Wednesday 2 November 2016


I think it's fair to say that this outfit is undeniably marmite. You either love the tinkerbell green velvet trousers or you are repulsed by them which I completely understand, though I adore them. I had very mixed reactions when I bought these trousers, and get very mixed reactions when I wear them and I imagine always will. The weird thing is I feel like I should hate them? They're disgusting but I also think they're beautiful. Also ridiculously comfortable (especially because I got a size too big...) which is expected since they look a lot like PJs.

My Led Zeppelin top is one of my absolute faves and I'm disappointed that I haven't blogged it before, it was an incredibly stupid purchase in that I really did not have any money to be spending on myself but I happened to be buying my Dad this exact top anyway for Father's day and I quite liked the idea of matching with him. I'm not sure he was as excited as me about having the same t-shirt but he certainly doesn't dislike it. This top is also super comfy and is often accidentally worn to bed... basically I'm wearing PJs with heels and I'm totally fine with it.

I do however need to figure out some other ways of wearing these trousers because they are super cool and I don't want to overwear the same outfit? Until then though pairing them with band t shirts  and boots will have to do.



  1. That coat is to die for! In fact the whole outfit is amazing, really want to get my hands on some silver boots xx

    1. Thank you! Silver boots are definitely a good shout! xx


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