Monday 11 December 2017


FOR THE GLITTER LOVER - Less messy than actual pots of loose glitter, BarryM's Glitter nail paints are a firm favourite for all ages, especially in festive colours like the red glitter one pictured above.

FOR SOMEONE SNAP HAPPY - There's nothing quite like a new camera, especially one you've never been able to have a play around with before. This camera is actually my mothers and I have never had a play around with it but I'm pretty fond of my own film camera and I'm not even much of a photography fanatic.

FOR THE ONE WHO IS ALWAYS DROPPING THEIR PHONE - I've shown a lot of phone cases on my blog and Instagram in the past and despite having a lot of my own I do like to give them to other people. Smartphones are expensive and preventing them breaking in a pretty and stylish way is something I can't see a problem with. The above two phone cases are from Caseapp, The fox one is an early Christmas gift for my Mum which she's pretty fond of and the green tulips one is mine, I got the tough case for iPhone6S, which is essentially two cases and super strong. You can get 20% off all Caseapp orders with the code 20INDIA , and you can enter a competition here on my Instagram to win a free case of your choice.

FOR SOMEONE WHO LIKES TO SMELL SWEET - Perfume isn't the perfect present for everyone, but when you know someone likes a particular scent or just likes wearing perfume it is a really lovely thing to receive. As the Bodyshop are no longer owned by the evils that are L'oreal/Nestle (read here about the bad bad things they do) I'm finally happy to buy and use their products, and I have always loved their fragrance mists. This one is Japanese Cherry Blossom and smells so pretty.

I know this is only a small gift guide but I thought it was a few nice little ideas in case you needed any - don't forget to head over to my Instagram to win a free phone case!


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