Sunday 30 October 2016


So on Monday I was about as spontaneous as I ever am and I came home to Manchester / Stockport just for the night because I don't have uni on Tuesdays (don't stalk me) and figured me and my Mother needed to see Warpaint whilst they were in Manchester. 

They played at the Albert Hall which in our ignorance we had never heard of or noticed but it was a pretty cool venue and I'm glad we discovered it. We didn't like the support act, I can't remember who they were but we were distracted by the fact they looked like they had ran through a vintage kilo sale grabbing whatever they possibly could then distributing it between the band so they actually might have been okay.

Warpaint were amazing, they sounded amazing and they looked really cool and my Mum was very happy and it was honestly a great gig. If you haven't ever heard of them I highly recommend looking them up and giving them a listen because they are fab.


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