Tuesday 15 January 2019



This may not be my first blog post of the year but I needed a bit of time to think before I decided what I truly want from the next year. I don't set new years resolutions because I quite honestly don't see the point but this will be my first full year without being in education and therefore without education-related goals, like graduating or simply making it to the next year of uni; So, I'm setting myself, some relatively insignificant and rather flexible goals.

Firstly I want to really get on top of the whole blogging thing. I've been blogging for a long time, some of which I had a schedule which I stuck to and some when I didn't at all. Basically what I've learned from this is that sticking to a schedule is best for me- so from now on, I am going to post onto my blog at least every Tuesday. Most of those will be outfit posts which sort of leads me on to my next goal... 

I'm stopping shopping. Not completely or entirely but I have reached a point with my wardrobe where I don't need anything new at all. Of course, if I end up ripping all my tights and losing all my socks I will replace them but I really don't need any new styling pieces. I have a wardrobe full of clothes I adore, vintage and high street, and I want to experiment with them more. This leads into the make-do-and-mend attitude I crave to have. I want to get used to fixing things that are broken and altering my own clothes, I have no excuse for not doing this anyway since my Mother is a seamstress and has everything I could ever need to re-invent what I already have. 

I also want to- if I need something new, like a belt- to look in charity shops first. My inspiration for this is my lovely friend Lucy. She somehow manages to find all the best things in charity shops, and re-works them and alters them to create the coolest looks you ever did see. 

My third goal is to start a podcast with my best friend Molly, which we have been planning to do since we were both teenagers (a while ago...). There's not much more to say about this other than the fact we are going to do it.

My fourth and final goal is to apply for my masters and to feel completely ready for it. I already miss education and being at university so this isn't necessarily a goal because I know I will end up there. I just want to make sure I keep on top of reading, get some more work experience etc whilst still enjoying and progressing in full-time employment. I like to be busy, essentially this is me saying I am going to keep busy.

I'm curious to know whether you have any new years resolutions or simple little goals like me. Let me know what they are as I'm genuinely interested to know!



  1. I'm not a huge New Year's Resolution setter either but I couldn't agree more with your goal to start looking to charity shops and thrift stores first when looking for new pieces. I've been wanting to shop more sustainably for a while now.

    1. Yes! I know it's such a hot topic which is good because it sort of holds you more accountable too?

  2. I never make resolutions. To me resolutions should be made any time other than 1st Jan. For instance, regarding giving things up, who the heck wants to stop drinking or smoking in the dreariest, most depressing month of the year? Just heaps on the misery. I like your suit by the way.


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