Monday 26 December 2016

Sparkle and Shine


Coat - H&M (similar here)
Top (and super cosy tights) - Primark 
Boots - Newlook (reduced to £12!!!)

Hair Clip - Monki

Good evening! As I write this I'm thinking about a lot of things. I often find myself in a weird state of reflection but I suppose it being the end of the year it is sort of more appropriate at the moment. I don't like it. It's probably useful but I don't enjoy reflecting on things I've done or said and finding flaws in them. There's stuff to look back on and be proud of too of course but even that I don't find particularly enjoyable. I feel so out of touch with everything right now and it's weird and spacey. 

Regardless of the curious goings on of my mind, I adore this outfit. I bought the gold sparkly lurex dress from Urban Outfitters a little while ago with the intention of wearing it for Christmas and I did and I love it. It looks super cool over band tees so I popped it over the ac/dc top you saw in my last post (although not that one because it was in the wash, this one is my sisters... ty Eden!) and it looks really coooool. I also just thought I should go all out and mix metals by wearing my silver boots and my new hair clip from monki and I love how super shiny I was. 

I had a good Christmas and received some lovely gifts but the thing I'm most thankful and happy for is that I know lot's of great people who are all far too kind hearted. I'm incredibly lucky to have such fab friends and family. 

I hope you had an amazing Christmas, or just weekend if you don't celebrate! 



  1. We are so similar in outfits!!! I have the dress in purple and boots in rose gold, you look stunning!
    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. I love your style Lucy so that is a huge compliment thanks! Ahhh cool, we'd look cool stood next to each other in these outfits haha x


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