Friday 25 May 2018



Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn. There's absolutely no way I will ever wear blue jeans and a white shirt and not be singing Lana Del-Rey all day. I love this outfit, it's a simple one for me, no pattern or crazy colours, but I really like it. I've reached a point rein my life when I felt like I should finally be able to pull out a white shirt whenever I want to wear one, and therefore needed to purchase one. This Topshop dream was love at first sight. It's super lightweight and sheer; perfect for summer and for layering. The tortoiseshell buttons contrasted with the bright white cotton is a beauty to behold and I love that from halfway down the shirt the buttons are covered. It gives the shirt an overall grandad feel, making it comfortable and casual as well as being easy to dress up. 

Obviously, with my new white shirt, the first point of call was to pair it with some blue jeans. These, however, are actually the least blue jeans I own...

I already have a pair of asos Florence jeans in a light wash denim which have been featured on the blog a million times. Straight leg jeans will always be a firm favourite for me so I was keen to try out a pair in another colour and this green cast wash pair looked incredible online, and also do in person. I don't know anyone who doesn't like the colour of these jeans, it's such a 'me' colour, goes with my gold jewellery and I think will be an ace all-year-round addition to my wardrobe. Not to mention, they compliment this shirt super well.

In 22 degree heat, this was a surprisingly comfortable outfit for a picnic day out with my best pal. I probably would have been better off in a skirt or shorts but the fact I had paired jeans with such a lightweight, airy shirt meant I wasn't at all too warm, even in the midday heat and direct sunlight. 

I'm going to be blogging a lot more from today onwards, I'm going to get back up to doing at least 2 posts per week. I thought I'd be back to it by now, but turns out I'm a busy body even despite finishing uni for good over a week ago... I also very much needed, and still need, to c h i l l




  1. Reading this has made me realise that my wardrobe is lacking a staple white shirt! How do I have so many clothes but not this basic!! You look so lovely and pretty against this backdrop, feeling those spring summer vibes!!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. I really want some straight legged or flared jeans- I found so many flared jeans on asos a while ago but none of them looked right, but lately I keep seeing people in straight legged jeans and getting jealous so I think I need a pair. Also, I never before wanted a white shirt, but after seeing this outfit all I want to do is go buy that shirt?? Such a cute outfit!x


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