Sunday 10 December 2017



Happy Sunday pals, I’ve not posted on a Sunday in a little while now but I’ve finished Term 1 of my final year of uni, ITS SNOWING and I’m going home for Christmas today so I felt like I had to. Unfortunately, these photos were taken yesterday before the snow, though if it had been snowing I would not have had one arm completely bare... 

This top is possibly my new favourite thing, aside from having one warm arm and one cold It looks really cool and I feel like makes my shoulders look slightly broader with the asymmetrical ruffle which I’m a huge fan of, I have very narrow shoulders which for backpacks is a nightmare but ideal for tops like this! I love that it’s black and ribbed and comfy whilst looking pretty glam. It’s sooooo easy to dress up and down. To be honest I’d wear this full outfit to Uni or out to Rock City so it’s definitely versatile. It's also on sale for only £12 at the moment so I'd highly recommend getting it while you can!

These jeans are also my fave thing possibly ever, they are the first pair of jeans to EVER fit my waist and hips. I have a tiny 27” waist and 42” hips, making buying jeans that fit properly near impossible. Clearly I just needed a tapered pair, As well as in Indigo wash they now have them in black and I’m desperately hoping they bring them out in other colours too because I would honestly buy them all. 

I'm going to be blogging a lot more for the next few weeks while I'm home, including a mini Christmas gift guide going up tomorrow so keep an eye out for that!


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