Sunday 24 January 2016

17 in Liberty London

Eden's outfit: Top - BDG at UO , Dress - Asos , Cardigan - Asos

On January 9th for my sister Eden's 17th birthday, she, my Mum and I went to London for the day and it was really fun. Eden got her first trip to her favourite shop, Liberty, and spent all the money in the moomin shop in Covent Garden and I'm pretty sure she had a rather good day. 

I don't think I ever thought we'd spend as long in Liberty as we did, although really I should have expected it since it was Eden's favourite shop before she had ever visited. They had a TV programme on Channel 4 which she loved and longed to go since watching it and I'm pretty sure it exceeded her expectations.

We got Tea and Toast (and Smoothies) while we were there and honestly, the best bread I had ever eaten as well as the best cup of tea I've ever had and the best smoothie, It was Mango and Goji berry and just amazing, Eden had a Black Carrot and Pomegranate smoothie which she liked very much.

They were both far too happy after visiting the Moomin shop....

Hat - H&M , Dress - Primark , Jacket - Missguided , Scarf - Zara , Boots - Dr Martens

Though it is winter and I probably should have been wearing a warmer jacket I think I actually chose my outfit rather mindfully; I knew that we'd be walking around a lot, going in and out of shops and on and off the tube so I knew I wouldn't be cold. Plus I just adore my Mustard Suedette Jacket! I teamed it with this super comfortable sparkly dress that I picked up in the post-christmas sales in primark which I had wanted for a while just because it's glittery and very comfortable, also perfect for a long day of traipsing around London! 

Honestly looking at these photos is making me miss London a bit, not loads because people are rude and push past you without apologising, but I miss the toast and the tube I guess. They are also making me realise that I really need a haircut very soon because my hair isn't even close to being a bob anymore and short hair was soooooo much easier!

I have exams this week at uni so wish me luck, I'd definitely rather be wandering carelessly around London but that would be avoiding what needs to be done! Good luck to anyone else with coursework or exams at the moment too!


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