Friday, 12 October 2018



So I actually hated Dennis The Menace growing up yet somehow when the opportunity arose to have a matching t-shirt to him I apparently jumped at the chance. Plus who doesn’t love a retro style basic tee, paired with some ultra shiny faux leather on one of the hottest autumn days ever.... 

I’m trying to make the most of what remains of the pleasant warm-ish weather and not being too cold but also being able to wear long sleeves and tights. I’m also bloody excited for Halloween and Christmas. 

Unfortunately, I've been feeling a bit crappy this afternoon. I was meant to be at a blogging event tonight but due to having a bad cold and being a bit sad and meh I just haven't gone. I think I'm going to write a blog post soon on Dyslexia and Dyspraxia because I just need to get some thoughts out and maybe have a bit of a discussion about it which will hopefully improve the whole sad thing I've felt today.

I know this post is nonsensical and not great but to be honest, that is exactly how I feel right now and I'm happy being honest on here. I miss the warm sun on my face like in these photos and being able to breathe through my nose. I'm sure I'll cheer up in time.


Monday, 1 October 2018


So, I've had a couple of haircuts modelling for my new lovely friend Grace at Vidal Sassoon Manchester and I'm beyond obsessed with my new hair. I've had it less than a week and I've never felt cooler, it isn't a style I ever would have considered but it is somehow the most 'me' haircut I've ever had.

There was absolutely no chance I'd be able to style my hair, as well as Grace, did, so I thought I'd share a couple of the photos over here so you could fall in love with it as much as I have... It is a combination of graduation (which I'd had before) and layering to frame my face. Who knew I had cheekbones or a jaw?!!

I've just about got the hang of blowdrying it to look acceptable but I definitely need to become reacquainted with my hair straighteners so I can basically make it look exactly the same for eternity.


Friday, 28 September 2018


As an absolute sucker for organised events and plans and for sending birthday cards, I was secretly very happy when Paperless Post got in touch with me. Recieving post is GREAT (when it's not a bill) it feels special and heartfelt and warm and though it isn't necessarily the same with an email I think maybe it should be and this is what Paperless Post achieves. It's not tacky e-cards or weird animations it is simply a virtual card or invitation in a virtual envelope and it's beyond cute.

As I'm writing this tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday, the perfect occasion to send him a card, so I have. Well, I've scheduled it (I know, fancy right?! you won't have to worry about forgetting people's birthdays the day of anymore... and if you still do there are also belated cards. It's a win-win.) for him to get when he gets up in the morning. I imagine he's expecting a real card too, which he will get, but I'm hoping this'll be a nice little surprise.


Monday, 24 September 2018


Apologies for the lack of blogging... I am going to get into a routine eventually and this post was meant to go up a lot sooner but let's be real I was feeling lazy and then my internet was not exactly being my pal so it's up now, what can you do!


So the H&M dress of the moment is this insane lacey number and I'm beyond obsessed. It was £12.99... I'll let you soak that in for a moment. Deep purples and florals are essential in Autumn a mon avis, and apparently make me so excited I use dribs and drabs of French in my language. I'm also flippin' excited about how many ways I can wear this dress. It is floaty and wide and gorgeous in an almost Balenciaga kinda way (particularly in reference to this 1958 stunner) and I reckon could be paired with almost anything. My immediate thoughts on purchase were that I absolutely had to pair it with bare legs and my over-the-knee floral boots whilst it was still a bit warm and I am so glad I did and even more glad I got the pics to prove it. I have since worn it with just tights and Dr Martens which I also loved but I reckon it'd also look well cute with trainers.

I'm super excited that it's now autumn, I'm missing the heat a little but I seriously love autumn colours, brown leaves, blue skies and early sunsets. It does, however, make me wish I were still in Nottingham; The Arboretum in Autumn is one of my most favourite things EVER and I'm so glad that now my sister is studying in Notts she'll get to experience it too, though I am rather jealous.

Stockport is nice in early autumn, I love the old town and little underbank, and wandering around taking these photos before meeting a pal for coffee with Eden was beyond lovely. No idea who I'll drag out for last minute shopping trips now... perhaps I'll call her whilst I wander alone. How appropriately melancholy. 


