Wednesday, 20 September 2017



WARNING: This post is even less coherent than normal. Welcome to a string of thoughts straight from my head...

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or whatever but I think too many style bloggers focus solely on brand new outfits. Of course, there's nothing wrong with showcasing new clothes but I honestly think it's a bit boring to do only that; nevermind the fact that it is super unrealistic. None of this outfit is even slightly new but I like it and I wanted to show you and that's how it should be.

My yellow jacket is probably my most worn item of clothing ever. The faux suede is no longer super soft and the lining is almost completely ripped to shreds but I totally adore it and will be wearing it until it falls apart - and then I'll be buying a new one because I honestly couldn't go on without it.

My lovely Ellen took these photos for me, in the rain, while we were both still back in Manchester. I'm now back in Nottingham, for my fourth year at NTU, and third and final year of my degree. I thought I'd have mixed feelings about being in my final year but I think I'm mostly in a positive place. I've wanted a degree (at the very least) as long as I can remember and hopefully very soon I'll have one in a subject I adore. I feel like I somewhat stumbled into my degree in an attempt to be interested in university and I couldn't have made a better decision. I started uni on a primary education degree which taught me a lot. It taught me I shouldn't put up with anyone treating me like crap and that I didn't want to be part of a system I not only disagree with but that I couldn't fit into, I wasn't mouldable enough for them. I am now part of a course that creates interest and enthusiasm and intrigue which is what I needed. I study Linguistics with Communication and Society, my favourite of the two is linguistics, I'd lie and say it was equal but I'm pretty sure anyone doing a joint honours degree has a preference.

There was a warning.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017



I didn't know there was such a thing as a CC cream for your hair but I suppose it makes sense. I have been bleaching and dying my hair since I was 15 and never really went out of my way to take care of it any more than normal because I just couldn't be bothered. 

However, since receiving and using Naturtint's Anti-Ageing CC Cream for coloured hair I have noticed a massive difference in the condition of my hair. I've been using it once every couple of weeks and my hair has honestly never been so soft or shiny. It claims to strengthen, shine, soften, moisturise, repair, nourish and reduce split ends; all of which I honestly believe. It has 4 ingredients it boasts about particularly.

" Baobab Extract - A naturally active anti-ageing complex that nourishes and protects.
A natural conditioner which provides vitality, shine and volume.

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein - Adds volume, strength and reduces breakage by up to 80%.

Hydrolysed Pea Extract - Repairs damaged hair fibres.

Sunflower Floral Water - Antioxidant and anti-ageing. Naturally seals split ends and locks in colour. "

Now, I feel like some people would be freaked to know that they were putting things like pea protein in their hair. This is something I've never understood. You see so many ridiculous shampoo and hair care adverts on TV and in magazines claiming they've developed a 'new technology' which will magically fix your hair when of course it's usually just a bunch of chemicals and things you've never heard of. I suppose if they said you were putting chemicals in your hair you might be put off a bit... What I'm trying to say is that surely it makes a lot more sense to be putting natural things in your hair as opposed to chemicals, especially if they work just as well, if not better!

When using this CC cream, you towel dry freshly washed hair - I have found it best to wash with just shampoo and no conditioner when using - massage a couple of pumps of the cream from the roots to the tips of your hair, comb or brush through then dry and style as normal. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WASH IT OUT. I'm starting to wonder why I didn't bother to take care of my hair sooner because this is the easiest thing to do and doesn't take up any extra time. I'm obsessed. Also because you only use a very small amount each time, and only once every couple of weeks, the bottle should last quite a while.



Sunday, 10 September 2017


I didn't know what or how to title this post but I did want to talk about poetry on my blog. I don't think my own poetry is that great. I'm proud enough of it to share it on an instagram account- which you can see here- and I like that I can look back on it and know exactly what was on my mind when they were written. I get to re-experience my own emotions and I love it.

