Wednesday 27 January 2016

My Fave Instagram Accounts

I've wanted to do this blog post for a while now, Instagram is by far my favourite social network and there are so many people I follow and love to see photos from so I thought I would share some of my favourite people to follow with you!


Shanice is stunning and it was difficult to not choose a photo of her though I do definitely recommend heading over to her account to admire her hair. Her instagram is vibrant, honest and enchanting, there's always colour and she captures things in the best way. I chose the photo below because if you like colour as much as I do I'm sure this photo will convince you to head over to her account to have a nosey at how colourful her account is.

A photo posted by Shanice Willoughby (@shanicexwilloughby) on


Holly is gorgeous, her make-up is always incredible and she dresses so well but for me what makes her account stand out is the fact that she is really funny, hence choosing the photo below, her captions are usually relatable and hilarious and as well as sharing beautiful photos of herself and her life she shares funny pictures of dogs and Michael McIntyre and Hugh Laurie marshmallows so I see absolutely no reason why anyone wouldn't love to follow her.

A photo posted by @hollhow on


Kris loves books and cats and appears to have the perfect lazy sunday morning aesthetic down to a T and I love it. Her account is full of beautiful photos of her home and her cats and the beautiful people in her life, her photos are so perfectly framed and she will make you crave interior design which I honestly didn't think it was something you could crave until I followed her. She seems like such a genuine, mellow, lovely person and she has such a beautiful account I think anyone would adore to follow.

A photo posted by Kris (@heyabbot) on


Bex has impeccable retro style and posts such gorgeous outfits and beautiful food and bits of her life, she seems oh so lovely and her hair is beautiful, her fringe always seems to look perfect and she just seems really cool. If you like to admire other people's wardrobes she is definitely one to follow, she has perfected the 60s eye liner flick and her photos have a certain evocative, nostalgic feel to them which I love. I chose the photo below because I think it sums up her style perfectly and let's be honest we are all a bit jealous of that dress!


Joely seems to know where to get the most beautiful cups of coffee, she's an illustrator and has amazing hair. Her account is stunningly colourful, but the kind of autumnal deep colours that everyone loves, she has an eye for perfect shape and framing of photos, her illustrations are charming and she comes across as such a delightful person.

A photo posted by Joely. (@joely_mack) on

I know it's something different but I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new people to follow! If you know of anyone you think I should follow on instagram do please let me know because I am instagram obsessed and love having new people to follow!



  1. I already knew Shanice and Kris, but I loved the other ones. One of my fav accounts is @sophievstheuniverse :)


    1. Aw brilliant! I'll have to have a look, thanks! xx


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