Thursday 1 February 2018



HAPPY THURSDAY! Please tell me other people have accidentally done an asos at almost midnight in a practically asleep state? Or is it just me? Either way, I didn't exactly think I'd actually love everything I ordered and end up keeping it all. Maybe being almost unconscious is key to being happy with an entire online order, I could be on to something...

Sleepy me was just super spot on, I never knew I needed a lime green turtleneck but oh my god I adore it. What a great, great, great colour. it's super soft and lovely quality too, teamed with other bright colours and blue jeans it just looks so cool. It's clearly the colour I needed to cheer up my January. 

Aside from the fact I got a lovely new jumper, I'm also finding ways to style my over the knee floral boots, I realise they hadn't actually made it to the blog yet, but they actually are great under wide legged jeans. I'm sure I'll showcase them over here in their full glory very soon.

I'm planning to do a valentines gift post within the next week, so watch this space!
(I may have a little more to say then) 

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  1. Please wear this colour ALL the time!! You look unreal in it, it suits you so much!
    Obsessed with these pictures as well, you're killing it!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion


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