Sunday 31 January 2016

Home Comforts

Hello, Happy Sunday! I came home from uni as a post-exams surprise on Thursday and it is safe to say I well and truly did surprise my family as they literally had no idea and I found the whole thing rather exciting. I'm off for coffee with a pal this morning and I have very much been taking advantage of being at home and not doing Uni work... admittedly I will probably end up doing a small amount of work but after having exams I just don't really feel like it and that is fine. 

I have so many things I love about being home, I enjoy living at uni with my friends but they're very different things. I love my neighbours cat Bowie a lot and I love that apart from my siblings bedrooms it is a very tidy and clean house, so I don't have the worry of other peoples clutter, our living room is cosy and homely and welcoming and I could sit in here for hours reading or watching tv or blogging but at uni our living 'area' is quite bland and not cosy and you can hear absolutely everything that happens in the street outside so not the best reading spot. 

I love not cooking, I mean I love actually cooking and sorting every meal for myself but my dad cooks rather great food everyday as well as fresh daily bread which is honestly just a dream and pizza Saturday, I mean until you've tried my Dad's pizzas have you really ever had a great home-made pizza experience, No is the answer.

Undoubtedly though one of the best things about being at home is exposing which of my clothes my Mum and Sister have been borrowing without permission and in turn being allowed access to borrowing items from their wardrobes. I definitely haven't brought enough clothes home for the week so this was sort of necessary.

Cardigan - Primark (my sisters wardrobe)

Hairband - Asos Necklace - Topshop

Top- Primark , Skirt - Asos , Shoes - Converse x CDG

As I'm sure you can tell from the fact that the cardigan is not mine, my sister is usually a lovely person and very kindly let me borrow her cardigan to let me snuggle up in since it's so cold and I managed to bring now jumpers home!



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  1. Such a simple but pretty outfit, I think we all need our home comforts once in a while!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane


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