Wednesday 10 February 2016

Girls Clique

Top - Monki , Skirt - Urban Outfitters , Shoes - Converse x CDG , Coat - Viyella

Phone Case - Asos 

I've said before that I love ringer tees but that I don't own as many as I'd like, I think that some are too cropped and just not quite right but I was delighted when I found this one in Monki on sale for £5, of course the price alone was very convincing but I really like the faded burgundy navy combo and I love the slogan and the font and it's great I love it, the perfect t-shirt.

While we were in Monki I spotted an adorable beret with a pom pom attached to the top which was just the most adorable thing ever but I didn't really fancy paying for something I could make, so I sewed a grey pom pom from a primark keyring to the top of a black beret we already had lying around the house and I love it! Monki style is possibly my favourite high street shop for style inspo, I love the toddler-esque vibe they give to adult clothing and the oversized nature as well as the gorgous prints and patterns, it's just a lot more fun than what I'm probably expected to wear as an adult... I also may have ridden my brothers scooter to pick him up from school in this outfit and felt like I was about 7 again...

I also recently bought a different denim A-line skirt which you can see in a blog post here but I think I love this UO one a lot more.... My Mum bought this skirt for herself in the Urban Outfitters sale because she loves A-line everything as much as me and loved the stitching but she just wasn't as keen on how it looked on so she has given it to me for the foreseeable future which I'm glad about, I'm definitely never going to complain about free clothes! Indigo denim is my favourite as well I think, I have several lighter denim items but all my favourite denim is darker.

I recently took my phone out of my bag to notice some of the glass on the back had smashed and as I'm a student and definitely (could) couldn't afford to fix it (I'd much rather spend that money on clothes and food...) I decided that was reason enough to get this adorable retro 60s/70s orange floral phone case and I adore it, I have already scratched it somehow but it's just sooooo cute.



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