Friday 22 December 2017



IT'S CHRISTMAS... Sort of. Like lots of people, I'm still at work and still have 5000 things to do before Monday but I'm excited to give presents and eat lovely food, however, I am unfortunately the worst person at receiving gifts ever. I cry at every gift ever, I cry when I love it and feel undeserving and when I'm just confused and if I hate it - everyone hates at least one gift they've received so think I'm horrible all you like, it's true -  on Christmas morning this is all heightened by lack of sleep and caffeine. 

I have managed a handful of Christmas' without tears so let's hope this year is another one. In other news, also completely not news to anyone, Christmas shopping is hell. My sister took these lovely photos in Stockport's little underbank before struggling our way round Superdrug and Primark with our mother. HELL, actual hell on earth, we went to two shops and I've never felt so exhausted. I don't even really know what we bought, it's all a bit of a blur.

Okay so now I've been as negative as humanly possible let's move onto the fact that I do actually love Christmas. Believe it or not, I've been listening to my Christmas Spotify playlist (which you can listen to below) since mid-November and it's Christmas music that's keeping me relatively sane whilst I'm stressed and grumpy about everything.

Because I've been listening to so many Christmas tunes this meant that when meeting one of my best friends little newborn (who is SO gorgeous) I was singing the likes of Darlene Love's 'Christmas' to get him to sleep. That along with Dusty Springfield - Stay Awhile - less Christmassy but he wasn't so keen anyway. Regardless, my Christmas playlist is TOP - highly recommend giving it a follow and a listen, you will not be disappointed nor bombarded with Bublé and a load of cheese.

No doubt this will be my last post before boxing day so I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and if you don't celebrate just a wonderful weekend!


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