Thursday, 6 September 2018


Okay so I’m not discreet about my mental health and I do talk about it a lot, but after a panic attack the other day I really wanted to discuss what they are, what they feel like, and why people get them. I will attach a link to the NHS page for panic attacks at the bottom of the page, plus other factual stuff. 

A panic attack is essentially what it says on the tin; an attack of panic. Your body goes into 'fight or flight' and releases a bunch of hormones, such as cortisol, causing you to feel panicked, frightened, anxious and alarmed with no explainable, logical reasoning. They are comprised of a series of physical symptoms including (but not limited to) irregular heartbeat, nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath. According to the NHS, panic attacks usually last somewhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

As someone who spent their college years experiencing panic attacks on an almost daily basis, I can confirm that they honestly feel like you are dying. People often mistake panic attacks for heart attacks which only proves the severity of how it feels when they happen. 

People get panic attacks for a multitude of reasons and the reasoning behind each one is often unknown. Getting panic attacks can be a sign that you are suffering from stress, panic disorder, anxiety, depression, grief and so so much more. Essentially it means that emotionally you are dealing with a lot

Now let's discuss my most recent panic attack...


Wednesday, 29 August 2018



So I bought this flippin’ adorable baby doll dress on sale from asos a little while ago and I adore it, I had to size up slightly due to the way the bust of the dress is quite small and flat... and I am not. I’ve not had any dressing up opportunities to wear it hence these pics being in Lidl but I feel well cute when I wear it and it fits perfectly into my weird toddler/ grandma chic wardrobe. 

I am actually wearing this dress with cycling shorts because it looks quite sweet to have them poking out the bottom.. though it turns out you can’t actually see them most of the time. Either way, I like wearing this dress like this. It’s very short and I definitely couldn’t do much at all other than stand still, indoors, without the shorts. 

If you read my last post you may be curious about how my new job is going and I’m glad to say I love it. It’s tiring and it keeps me busy and that’s what I wanted. To be busy and smiley and chatty and then to go home and be tired enough for bed. I still have my library job too and am still in love with it, I don’t think I could ever leave the libraries. I’m not working there as much but having a shift there between two shifts in retail is refreshing and just lovely. 

For someone who had to get a rail replacement bus to work this morning, I’m feeling pretty positive and happy. That could be due to the fact I spent the journey listening to Wolf Alice and am now sat in costa with a flat white though...

I think once I’m used to my new routine I’ll start a very official and proper blogging schedule. I’m thinking perhaps Monday’s, Wednesdays and Fridays but we shall see, let me know if you have any thoughts! 



Wednesday, 22 August 2018



Last week I had a job interview and tomorrow I start and I'm so flippin' excited. This was what I wore and how contended I was sipping coffee outside afterwards. This is my absolute favourite dress I own (I probably say that about all my dresses- I'm a dress whore what can I say) and I wear it on every occasion possible. It's super comfortable and flattering, it looks sick with my tattoo, dressed up and dressed down.

In general, I am a pretty confident person but this outfit increases that by about 5000% and the sunglasses especially make me feel très sassy. I'm excited to start my new job, to be a bit busier and to get back into somewhat of a routine. I've been thinking a lot about my working wardrobe and how I can feel appropriate at work without buying too many new things and I don't think it's going to be difficult. 

I like to think that I'm someone who doesn't feel the need to buy into new trends and cheap fast fashion - though I have fallen victim to it of course - and am consciously trying to be more sustainable but just as stylish as often as possible. Pieces like this vintage dress and my denim jacket are perfect examples of this, both always appropriate within my wardrobe, very me and very versatile.

You may think to mention my new job and my attempts to be more sustainable have no link whatsoever but my new job arguably has a lot to do with fast fashion. I want to talk about it more and I will with time. Though I am working for a clothing brand, who do sell a lot of things you probably don't need, they have an ethos I am in 100% agreement with and their aims are not to add to waste whatsoever.


Tuesday, 14 August 2018


It's undeniable that I've had a flippin' busy summer. I have not stopped, I'm really hoping it slows down now because I need to chill. 

