Friday 10 August 2018



Goood afternoon and howdy hey... I had planned to have this blog post out a little sooner but somehow became distracted or too busy or something. These photos were taken the day after buying this monki shirt, last week whilst it was definitely too hot for such long sleeves but I was desperate to wear it. 

I realise it's not particularly amazing or groundbreaking styling but since I wasn't actually doing much other than mooching about I didn't see the point and there is never anything wrong with a denim mini.

As well as buying this shirt the day before I also got the best haircut of my life, hair modelling at Vidal Sassoon in manchester. I've never been so obsessed with my own hair and it was so nice leaving it up  to someone else instead of trimming it myself and getting my sister to sort out the bits I can't see or reach...

I got a graduated bob and a soft fringe and I love it. My fringe has never looked nor behaved better in my life and I'm so chuffed.

In other news I'm back to reading fiction and whatever I want instead of text books and though it's great, I still feel like I don't quite have enough time to read as much as I'd like. I'm currently reading Zadie Smith, Swing Time - which I am enjoying, or rather was enjoying the morning I read 10 chapters in a row, however now I sort of read a couple of pages and it back down... I'm not sure why.

I also did a little book order a couple of weeks ago so I have a lovely little stack to get stuck into and I'm well ready for it, perhaps I'll start some sort of book review feature on the blog, let me know what you think!


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