Thursday 5 July 2018



HELLOOOO HEAT WAVE! So, I packed my bag, grabbed Eden and Finn and jetted off to Tenerife, to come back to the exact same heat we had there. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a sun dodger but I am loving the heat. I have also decided on somewhat of a summer uniform, outfits I adore to wear in summer, due to practicality and pretty vintage, south of France vibes. 

This outfit is one of my favourites, in that it is shorts and not a dress, they're white and keep you cool and I love them. I often hate how shorts fit me but these are comfortable and I don't hate how they look. The original idea was to get some white shorts to pair with white shirts but these turned out to be more of an off-white, with the tobacco stitching adding a touch of interest, whilst allowing for pairing with plenty of creams and beiges and I'm obsessed. 

I've admired weekday's clothing from a distance for a while, never actually having purchased anything, but when Eden offered to get me this t-shirt as a late birthday present I was soooo happy when it arrived. It's organic cotton and so soft and lovely, I love the font of the text and the oversized, boxy cropped shape, allowing to still be loosely tucked in. I'm not actually, exactly sure what "It's not nice to fool mother nature" is intended to mean, but I like the general sentiment of being honest and connected to the earth. I'm very happy to be a hippy over here. 

Adding a slogan tee to shorts seems pretty simple but isn't an outfit I'd have worn before, I think the key for me was creating an almost monochromatic look, and adding accessories, like the bold black belt, headscarf and my old woven bag. I LOVE HOW COOL IT MAKES ME LOOK.

The above shots were taken by Eden on our first full day in Tenerife, in La Laguna, which is so so beautiful. The architecture in Tenerife is gorgeous and there were far too many places to pick from to shoot this outfit in. As this heat wave doesn't feel like it's going to end any time soon I'd love to know what everyone else's summer uniforms are, what you tend to gravitate to wearing on a hot day. I guarantee I'm going to need the inspiration! 



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