Wednesday 21 December 2016

It's a long way to the top

Entire outfit - Primark

I GOT MY SEPTUM PIERCED!! -there was absolutely no other way I should have started this post- I'm literally in love with my nose, which is odd because pre-piercing I wasn't too fond of it but I love it so much. I got it done on Sunday at Holier Than Thou in the Northern Quarter as an early christmas present and I'm over the moon with it. It's a piercing I've wanted for soooooo long but had always been talked out of getting and I'm glad I finally did it. It hurt and stuff which is expected but piercings and pain don't bother me much and I already want a million more.

I have always wanted lot's of piercings which has surprised a few of my friends but I think actually with my septum done I look more like myself? That might be a strange opinion  but it just seems right to me. I love it. I'm also incredibly vain and need to calm down a bit I think..

I hardly ever wear an entire outfit from Primark but I love this one. The black denim skirt was £3 so an absolute bargain, the t-shirt my mum got both me and my sister for a similar price, because we love AC/DC and the coat was my sisters but I traded her a mascara for it. I definitely got the better end of that deal. I really like wearing a brown coat with an all black outfit and I love this skirt and fishnets combo. I must admit though I was a bit chilly as Manchester is freezing at the moment.

I'm going to try my best in the next few days to blog some more sparkly christmas outfits, I can't promise how many there will be but definitely a few so look out for those!



  1. Your septum looks amazing, I wish I had the courage to go do it but I don't think I suit piercings I don't even have my ears done! Can't believe the whole look was primark, its so nice!!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. Thanks so much Lucy!! I reckon you'd suit piercings if you wanted them! I didn't have my ears pierced for ages! x


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