I also love reading poetry. Rarely do you have to put down a poem to get on with general responsibilities, whereas novels I reluctantly have to.

I love poetry.


Wednesday, 6 September 2017



I don't swim (great way to start a post about swimwear India..) or rather I haven't in a really long time and until this year I hadn't even owned any swimwear in a rather long time either. Optimistically I thought that, even with my track record of not swimming, I might brave a dip in the sea on a day trip to the beach with Finn. However, I was too cold and mostly spent the day wrapped in both mine and Finn's clothes, a towel and the picnic blanket... Regardless of not quite using my swimsuit and instead just having worn it for a bit I still wanted to take photos and tell you about it.

This swimsuit was sent to me by Ruby Moon, an ethical designer swimwear company. Not only are their swimsuits made from recycled waste materials such as fishing nets -that would otherwise be polluting the environment- they also lend out 100% of net profits to female entrepreneurs to empower and enable them to accomplish great things. I love when brands are good and honest and kind, and I think what Ruby Moon do is rather incredible.

As well as being beautifully made and knowing it is from greatness, the swimsuit I chose is comfortable and flattering. If you're at all interested in getting one yourself you can use the code INDIARM17 to get 20% off your order with no minimum spend necessary. 


Sunday, 3 September 2017



Styles change and trends move on but I cannot imagine a day where I won't fall in love with a vintage dress. Especially such a gorgeous 80s number with shoulder pads, in an oh so subtle floral, with a tiered skirt and the cutest waist belt and buckle in the world. 

This dress was kindly purchased for me by my mother on the last day of our holiday in a Siopaella store in Dublin. The shop we visited was small and interesting and there was a lot I could have happily bought had I had the money and a few extra arms to carry it. 

I've noticed in recent posts I've talked a lot about second hand clothes and it's a topic I kind of want to cover a bit more. I don't like to be wasteful and I genuinely think throwaway fashion is stupid and if you're not going to get the wear out of something you shouldn't buy it. Obviously this poses somewhat of a threat to blogger trends, and I'd be lying if I said I'd never bought something just to blog it but you feel pretty stupid afterwards when you have pointless stuff you don't actually want or need. 

In a round about way what I'm trying to say is that I'm trying to be sensible, whilst also being stylish and I want to keep you updated with how I find it. 


Wednesday, 30 August 2017


SHIRT - YSL via charity shop

I desperately need new jeans as I'm sure these are getting boring to everyone else as well as myself. I do adore them but I think I probably could just do with a bit more variety for jeans days. However, I think they look super cool with my giant men's Yves Saint Laurent shirt I nabbed for about 3 quid in one of my local charity shops. Initially I had planned on doing something with it, turning it into some sort of dress or play suit but that was too much effort and I decided I like it enough as just a shirt.

It is the nicest shirt I have ever worn, I have no idea what it would cost new but it is probably worth it for how nice it is. I hate the word nice but I'm afraid it is perfectly suited to this shirt.

You may have noticed I've been wearing a lot of slip on shoes and slingbacks recently which is odd for someone rarely seen in anything other than her docs or converse but I like not having to tie any laces or wear any socks.


Sunday, 27 August 2017


So you may think that an iPhone *insert other smartphone brands here* is not a necessity - though I highly doubt it if you're reading my blog - and that they're expensive and silly but I definitely struggle to go anywhere without my phone. Someone always seems to want to know where I am and it is the only camera I can fit in my pocket, and where on earth would I be without instagram... Because I'm also ridiculously clumsy phone cases are also a necessity. I drop my phone multiple times a day, I promise I do try not to but sometimes it just can't be helped.

