Wednesday 9 November 2016


photos from Helena's disposable - before Rock City 4/11/16

Do you ever live through a whole day or few days and feel like you're not actually really there? Because that is how I felt all weekend and also why I didn't blog. Or rather the biggest reason, the other reason was that my camera was being stupid and I got ketchup on the jumper I was wearing so.. and I don't even like ketchup so that really was unfortunate. I had a nice weekend though, I was meant to be doing more than I did but considering how distant and disconnected from the world I felt I think I did pretty well.

I went shopping with Laura on friday and didn't spend much but christmas has begun in shops and I love looking at all the velvet and glitter. I also went to Rock City with Helena and Lucy on Friday night, resulting in 4 hours sleep and being wide awake at 7.30am on saturday morning, up well before any of my housemates, none of whom had gone out. I then felt half asleep all day but went to a pub near me which has an all vegan menu with Helena. What I learned from that is that I can't make decisions but I did get food and ate it and liked it. That's also when the ketchup incident happened. Between then and Sunday night I'm not really sure what I did. I hoovered. That's all I can remember. Winter makes me feel constantly tired and I'm not keen on it. I am however going to try and find things to blog about that maybe don't necessarily require me to go outside for to long.


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