Friday 3 August 2018


Admiring/ Prancing about in my graduation dress until the inspiration for a life plan comes to me.

So I graduated, which I reckon the whole world knows about since my grad photos were my most liked Instagram posts in a  W H I L E... regardless of my bitterness about my social media stats it was a wonderful day and I had the luxury to request a dress from my mother.

Quite like prom, the best part of the graduation ceremony was the fact that I was wearing a beautiful dress, designed and made by my mom. Obviously, the best part about graduating was literally that I was graduating but I don't actually feel like going into that too much, I'm clever-ish, you get it. 

We based the design for my dress on these photos below of my Grandma in the early 1970s. I have admired the dress in these pictures for a long time and I think had somehow subliminally decided I wanted it without at all realising. I decided and described to my mom that I wanted to graduate in a white lace mini shift dress - to which she pointed out, it would be rather similar to this dress I had admired so much.

My dress is noticeably very different to my grandmas, we decided to use some lace my mom had in her fabric stash already and add some buttons to the front - like my Grandmas dress had - and I love it soooooo much. Paired with my Stella McCartney shoes and nothing much else, I felt very chic and understated in just the right way. 

As for having to wear a massive black polyester gown and a silly hat, I am not keen. It was WAY too hot to be in those things but apparently, they don't actually let you graduate without them. I quite liked the hat and the fact that you can see everyone who is graduating and feel all proud and lovely. Essentially, the sentiment of it all is nice, but in reality, you are just too hot.

It may be TMI but I chose to wear a bralette under this dress instead of a bra just for my own comfort. Though I know it would have looked better with a bra underneath, I also knew it was going to be a long day and prioritised comfort. 


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