Friday 13 July 2018


At home in Stockport, the town I was born in and grew in and always feel at home in yet now feeling somewhat out of place. I'm an adult now. It is the first time I am in Stockport as an adult and it is strange. I got used to uni life in Nottingham and occasional trips and summers at home but now I'm just here and even though it isn't... it feels like that's it.

I am, however, over the moon to be back up north where complete strangers are friendly and overly polite and I gosh darn love it. I met up with Alex Ward, in Merseyway in Stockport who took the photos featured in this post, which I love. For the first time meeting him and doing a shoot with him, I'm very happy with how they turned out and how I don't look as awkward as I could have done. 

Stockport has also been particularly delightful during this heatwave, the old town is gorgeous and where I live is gorgeous but with actual sunlight and warmth, it is sooooooo much better. I'm actually also starting to look forward to things in life that aren't education, and moving away from the stress of knowing I'm done at uni and feeling like I need to have my life together in the next 5 minutes.

Because I don't need to have everything together and sorted and I have as long as I want to do cool stuff and be a grown up.

So, yes, I'm at home, I'm happy and that is pretty much it for today. The dress is asos, the top is a vintage jacket and my face is my face.

*All photo credit goes to Alexander Ward

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  1. You're so beautiful!! I love your outfit, and hell yeah you don't need to have your life together just yet. I don't think many people have their life together, as longs you try and do what makes you happy I think life will be pretty sweet. x


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