Sunday 9 October 2016

Goodbye Bare Legs (and the illusion that is blogger friendships...)

Top - Newlook, Skirt and Bag - Urban Outfitters, Belt- Asos, Shoes - Converse, Jacket - everything5pounds

It seems as though the second it became October it actually got considerably colder and I am going to have to say goodbye to bare legs as I definitely had goosebumps when I went out like this the other day. I must say I also felt incredibly contradictory wearing a turtleneck but no tights so if I've suddenly become sensible this will be the last time I brave bare legs in 2016. Legs aside I loveeeee this outfit and I'm a bit surprised I'd never worn it before, I love this striped turtleneck to pieces, it goes so well with blue denim and inevitably both go super well with leopard print and I love it,

I have made some amazing friends through blogging but especially through social media and I honestly don't know how I'd cope without some of them and I think online friends are important which is completely contrary to everything we were ever told in school. Some of my best friends were made online during my teenage years (hahaha I can refer to my teenage years in the past, great) and are now part of my day to day life.

The thing is when you have a blog I feel like it comes with an expectation to act a certain way and to be friends with everyone just because you're all bloggers? I love that it's a supportive community don't get me wrong and I'm super proud of everyone doing so well with their blogs but you don't need to be friends with them all, you don't have to find their content interesting and I feel like it's not recognised that that is okay?

I am someone who is very much always out of the loop of the 'blogging world' I'm totally oblivious to events and awards and such. I hear buzz but I don't really know what any of it is about and at first I think I felt a little left out but I've since come to realise it's not why I blog so it's cool. I like writing and I like creating and I like reading blogs. Making friends is a bonus but I don't have to make friends with everyone because quite frankly I wouldn't want to be friends with everyone.

I'm possibly sounding bitter and anti-social but it's like being at a party. I don't want to talk to everyone, I'm sure you're all nice enough and if I did speak to you we'd have a lovely conversation and perhaps I would make a new friend but I am more than happy just hanging around in my little bubble with the people I came with. It's not even a don't want it's more that I don't have an incessant need to be everyone's friend? Which is weird because there are other situations where I very much want and need to be everyone's friend. I think that's why I find it so strange that I'm not so fussed when it comes to the little bloggy world I sit on the outskirts of..

I'm not exactly sure what the point I'm trying to get to is, it's just thoughts and I think it would be interesting to know other people's take on it all. The title of this post is probably a little misleading because I'm not claiming blogger friendships are an illusion at all but I do think there is an illusion surrounding the blogging world that suggest we are all best pals which simply isn't true.

I'm interested. Do you find that you are in fact fully immersed in your little blogging world? Or like me, do you feel a little bit lost in it all? Regardless of how lost I feel I am more than content with what I'm doing and the friends I have made and I really don't mind being so oblivious to the rest of it...



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