought with me isn't that reliable but I think the colours and the framing are so beautiful. 


Sunday, 2 July 2017


So we are now half way through 2017. I'm not sure how I feel about that since it still feels like 2010 was yesterday but this year is good so far. Lot's of good things have happened and less good things that sort of made me happier somehow. I'm in a very good place at the moment, I'm going to miss nottingham and my best friends over summer of course but for once I'm actually looking forward to moving home for a bit.

I've decided a lot this year, especially regarding myself which I actually didn't think I'd ever have to do, I thought I was pretty comfortable with how I was but I guess that doesn't mean I can't be better. I thought maybe I'd share with you some of the things I've decided and maybe at the end of the year I'll let you know if I still think in the same way.

1. Money is unfortunately essential - but I'd rather be happy than rich. I started a volunteer job as supervisor at an oxfam bookshop in January, I'm unpaid and it's the best job I've ever had, I completely adore being there. I could have easily got a part time paid job for whilst I'm at uni but I definitely wouldn't be as happy, even if I could afford to buy more or do more.

2. I don't need to censor myself - I should be able to tell anyone anything and feel comfortable with voicing my opinion, which I always have to an extent. Obviously I'm not going to be harsh or cruel to people just because I have something to say but if I feel strongly about something, about anything I want to be able to talk about it.

3. If someone doesn't appreciate you as much as you do them, they aren't worth the time you're giving them. Especially if they voice that fact. Also people change their minds and that's okay.


Wednesday, 28 June 2017


"I hate pink" is a statement that has always frequented my thoughts and my lips and everyone who know's me's ears. It's also a lie. Half way to a lie anyway, there's not a single colour I hate and I pink unfortunately suits me rather well I think. What I hate about, and have always hated about, the colour is the connotations; the presumptions of femininity but not even that, of a child-like girly innocence which I almost definitely possess but detest. I need to give it up as the hatred only feeds to pre-conceived notions of gender and norms that I hope to one day be non-existent. So here's a very pink outfit. 

(Admittedly I had an all pink outfit when I was about 10 from mini-boden which I completely adored so clearly the pink hatred never got in the way really.)

This top has quickly become my favourite, as every t-shirt I ever purchase from monki does, who doesn't love a bit of girl (or should I say Lady?) power on a bright pink tee. I bought this floral skirt from the carnaby street monki store while I was visiting Helena a little while ago and have already blogged the matching jacket. I haven't actually worn them together yet though that was the intention. For once in my life I'm being patient and waiting for the perfect bare legs but not-too-hot with a jacket on weather.  I don't think there has ever been a more me denim anything than this pair though, I love how fun and playful this doodly floral is as well as the kittenish colours, it's something I think I will have in my wardrobe until it has literally fallen apart. 

These pink mules as well! I am actually in love. My friend Lydia got the black/blue-ish pair and I just thought they were gorgeous and was lusting after the pink pair since. I wish I didn't shop at primark but I do and I love that they ripped off the Gucci Pink Princetown Donald Duck Brocade Mules minus the donald duck because it means I can have a super cheap non leather pair. They are however clearly missing out on an opportunity to pop a goofy cartoon character on them for ultimate kitschiness though I suppose that was not their aim... either way I couldn't be happier to finally have a pair of shiny pink shoes to wear with lot's of pink things.


Monday, 26 June 2017

just another manic monday

I haven't blogged in over a week and quite frankly I don't have sufficient good reasons to even bother telling you. Yesterday at work I was listening to The Bangles Greatest Hits and it really made me think about mondays (and whether there was a single artist or song that atomic kitten didn't cover?!) and how I actually usually like them. Mondays that is, I pretty much always like The Bangles. Except now, I don't like Mondays at this inbetweeny summer bit. I need purpose and structure and plans and people to function and I don't have enough of any of those in summer. Soon I'm starting a new job which I hope should add a bit of structure. But I don't want to be able to lay around on a monday morning and watch films in my PJs with no intention of getting dressed. I really dislike being unproductive but I just don't know how to be sometimes. 

Normal posts will resume on Wednesday. I don't really have much else to say.


Sunday, 18 June 2017



White bricks outside my window and long grey curtains that let in any and all light. Hearing the neighbours arguing or shouting about something in an unknown language in the mornings and ordering too many takeaways. Soon I have to move out of my current student house, which I completely adore and am incredibly sad about, there's so so much I'll miss. My favourite bedroom I've ever had is in this house, right by the kitchen, big with a high ceiling and my pictures on the wall. It's already starting to feel weird being here knowing it's all done and I'll probably never step foot in this house again once I leave for good. It is the only place I have lived so far at uni that I have been truly comfortable to call a home and to look forward to going back to. We got very lucky considering the horrors that can be student accommodation.

This is the kind of thing that I used to get too upset about, and don't get me wrong I'll be a bit sad, but I've made a decision to be a bit stronger. I take pride in my emotions, I just don't think I have enough time to focus so much energy on being sad about a house. 

Despite the heat my favourite outfits as of late all revolve around these jeans. Featured in my last post too, these are the Florence Jeans from asos and I adore them, I never knew I'd be so ridiculously fond of a straight leg, not quite high waist jean but apparently I am. I like this outfit a lot though I was too warm in the jacket, it needed it's first outing - to the garden - as did the tee.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Happy Hippy


My goal is to be a happy hippy and has been my entire life due to this tshirt of my dads, it's a big part of my childhood memories and has faded a hell of a lot. It's from Cosmetics-To-Go (now LUSH) and I borrowed it while I was last home because I'm terrible at packing and didn't bring enough t-shirts. 

These jeans are new and my fave. They are the 'florence' straight leg jeans from asos and fit amazingly and will be a bit more visible in my next post. I always rave about whatever new jeans I have but I do think I have truly fallen for this style, straight leg jeans just are so clean cut and create such a great shape. 

I'll check back in when my brain is working... (hopefully Sunday)


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Let's talk... opinions & voting (and how i'd really like you to vote labour xx)


So this wasn't the best outfit for a rainy Sunday in Stockport. I'm actually not going to talk about my outfit at all I don't think because it's not what's in my head and I can't be bothered. I know that I am individual in the way I dress, I don't dress how I think I should whether that's weather appropriate (lol) or what other people think I should be wearing and I think that's reflected in everything I do and should be how everyone is. Let other people teach you and inform you but think for yourself, have reasons and listen to others. 

There is a general election tomorrow and if you're registered to vote you need to vote. I would honestly prefer you vote Labour or Green (if you can) but having your say is all that really matters, even if you draw a frog on your ballot paper it's better than not turning up. 

Though some may argue that politics in this country is ridiculous - which it definitely is - you can't complain about anything the government does if you don't have your say, this is our one and only opportunity to change the way we have to live with such immediate affect.

I'm voting Labour, for so many reasons, you can view their manifesto here, but I honestly think that Jeremy Corbyn would be the best PM we'd have had in a long time and that the labour party as a whole actually really care about this country. Also I'm pretty sure Theresa May is a lizard...

PLEASE VOTE!!! And if you can't, convince someone else to!

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