Friday 19 July 2019



Hello lovely humans! I feel like it's been a good while since I last posted although it really hasn't... I'm always a rather busy bee and I naively thought it would calm down after Glastonbury but the reality of adulthood seems to be that it just never stops. 'It' being all the stuff I have and want to do. It is never ending. 

Something else that is never ending is my love for Dustin singing on Stranger Things 3. I cannot get over how freaking adorable it is and I'm sure I'm not alone in that opinion. It's also something I don't really need to discuss right now so let's maybe get to the outfit...


I was actually sat thinking to myself recently about how I probably need a little black dress. I 100% don't need one as I actually have a small collection of well beloved black dresses I somehow always forget about. This one, however is not your average little black dress and I think that's perhaps what I like the most about it. It's not quite a ditsy floral, which would also be très cute, but it is a gorgeous daisy print. An ode possibly to the super cute florals I remember seeing (but never owning) from American Apparel. The daisy's make this dress so much more wearable for me personally, as well as making it a proper summer dress. 

Paired with a black hairband, my DM sandals and my usual handbag, I'm well keen on this super bloody simple summer look. I'm keeping my inner goth happy with all the black whilst still dressing like a toddler. This dress has easily become one of my summer staples for so many years to come. 


* gifted items
All photos by Christina Sylvester.

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