Sunday 8 January 2017

A Touch of Red (and a little rain)

Jumper, Fishnets and Bag - Primark

Happy grey January folks. I have fallen totally in love with the colour red over the past few weeks and was desperate for a red pair of shoes (which by the way, currently £7 in the Topshop sale!) to brighten up winter a bit and these are so comfy and cute. Definitely not for wearing in the rain as they are faux suede but they certainly brightened up a grey manchester day.

My Sister and I went to the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Whitworth this day, which was really cool although I do somehow think we missed a bit. What we did see however was great and I love galleries and art and if you get the chance to go, please do. I think this is the thing I miss the most about being near Manchester when I'm at uni, all the galleries and museums.

Stripes and red and frills are a few of my favourite things and when I saw this dream jumper in Primark I was talking about it for days. I contemplated not actually getting it but since I didn't shut up about it I think it would have been stupid to leave it behind. I love it, I am so excited to wear it with absolutely everything I own, and to use it as an excuse to buy lot's of red accessories to wear with it...



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