Wednesday 14 September 2016


 Dress - Pull&Bear, Bag - UO, Shoes - Dr Martens, Denim Jacket Levi's

It's always great when you notice that your shoes are broken when going through your outfit photos... For whatever reason my Dr Martens look as though they have bullet holes in the sole in the first photo which they definitely don't but it sounds way more badass than whatever will have actually caused it.

Buying this dress was a bit of a gamble because it is nothing like anything I own, it's ever so slightly glittery which was obviously the selling point and I actually really like the way it fits, it's comfortable and reminded me how teeny my waist is which is always nice. Styling it however was difficult but I like it quite grungy and I think when the weather is cooler it'll look great with a t-shirt underneath and lot's more layers.

This was also the perfect outfit for today because despite me wishing for autumn it was super warm, especially in fabric shops with no air con! Today was my last trip into Manchester for a while which I maybe shouldn't be so pleased with because I do love Manchester with all my heart but I'm moving back to Nottingham in the next few days and that is far too exciting to be sad about missing the North just yet!


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