Thursday 29 December 2016


Skirt, Fishnets & Pink Clutch - Primark

Evening all! Since party wear isn't something I share on my blog all that often, New Years Eve is the perfect opportunity for me to share a few outfits. This is the first of three nye outfits which I will be posting today, tomorrow and saturday and am rather excited to eventually wear out once I'm back at uni.

As we all know by now fishnets are a complete staple with every outfit, especially skirts and I must say they look really flippin' cool with this faux fur, leopard print mini skirt from primark which I am obsessed with. It fits perfectly, is super soft and has pockets. All clothing items should have pockets. 

I think this outfit is pretty versatile and could be worn for the most casual of new years gatherings or the most fancy and you'd look pretty damn cool.


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