Sunday 10 October 2021

An Evening Out For Stella


Well hello there friends... I intended to post this before now but hey, I've got a lot on at the moment. Before I moved to Ireland I got to go to my friends wedding, which was so cool! None of my friends have got married before this so I had a great time planning what to wear. 

You may wonder who Stella is (the blog post title) and Stella is my Stella McCartney shoes which I love but did not get much wear during Covid, funnily enough. I had ordered a new pair of shoes for the occasion but they didn't arrive in time, or even before I left for Ireland so maybe I'll wear them at Christmas!

I got my lovely dress from H&M, I fell in love with the print while scrolling through the website, it reminds me of old illustrations of wildflowers in pretty little books and it is so sweet. It did require quite a large amount of strategically placed boob-tape, which was fun to figure out, slip dresses are not designed with 32GG's in mind. I thought my blue satin headband went perfectly with my vintage blue bag and was a nice contrast with the orange in my hair. 

The wedding was so lovely, we had so much fun, especially considering we hadn't seen some of my friends since before covid etc. I'm not sure when I'll next get to dress up and post about it so I hope you enjoyed this and I'll be back soon with some slightly more casual outfits and some Dublin updates.



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