Friday 9 February 2018


I love valentines day. I think it's great, it's commercialised and gross and cringe but I choose to ignore all of that. I think valentines day is about love and loving all the people in your life who you appreciate. I used to make cards for all my best friends in primary school and I know I still have some that they made me. 

I don't really know what I'm doing for valentines yet, I proposed a Galantines evening with my pals but I'm still unsure if that will happen. I know I'll spend at least a little time with Finn, and we did decide to do silly presents. Regardless of whether you're celebrating it or not or want to buy a loved one or yourself some little treats, I thought that once again I'd put together a little list of suggestions.

1. Bath Stuff
- Specifically, from Lush, the photos above are of the 'cheer up buttercup' bath bomb which is like bathing in lemon sherbert but less sticky. It smells of lemon and cocoa butter as well as containing Neroli which is naturally uplifting and creates serotonin (happy hormone) in your head. Of course, there's a massive range of things you could buy as a gift from lush, from something small like a bath bomb or one of their lovely valentines gifts. 

2. Stationery 
- Maybe not for everyone but I love drawing and writing and planning and making notes. My fave place to get planners and diaries from is Ohh Deer. They just have the cutest stuff and are also great for cards. 

3. Candles or Incense
- Candles and nice room smell seem to have become a massive part of my life as a student. I reckon this is due to spending a hell of a lot of time in my bedroom, whether that be sleeping or doing uni work at my desk, my room has to smell nice. My favourite is incense at the moment, which I got for Christmas from my boyfriend's lovely parents. Candle wise, Yankee Candles are always a good way to go, avoid any of the 'honey' scented ones and they're also vegan.

4. Flowers and Plants
- I'm hoping that when I'm a fully fledged adult (I don't know either) that I'll be a bit of a crazy plant lady. I love houseplants and I don't have any and receiving flowers is my absolute favourite thing. It may seem like a very romantic gesture but I honestly think that buying flowers for one of your friends is the most lovely thing. They may not last forever, but it is such a beautiful gesture. 

5. Books
- I love books. This is no secret, unfortunately, I don't get as much time for reading for the fun of it at the moment but I do have an ever-growing pile of books to get through when I can. Regardless of the type of book just getting someone a book you think they'll like is very very sweet. I recommend shopping for books in charity shops - just because I work in one and I love them - Oxfam book and music stores are great.. you can also get some ace vinyl.

If you have any other cute gift ideas or valentines plans please let me know in the comments! I could always use a bit more inspiration.


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