Thursday 27 December 2018


WOO let's talk about Boobs. I'm going to start by stating that I am a 32F and that it is near impossible for me to find bras that fit and are pretty so finding Lazeme was bloody exciting and working with them even more so. They stock a wide range of bras, nightwear and swimwear with back sizes ranging from 26" to 48" and cups sizes A - K, so there is something for everyone. Of course, before ordering it is wise to have a bra fitting if you don't already know your bra size, even if you think you know - it's worth double checking as SO many women don't know their real bra size and just continue wearing ill-fitting bras and huns, your clothes look so much better when your underwear fits x

The team at Lazeme were kind enough to send me a couple of bras and matching pants and they are honestly the best, most comfortable bras I have worn in ages. I think I forgot that a properly fitting bra is comfortable and that I don't have to always be in bralettes to not hate having boobs.

Not only are they comfortable, but they are also super pretty and nothing makes you feel quite as ready for the day as a set of matching underwear does. 

Pink Set:

I received both sets in a 32F and briefs in a medium and they fit perfectly so I'd say both lingerie brands were entirely true to size for me. I am truly happy to have found an online underwear shop I actually enjoy browsing and shopping through in Lazeme as Bra shopping can be way too stressful but they make it all so so easy.


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