Wednesday 21 September 2016

Green Leather

Skirt - Newlook, Top - H&M, Fishnet Tights - Accessorize, Shoes - Converse X CDG, Bag - Primark

I have a serious shopping problem which is not at all news but I couldn't not buy this skirt from newlook, they have it in several different colours and It's honestly one of the nicest faux leather skirts I've ever come across, Not only do I adore this green colour, I love the A-line shape and that it has (though too small for my liking) pockets and isn't at all restricting or uncomfortable. It fits into my wardrobe perfectly and I think it looks pretty cool with fishnet tights.

Wearing fishnet tights is something I thought I'd hate but they aren't only way cooler than wearing any old tights or going bare legged, they also don't make you too warm or cold and aren't season specific, possibly not snow appropriate but we shall see. They do of course come with an unwritten warning that if you are to stop at a service station on the M1 midday on a thursday you will get some interesting looks from retirees... especially teamed with space buns and heart shaped sunglasses...

I wore this (whilst ill ish) to move back to Nottingham before uni starts up again and I can assure you I had a ball of a time in that service station. I have actually since this day teamed this skirt with other tops and I honestly think it is so versatile, I will be wearing it to absolute death. Also looks amazing with leopard print and faux fur which I am incredibly excited about. I think that faux leather adds a really lovely texture to otherwise plain outfits but also looks great with a mixture of other textures and if you can't tell I'm just soooooo happy with this purchase.



  1. I love this! I've been so tempted to get some of them tights, think I might have to!

  2. Ah thanks Frankee!! Yes, definitely reccomend, I love them! x


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