Wednesday 19 October 2016

Head Cold

You know when you have a head cold and you can't concentrate on words or make sense of much at all? Well, that, so I apologise in advance if this post makes absolutely zero sense. I seem to have caught said cold over the weekend and it is doing my head in... not only because of the constant headache I seem to be riddled with but my throat feels horrendous and sitting in a two hour lecture trying my best not to have a coughing fit is no fun at all.

On the other hand though, until I felt gross, my weekend was actually very very lovely. We went to the NTU open day and ate burritos and those of us who can legally drank did and I only started to feel ill on sunday night so it was pretty good going I guess. 

This outfit is pretty cool, I nabbed the shorts for only £8 in the topshop sales and with student discount and then had to alter them at home because they were too big but all in all I love them and they go with so much. They look pretty cool with a plain black body and obviously everything looks cool with a blondie tee in my books so this outfit had to be done and I like it a lot.

Oh and I cut my hair, with the help of my sister and I love it, I don't have to do anything with it, I could probably also get away with not brushing it before leaving the house so...



  1. Despite the head cold you look fabulous! Your hair, eye-makeup and lipstick all look beautiful.
    I love the Pull+Bear graphic T-shirt with the image of Debbie Harry of the band Blondie on it, and also love the floral print of your Glamorous shorts. Take care of yourself, keep the resistance up and be well.

  2. Urgh head colds are horrible, you really look lovely though even when you're ill, hope you feel better soon :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog


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