Tuesday 14 August 2018


It's undeniable that I've had a flippin' busy summer. I have not stopped, I'm really hoping it slows down now because I need to chill. 

Despite being busy though, I spent last week in Anglesey at my Grandma's with my family (minus Angus) and Finn and it was exhausting but super lovely. The weather was cooler than it had been and I packed no jumpers but it was still sunny and pleasant and we managed to just about miss the rain. 

Finn and I got the train to Bangor, to then be collected by my parents, which I had never done before, we somehow managed to change trains twice on the way which seemed unnecessary but it felt like an adventure. Because I am apparently terrible at packing, I wore a new-to-me vintage dress I got in the charity shop which was weather appropriate until we got to Wales. Where I was inevitably freezing.

We didn't do too much when we first got there, we obviously went to see Grandma first and Finn got to meet her which I was way too excited about, then we went to spend our evening in Penmon, then got chips in Beau Maris on the way home. 

Penmon is collectively our favourite place in Anglesey. It's usually not too busy and it is always beautiful and calm regardless of weather etc. It is the nicest place to just be. My dress also seemed to somewhat camouflage with the pebbles so that was weird. We *tried* to skip pebbles on the sea, climbed over lot's of big rocks and got a coffee because I was hangry.

I was going to share a lot more of our little trip with you but I'm not sure I need to. All you need to know is we had a lovely week despite missing Angus and the cat and the chickens quite a lot...


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