Sunday 7 July 2019



HELLO. I have been back from Glastonbury for less than a week and am already missing camping on Worthy Farm. I had the best time, though I do wish I had more photos and had packed slightly better... I played it safe and packed for the cold and the rain, so of course, that meant it would be hot and sunny the entire time. 

I somehow managed not to get sunburn until the very last day, which is also when I was the most tired and emotionally overwhelmed and tbh ready to come home. Don't get me wrong, I loved it there and I wish I was still there but I did need my bed and decent coffee quite desperately by the end of the week.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I did also manage to fall flat on my face on the last day. I tripped over my own shoelace. Technically, actually, my right shoelace got caught on my left shoe, causing me to go flying; scraping both knees and both hands. I've come home with quite impressive bruises and scabs, maybe I'll pretend I obtained them in a fight with a goth while watching The Cure or Kylie?! I don't know which would be more believable...

When I fell, a very sweet girl stopped to help Molly clean me up and calm me down which I am beyond appreciative of; partly for the fact she literally cleaned my knees and hands and helped me with my plasters but also because it was just SO nice of her, and people being nice, whether it be to me or a stranger, makes me really happy. 

I don't know whether to post more about Glastonbury or not? I'm tempted to share my experience of festival volunteering but right now I also can't be bothered. I've already written and lost this blog post once this evening so I'm feeling a bit fed up now lol.


*Gifted Items.
All photos by Christina Sylvester

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