Sunday 6 May 2018


Well, hello there lovely people, long time no speak (or see), I'm still slightly busy with uni deadlines and exams but last week I finally handed in my dissertation which I'm super proud of and then to treat myself, headed to the Viking Arty Party I was so kindly invited to in Sheffield the next day.

*Eloisa Georgiou

If you know me, then you know I love doodling and making stuff and that I love Sheffield so I did have a really great time. The venue the event was held at was absolutely stunning, and I learnt and enhanced my skills at a few crafts as well as meeting lots of lovely people.

There were 3 different workshops, lunch, hot drinks and chatting all day and I had such a fab time. I first did paper cutting, which I hadn't done in years and years - since my mom confiscated my cutting board and craft knife lol- where we cut out our first initial as a decoration. I was quite fortunate in that my initial is 'I' so basically a straight line but I really enjoyed it. Maddie from tea and crafting helped us out with the papercutting and was super lovely. 

*Eloisa Georgiou

We then had a bit of lunch, where I had a great sandwich and some salad. I'd tell you what was in the sandwich but tbh all I know it that it was avocado and 'stuff' and was incredible. After a bit of lunch and general chit-chat we moved onto calligraphy, taught by the lovely Joyce. Turns out that the reason calligraphy is so beautiful is the fact that it is bloody difficult, though I did have a good go and was okay I'm definitely going to practice once I have some spare time. It's something I want to implement in my bullet journaling if I get good enough at it!

*Eloisa Georgiou

*Eloisa Georgiou
Finally, we moved onto Origami with Jane from tea and crafting, who taught us how to make really cute origami flowers from basic printer paper, this was definitely the least stressful activity and was a lovely end to a wonderful day. 

If you ever need a bit of downtime I highly recommend getting crafty at a workshop with one of the lovely ladies mentioned above, as this was the perfect post-dissertation-hand-in come down. I'd also like to thank Viking and Jennie Lindehoff for organising and inviting me to such a fun event.


*All photos marked with an asterisk (*) featured in this post were taken by the ridiculously talented Eloisa Georgiou

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