The guys at kindly offered to send me a couple of cases of my choice as well as offering my following 20% off all orders - use code INDIA20 at the checkout- and a little giveaway for one lucky follower to win one product (eg a phone case or skin) completely free. If you have a little browse of their site you'll notice that you can design your own case, uploading your own photos and adding text etc - like I did with my Debbie Harry / Blondie phone case - or you can have a forage through and purchase one of their own designs. I chose the gorgeous Rosa's Flowers case which is such a pretty floral.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is head over to my instagram, follow me, like *this* post and comment tagging a friend - and let me know which phone case you'd like or what you'd get printed on one! The winner will be chosen at random and announced Sunday 3rd September on my instagram stories and will be messaged on instagram shortly afterwards.

Good Luck, IWx

-comp is for UK residents only. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017



White is a dangerous colour for me to wear. I got avocado on this skirt pretty early on in the day... I wasn't aware avocado could stain actually. Regardless I really like this skirt and am going to do my best to keep it as white as I can for as long as possible - wish me luck! I was going for a sort of timeless chic look with this outfit and I love how easy and comfy it was despite looking rather put together. I think essentially you can't go wrong with an a-line skirt (especially one with pockets!!!) and a striped t-shirt, it will just forever look great and never go out of style.

I adore the blue stripes of this t-shirt, it's unfortunately borrowed from my sister and therefore not mine and I can't steal it but it has inspired me to find some alternative coloured stripes to wear as opposed to my usual black or red and white. 

These gorgeous photos were taken by the amazingly talented Lydia Maycock in Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens which are so beautiful. As far as I'm aware I hadn't seen them before, possibly in early childhood but I'm doubtful. We had a lovely time exploring and seeking out flowers. The best thing about shooting with Lydia is how excited she is by her photos, you always feel reassured when you're photographer is excited too. 

I haven't decided if I'm looking forward to Autumn yet or not. That's a lie. I definitely am. Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons, in between rain and sun is my favourite weather, and orange leaves and blue skies make me happy. I also love that 'back-to-school' feeling I get every autumn and I've been ready for going back to uni since coming home for summer. I'm thinking, with a jacket perhaps, this outfit will be entirely Autumn appropriate. 


Wednesday, 16 August 2017


And finally, the last of my holiday outfit posts. I definitely do not recommend travelling in jeans from South West Ireland to Manchester, with a long-ish stop in Dublin resulting in wearing them for basically 672 hours. Not comfortable. However this outfit was great for exploring Dublin I guess. And I'm glad I have found a way to wear my deep V neck body in the day time instead of just wearing it for nights out.

These photos were taken outside the IMMA where we spent very little time, we saw 2 exhibitions that we weren't too fussed by and my brothers sat in the cafe the entire time. I bought a few postcards in the shop for my bedroom wall at uni, of Debbie Harry, Prince and Audrey Hepburn. Not all in one photo unfortunately, what a trio that would be!

As I said in my last post, this holiday feels like forever ago already and I do miss it. I wish we could have spent a little longer in Dublin and perhaps on a far less busy day because there was so much we just didn't have a chance to do or see. We did however do a bit of shopping, my mum treated me to a really cool jacket in H&M and a gorgeous vintage floral dress which I am so excited to share with you. My sister also got an amazingly ugly and brilliant vintage adidas jacket which is so cool. (I am secretly scared that she is becoming cooler than me...)


Sunday, 13 August 2017



I'd say my wardrobe is more colourful and confusing than most. I love colour and pattern and texture and clashing prints and different shapes etc so I always surprise myself a tiny bit by wearing all black. Though it does happen quite regularly. I spotted this incredible mesh dress in the Topshop sale while shopping for a friends birthday present and I had to get it because it is the easiest thing to throw on, as well as to dress up or down. I'm v happy with it and plan on wearing it on many nights out basically until it falls apart - I feel like because it's mesh it will fall apart at eventually. It also makes a pretty good beach cover up type thing.

I feel a little bit disconnected from these photos now. Our holiday feels like forever ago so I don't really know what to tell you. These photos were taken at Kilcatherine point which was so incredibly beautiful. These photos do it no justice, mostly because they're of me but it was honestly stunning and I wish I could portray that to you.

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