Wednesday 12 June 2019


Well hello, favourite new summer outfit! This dress does have a weird bridal feel about it, however,  is WAY too short for such an occasion. Plus the fact I'm not marrying any time soon lol. It may be super short but I reckon I can swing it, I’ll just make sure I’m wearing appropriate underwear because this dress is my goddamn Brigitte Bardot 60s dream and I’m in love with it so that’s that. The neckline, the poofy sleeves, the lace up front, the fact it is broderie anglaise !!!! I hope you can comprehend how in love I am with this dress, despite the shortness!


This dress is the perfect summer dress, easily dressed down for daytime like this, or dressed up for an occasion. I think it would be super cute for a graduation or garden party, just not entirely appropriate for a wedding guest?! I personally don't see the issue with wearing white to a wedding, as long as you're not wearing a literal wedding dress surely it should be fine?

On another note, since buying this dress a little while ago, I’m (once again) refining my wardrobe to be something I truly adore, I’m not adding to it at all (I’m on a self-inflicted shopping ban) and I’m sticking to clothes I love. I’ve realised I have loved the same kind of clothes all my life. Ditsy florals and denim and boots and chunky knits- I clearly know what I’m doing. So I’m moving away from trends and trend based fast fashion and focusing on the way I like to dress solely.


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