Sunday 2 October 2016

Menswear and Winter Goals

Trousers - Pringles, Top - H&M, no clue where my socks are from but I love the colour...

So as I officially start back at uni tomorrow and it's October and we only have a few months left of the year, I thought that - Inspired by this post by Megan Ellaby - I should publicly set some achievable goals for the end of the year in the hope that it gives me some sort of motivation in the colder months when usually I'm in hibernation. 

Firstly, and it may seem like something I shouldn't have to be telling myself at the grand old age of 20 but, to keep my room tidy and organised. The and organised part is most important.. I have a tendency when tidying to be incredibly lazy and just shove everything in sight under my bed or in my wardrobe and that definitely needs to stop. This should probably also start with me making sure everything actually has a home in my room so I guess that's my Sunday.

My second goal for by the end of the year is to make sure I'm on top of all my uni work. I usually am pretty good for this anyway but I don't want to fall behind even slightly and I need to make the most of the library being so close by. I also need to make sure I spend enough of my own time on uni work, this is obvious and I know I'll be fine because I enjoy my degree but I do need to remember it is my top priority.

Thirdly and finally I want to read more. I always say this and it never happens but this time I actually want it to. I adore reading but I hate putting books down at all which, though I am working on, I think if I really want to read a full book in one sitting, I need to plan for the day and make sure there's nothing else I should be doing and just sit and read and to be okay with it because I often feel an awful sense of guilt towards the fact I'm basically neglecting the real world for a day but I need to be okay with that.

I know these aren't the most ambitious goals ever and they're of course not all I want to be doing but nonetheless they are important to me and I don't really have any excuse for not doing them. Do you have anything you want to be better at in the next few months? Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter! 


ps. I will definitely blog this outfit as soon as I have someone to take my photos and when it's raining less...


  1. I pretty much have the same goals as you since going back to uni! I also want to read more because except uni books I haven't really read anything for myself X

    1. Exactly that's the thing! Remembering to read for pleasure as well and getting the balance right is so important! X


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