Despite being busy though, I spent last week in Anglesey at my Grandma's with my family (minus Angus) and Finn and it was exhausting but super lovely. The weather was cooler than it had been and I packed no jumpers but it was still sunny and pleasant and we managed to just about miss the rain. 

Finn and I got the train to Bangor, to then be collected by my parents, which I had never done before, we somehow managed to change trains twice on the way which seemed unnecessary but it felt like an adventure. Because I am apparently terrible at packing, I wore a new-to-me vintage dress I got in the charity shop which was weather appropriate until we got to Wales. Where I was inevitably freezing.

We didn't do too much when we first got there, we obviously went to see Grandma first and Finn got to meet her which I was way too excited about, then we went to spend our evening in Penmon, then got chips in Beau Maris on the way home. 

Penmon is collectively our favourite place in Anglesey. It's usually not too busy and it is always beautiful and calm regardless of weather etc. It is the nicest place to just be. My dress also seemed to somewhat camouflage with the pebbles so that was weird. We *tried* to skip pebbles on the sea, climbed over lot's of big rocks and got a coffee because I was hangry.

I was going to share a lot more of our little trip with you but I'm not sure I need to. All you need to know is we had a lovely week despite missing Angus and the cat and the chickens quite a lot...


Friday, 10 August 2018



Goood afternoon and howdy hey... I had planned to have this blog post out a little sooner but somehow became distracted or too busy or something. These photos were taken the day after buying this monki shirt, last week whilst it was definitely too hot for such long sleeves but I was desperate to wear it. 

I realise it's not particularly amazing or groundbreaking styling but since I wasn't actually doing much other than mooching about I didn't see the point and there is never anything wrong with a denim mini.

As well as buying this shirt the day before I also got the best haircut of my life, hair modelling at Vidal Sassoon in manchester. I've never been so obsessed with my own hair and it was so nice leaving it up  to someone else instead of trimming it myself and getting my sister to sort out the bits I can't see or reach...

I got a graduated bob and a soft fringe and I love it. My fringe has never looked nor behaved better in my life and I'm so chuffed.

In other news I'm back to reading fiction and whatever I want instead of text books and though it's great, I still feel like I don't quite have enough time to read as much as I'd like. I'm currently reading Zadie Smith, Swing Time - which I am enjoying, or rather was enjoying the morning I read 10 chapters in a row, however now I sort of read a couple of pages and it back down... I'm not sure why.

I also did a little book order a couple of weeks ago so I have a lovely little stack to get stuck into and I'm well ready for it, perhaps I'll start some sort of book review feature on the blog, let me know what you think!


Friday, 3 August 2018


Admiring/ Prancing about in my graduation dress until the inspiration for a life plan comes to me.

So I graduated, which I reckon the whole world knows about since my grad photos were my most liked Instagram posts in a  W H I L E... regardless of my bitterness about my social media stats it was a wonderful day and I had the luxury to request a dress from my mother.

Quite like prom, the best part of the graduation ceremony was the fact that I was wearing a beautiful dress, designed and made by my mom. Obviously, the best part about graduating was literally that I was graduating but I don't actually feel like going into that too much, I'm clever-ish, you get it. 

We based the design for my dress on these photos below of my Grandma in the early 1970s. I have admired the dress in these pictures for a long time and I think had somehow subliminally decided I wanted it without at all realising. I decided and described to my mom that I wanted to graduate in a white lace mini shift dress - to which she pointed out, it would be rather similar to this dress I had admired so much.

My dress is noticeably very different to my grandmas, we decided to use some lace my mom had in her fabric stash already and add some buttons to the front - like my Grandmas dress had - and I love it soooooo much. Paired with my Stella McCartney shoes and nothing much else, I felt very chic and understated in just the right way. 

As for having to wear a massive black polyester gown and a silly hat, I am not keen. It was WAY too hot to be in those things but apparently, they don't actually let you graduate without them. I quite liked the hat and the fact that you can see everyone who is graduating and feel all proud and lovely. Essentially, the sentiment of it all is nice, but in reality, you are just too hot.

It may be TMI but I chose to wear a bralette under this dress instead of a bra just for my own comfort. Though I know it would have looked better with a bra underneath, I also knew it was going to be a long day and prioritised comfort. 

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