Wednesday 20 January 2021


 I’m not going to lie, I’ve not been feeling particularly positive lately. I’m coping and doing ok and making sure I don’t push myself too much. I hope everyone else is also being kind to themselves- I think it’s truly so important at the moment. As Harry Styles says, Treat People With Kindness and I think that people definitely includes yourself.

As I said I have been taking things slowly and not pushing myself, which quite honestly is so difficult to not feel guilty about, ordinarily I’m trying to do 547 things at once and I love to be busy. I’m actually starting to enjoy this new slow pace though, it makes it so much easier to address how I’m feeling within the world, instead of trying to ignore it. I can get all my sadness and anger out and then be happy or at the very least content in my headspace.

One of the things that has really helped me is bullet journaling. I’ve been using my bullet journal for years but I’m really taking the time to sit down and write out what I want to achieve in a week etc and let me tell you, none of it is at all groundbreaking but it is so helpful. I do my shopping lists and to-do lists, I have SIMPLE goals for each week like literally doing laundry.

At the moment, just existing is enough to do each day, and there is absolutely no need to feel guilty if that is all you have done. I have had so many days like that. Sometimes I just pick a small activity to do in a day, like a bit of knitting or drawing or cooking, nothing that really requires intense thought.

I think all I’m really trying to say is that I’m making sure to be kind to myself and you should too.


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