Sunday 3 December 2017



Took these blog pictures myself, (on the huji app - if you haven't got it, get it,  you have to get involved) in my room, after chucking my bedding in the wash because I liked this outfit a tonne and was alone. I reckon the taking of these photos, writing a post and pondering over is definitely procrastination from uni work but I'm starting to think that everything I do is procrastination. I need to recognise the difference between productive procrastination and literally just wasting time. Or perhaps I need to give up overanalysing and then labelling everything I do. I probably always sound very contrary and confused to those reading my blog, and though that's not at all far from the truth, I do tend to figure these things out as I write.

I'd never considered a square neckline when I definitely should have. I bought this top in a couple of colours as I don't really have any plain tops at all and it was becoming a slight issue. I love how the square neck sits and sort of frames my collarbones as well as sort of balancing out how narrow my shoulders are. The only downside to these tops is they are huge, I bought them in a size 10 and they're fine but I was expecting a fitted or stretch cotton top which is not at all what it is. It's very long and loose so if you wanted it to fit you'd have to size down. I also never knew how much I'd like navy with leopard print but I LOVE it, I'll definitely be pairing them together more often after this outfit.

I'm trying to refine my wardrobe to only be pieces I know I will wear forever and I'm finding it difficult to want to get rid of anything at all and not just thinking about what I'm missing and must get urgently. Like sequin trousers... I really need sequin trousers. Good job I have no money or I'd be drowning in clothes. Seriously though, what should I actually get rid of and how do I know ????


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