Tuesday 5 June 2018



This denim dress is my favourite denim dress I have ever owned, I love the way I look and feel in it and yet looking at the photos taken for this blog post made me feel awful. Ordinarily, I see myself as the most beautiful thing to walk the planet, I am vain and quite fond of this trait. Today I am low, as low as it gets and I know exactly why. I really don't want this post to become about my mental health because I have a separate post planned regarding it, but I feel low and crap about myself because my medication has been lowered by half and my body relies on it. I rely on antidepressants to get me through everyday tasks like getting out of bed and brushing my teeth, I rely on them to be a somewhat normally functioning human and I'm finding it really difficult to think properly on this lowered dosage. 

I convinced myself that I maybe didn't like these pictures because perhaps the shapelessness of this dress actually does make me look gross despite the fact I know that's not true. It is my favourite denim dress, I look great in it, I feel great in it, it makes me happy. I know that feeling down about yourself is normal but it is not how I usually think of myself at all. So I'm posting these pictures and this post anyway because I know that when I'm back to normal I won't think any of this...

Apologies for the rambling but unfortunately I am just a bit all over the place. This outfit makes me happy though, my docs are falling apart but they make me happy, and my tiny cropped blouse makes me happy and as we've established, this dress does too. 

I'll write my next post on a better day, I promise.


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  1. You look so cute and should feel so cute in this lil look! I hope things can start to pick up for ya gal as you deserve to feel wonderful all the time, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are amazing even if you feel like poop! Sending all my love x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion


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