Wednesday 5 October 2016

The Everyday Forever Smokey Eye

Happy Wednesday! I'm currently eating churros and drinking coffee which has ultimately made my day 100% better than it already was.

As of late I have been sporting a variation on a dark smokey eye almost daily regardless of where I'm going and I love it. Both of the above make up looks were done using my Naked 3 pallette which I honestly doubt I could live without and both have been teamed with my current favourite lip colour, Buffy from Limecrime. I'm not sure what it is I love so much about it but I adore dark nude lips and bronze smokey eyes so freaking much. I think with the eyes it's that they're reminiscent of my favourite 60s models like Jean Shrimpton and Brigitte Bardot but also give a subtle nod to the current punk/grunge trend which clashes soooo nicely with my more feminine and pastel outfits that I refuse to leave behind in Summer.

I almost always start with the shade 'Trick' (a super sparkly bronze shade) in my crease and then add on a combination of either 'Mugshot' and 'Black Heart' or 'Nooner' and 'Darkside' (more brown/ rosy colours) across my eyelid leaving the darker of the two just for the outer corner and under my bottom lashes. Clearly I know exactly what I'm talking about with all this very accurate technical jargon...

I very genuinely have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to make up, I just know I have it and I put it on my face and sometimes I like how it looks. At the moment I especially like how all this looks so there you go.


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