Thursday 24 January 2019



1. Find someone you want to be friends with.
2. Talk to them and become their friend.

So just over a week ago I finally got to met my friend Lucy in Manchester and she took some gorgeous outfit photos for me because she is an actual angel. I've known Lucy for longer than I can remember, basically as long as we've both been blogging and I've always admired her sense of style and her bloody good eye for a great photo.

I'm not gonna lie I'm slightly annoyed at the way my turtleneck was behaving this day... which is entirely my fault because I had to push it down out of the way at the hairdressers just beforehand. Normally it doesn't look quite like that. I bet this is one of those things where no one would have noticed but now I've pointed it out, it's all you can see. Lol, soz. 

Aside from that one faux-pas, I love this outfit, I love the layering of the jacket and the coat and the way the collar of the jacket doesn't quite behave under this gorgeous vintage coat. 

I honestly had such a fun afternoon shooting and shopping with Lucy, it felt like meeting up with an old friend you hadn't seen in a while and I am so thankful for the weird world of social media and blogging and the internet for letting me make friends with people who I otherwise may have never met. It truly is rather wonderful.

Unfortunately, I can't actually give you a guide on how to make friends because I don't think there ever could be a seamless one; but I honestly do believe that if you want to be friends with someone, you should just talk to them, if it doesn't work then meh at least you tried. I can promise though that it is so lovely to end up being friends with someone you once admired because they will continue to inspire you, in a much more personal way.



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