Sunday 11 November 2018



Goooood afternoon, morning and evening to you all whenever you may be reading this. For someone who was in work at 7am I am pretty damn chirpy as I'm writing this; which I reckon can only be put down to how excited I am to share these outfit shots with you because I flippin' love them. Firstly, this outfit is one of my faves, pairing checked, smartish trousers with a band tee and docs or trainers is the epitome of smart casual within my wardrobe. Definitely closer to casual, but all the same, smarter than the same outfit with jeans. 

Another thing that I adore about this outfit is the god damn layers. I love layering and I love that Autumn/Winter fashion gives me the opportunity to layer up everything. It's so fun messing about with sleeve lengths and scarfs and different prints to make things you already own feel and look new. If I ever can, I put my teddy coat on because it is my ultimate, socially acceptable, comfort blanket, there is honestly nothing cosier. This scarf I may have stolen from my sister but I have some pretty good reasoning behind this... it's nice to have a new scarf every year or so isn't it? to feel refreshed and like you care as much about your outerwear as you do everything else. Unfortunately, though it's silly to buy a brand new scarf when you already have a couple of perfectly good ones, this is where having a sister comes in- because we can swap and share and it's free and benefits us both, highly recommend having a wardrobe buddy to swap clothes with. Also, this scarf accidentally matched my lipstick so I literally had to steal it.


I love how it's not too cold yet but cold enough to warrant all of these layers and then carry them around if necessary. I'm a big fan of the long-sleeved t-shirt under short sleeved shirt look, it's a little bit 2002 and a little bit emo but it makes me feel like I'm wearing one completely different top. The long sleeved top I'm rocking under my AC/DC shirt is mesh so super light and breezy- keeping you warm and cool all at once. It's also snake print which is just super rock n roll and makes me seem 1000x cooler than I'll ever be. It's such a versatile little piece, I'm excited to wear it with a little bralette underneath for an evening out and will also be layering it forever. The perfect day to night piece.

If you haven't already figured out, I'm well keen on this outfit and I'm just as keen to know what you think about it, and whether you love or loath autumnal layering... be sure to let me know!


*All photos in this post taken by the wonderful Alexander Ward.

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