Sunday 16 October 2016

Lonely Jones

Trousers - Pringles, Shoes - Vans, Coat + Top - H&M, Belt - Asos, Bag - Primark

This is my favourite I'm a student outfit, even including this exact pair of socks which I think I acquired from my father but I love this weird limey yellow colour a lot with my vans and my grandad trousers. 

This weekend my sister and her best pal who is basically also my sister have come to visit for the NTU open day and I wore this to the it with them and felt very preppy. I feel like I'm almost lying to you by posting photos with longer hair because after we took these we walked in the house and chopped it all off so....

This morning when I was up at an ungodly hour I was reading about stranger things online and found out that the guy who plays Steve has a really rather cool band and I really love their music and if you like tame impala highly recommend giving them a listen here, especially to Lonely Jones!


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