Thursday 7 May 2020


Week 435 of Lockdown and I am still bored in the house and I’m in the house bored. I finally went on a decent hour long walk a couple of days ago. I still get very anxious being around other people and I definitely overthink keeping my distance but it’s getting a little easier. 

I still go out as little as possible, I could not do a long walk everyday without having an anxiety attack which is completely fine. I honestly don’t think anyone should be going out unless they really need to. I’m fortunate enough to have a garden so I still spend lots of time outside without being around other people and it’s easier to just exercise at home in my own space when I actually feel like it. I’m not gonna lie, it’s rare. I think the only exercise I truly am missing is dancing on a night out? I’m sure many people feel the same but I just miss having a boogie with my pals SO much. 

I wish I could talk about something else but it’s genuinely really difficult to because it has completely altered every aspect of life, as I’m sure everyone is fully aware. How boring. 

TOP - H&M (actually a dress)
I’ve been doing a lot of things I don’t normally have time for. I’ve been playing animal crossing pocket camp on my phone, because I really can’t justify buying a Nintendo switch right now, as much as I do want to, and I’m really enjoying it. I hadn’t played it in a really long time so it’s been nice getting back into it. I’m a proper animal crossing girl, I had it on my DS when I was little and was obsessed, and then when it came out for the Nintendo wii, I saved up and my dad brought me to borders after school on the release date to buy it, that was honestly so exciting. I did really enjoy the wii game but I think the nature of it being on a shared console meant I just couldn’t play it as much as I’d have liked. I suppose if lockdown were to last a lot longer I might end up considering buying a switch but I’m in no rush. 

As well as playing animal crossing on my phone I’ve been re-watching New Girl and Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who and have nearly finished Parks and Rec. I’ve curated a list of films I’d like to watch and I’ve been reading. I find it difficult to concentrate on anything for that long because my mind seems to just wander lately, so re-watching programmes I’ve already seen is just easy I suppose. 

Another easy watch was Normal People, the TV adaptation of the book by Sally Rooney on bbc iplayer. That was an easy watch in the sense that I had already read the book and knew I’d enjoy it. A thoroughly beautiful adaptation which I highly recommend watching even if you haven’t yet read the book. You should read the book at some point though, it is also lovely and I finished it in one afternoon back in February. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read but it is a book you could read a million times over and never tire of, it’s a really sweet, complex story. I spoke about all of this on my Instagram story the other day because I just felt like I needed to. My mother keeps bugging me to talk to her about it, because she watched it just after me and has now borrowed the book from me but I kind of didn’t want a discussion, I just wanted to put my thoughts out into the world, I’m not sure why. I also wanted to be sure lots of my friends would watch it because I knew they’d enjoy it, and I was interested to find out if they did. 

In terms of other art and stuff I’m consuming and creating I’m not really sure where to start. I’ve done lots of baking and cooking and kitchen stuff. I’ve Ben uploading to my vegan food Instagram account almost daily. I’ve been drawing and playing with my clothes and I’m going to start painting and hopefully getting more creative with photoshoots too, especially while I have all this weird empty time. 

Please let me know how you’ve been occupying your time, especially, if like me, you can’t work right now. I’m finding it very peculiar and am itching to be back at work as soon as possible (and obviously only once it’s safe), I’m definitely missing it a lot. Imagine having the audacity to state that as a nation we are “becoming addicted to furlough”... I can only speak for myself but I’d definitely rather be back at work with my friends, earning my wage by working hard... anyone else?! If anything I’d say we were addicted to normalcy and certainty and are currently experiencing withdrawals. But what do I know. 


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