Monday 5 November 2018


So, I don't feel like we get to chat enough anymore and I realised there are things that I find important and talk to people about so ridiculously often yet have never ever mentioned them online so I thought I'd have a little ramble about them now.

First of all, reusable water bottles are essential and if you don't have one you're crazy. Tap water is beyond fine, and in Manchester, it is the best water known to man (this is not debatable) and I would genuinely miss it when I was at uni. Nevermind the fact that having a metal water bottle is good for the environment - you aren't throwing away plastic constantly - it's also better for your health, it's BPA free (BPA is a bad thing, read more here), it keeps your cold water icy cold all day and can be used for hot drinks too to keep them hot.

Now a seemingly unrelated issue is the mother loving pocket patriarchy. Pocket Patriarchy is a term which I wish I had coined and tbh probably could claim I did, I talk about it that much. It is essentially the historical, sexist reasoning behind men having pockets and women not. Ever known a woman get super excited when their outfit has pockets and they tell everyone?! That's genuinely exciting because apparently, women don't need pockets ever at all and buying a garm with pockets is genuinely a rarity. This is a relevant issue because it means if I'm just wandering about I need a handbag to fit everything in that my boyfriend could put in one of his many pockets. PLUS I like to be able to carry water around with me because the only way I drink enough of it is constantly having it to hand. I'd rather sip on it all day than have to down a litre at the end of the day because I'm feeling dehydrated.

I know this post is nothing more than a ramble about things I find annoying and useful but I just wish I had more pockets... On a side note, I highly recommend Men's Levi's denim jackets for pocket space. I've had friends laugh at me for how much I can fit in the pockets of my denim jacket - my phone, keys, purse, a book or two, a drink, some snacks. Why in fashion design do people think, yep men need all this extra space for stuff but women do not? Because they know that this way they can also sell you a bag. 

Just something for you all to think about, spurred on by these photos of me by the beach, carrying my water bottle because I had absolutely nowhere else to put it and I refuse go thirsty. 

I'm going to link my water bottle (photo above) here because I genuinely love it. It is so far indestructible and it's bright orange and well cute.


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