Thursday 21 June 2018



I've recently been struggling to find the motivation to do blog posts, to shoot outfits and to actually think of my blog as important. I know exactly why this is... There is so much bad in the world and I have got into my head, that if I'm not talking about all the bad and doing what I can to make it better then it's not worth any effort. This in fact, just leaves me feeling down and a bit rubbish, because funnily enough, I can't create world peace on my own.

I write a lot, just what is in my head to get it out and get it down, and I had written something I was going to include it in this blog post, but due to the fact that time does not stop still, news has changed and it's slightly less accurate than it was. The basic idea is still present here, it is essentially the fact that I feel useless in regards to the bad things that happen constantly, especially due to Donald Trump. But I also realised that even if the good I put into the world is trivial and unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, I am still putting happiness into the world and an equal balance of good and bad is obviously preferable to all bad.

I don't know if any of what I have rambled about makes sense and I realise it is totally unrelated to the outfit but I was wearing this outfit when I had all these thoughts so there? I'm going to Tenerife in a couple of days and I am super excited to maybe have a bit of freedom from my thoughts and all this stress etc. 


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  1. I feel ya, you see all this constant negativity going on in the world and it can eat away at your own mindset but you've got to try push through it. Use your time away in Tenerife to re-wire and process where you want your life to go within the next few months, just relax, chill and unwind because you deserve it! Looking so cute as per, I have this same top and it's so bloody cute!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion


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