Sunday 4 September 2016

Back to school

Dungarees - Primark, Top - H&M, Shoes - Vans. Bag - Rough Trade Tote

Okay so though I definitely am too old for back to school anything, September, it seems, is capable of making everyone and anyone feel the need to buy stationary and new clothes... though maybe that is just me. 

I bought these dungarees on recommendation that they were incredibly comfortable and I can confirm that they indeed are and that I've worn them about 6 times in the last week which is possibly not the best but I love them. They're stretch denim so it's basically like wearing leggings and they're great and super cheap. I bought this purple sports (I'd say baseball but I know nothing about any sports and feel a bit silly lol) type top thing from H&M because I've decided I love plum colours with my blonde hair for autumn, I can also confirm it is pretty comfy too.

I don't know if it technically is autumn yet, it's not quite cold enough and this was pretty much the only street I have seen with orange leaves so far but I must say I'm pretty excited for everything that autumn entails, coffee and jumpers and scarves and the promise of christmas, it's definitely my favourite time of year.


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