Sunday 11 September 2016

Balmy PJ Daze

Night Shirt - Mink Pink, Capri Jeans - Pull&Bear, Boots - Newlook (similar here)

Balmy is definitely the word for today, though even balmy is a bit too warm for me and I sort of really want it to just get a bit cooler so I can wear these jeans everyday without wishing I was wearing something much shorter and more nothingy... 

I feel a kind of guilt for the amount of clothes I've bought this Summer which I definitely shouldn't. I shop a lot but it's always stuff I really love and I never compromise anything else by shopping so it's fine. This shirt however was not so planned, it was definitely an impulse by but I am so incredibly glad I bought it with such haste because it now appears to be out of stock everywhere and it is so beautiful. It may be a PJ top but I think it looks super cool with jeans and boots. The colours and the print are perfect and so bold and contrasts so well with the boxy, slouchy shape. The beauty of it being a pyjama top is also that when wearing it I can literally just whip off my jeans and I'll basically be ready for bed - only of course if I'm exceptionally sleepy..

These pull&bear jeans are also possibly the first non high waisted jeans that I have ever liked (nevermind loved) and the capri shape to them is so relaxed and cool and unlike any pair of jeans I've seen before. I've always liked pull&bear but since one opened in the Trafford Centre this Summer I've fallen ever so slightly in love with it, and probably spent a little too much time in there and even more online.



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