Tuesday 28 November 2017


Pixelated, grainy photos on a grey Saturday afternoon, too many coffees and hot chocolates. Planning to and especially trying to take blog photos on a weekend at home never works out. Usually visiting for a multitude of sociable reasons and when I get the chance the light is always terrible. 

I end up slumped in the lounge, watching whatever rubbish is on tv already and an outft goes to waste. Finn, being the babe that he is, took some photos of me in this somewhat instinctive state of what to do when the world is grey and I quite like them. This gorgeous top, which hopefully I'll get to show off a little better soon, was sent to me by Tobi and is like nothing I already owned. Perfect all year round, this floaty blouse is my current favourite colour, turns out khaki greens and earthy tones fit into my otherwise vibrant wardrobe rather well.

Skirt - Newlook

Apart from the train journeys to and from, this weekend at home was the first opportunity I have had to not really do much other than mooch about and do normal daily things in I don't know how long and I really needed it. I get too busy and I need to remember that rest is important and healthy. I had a lovely weekend and have started this week at uni refreshed and awake- a rarity for me.

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