Sunday 3 July 2016

The Solution To Being Seduced By Synthetics - with Veeda

Okay so I wouldn't say I'm that successful at being a woman, pretty much no matter what your definition is. I'm alright at taking care of myself and making sure I make the best health decisions for myself but alike most people I think, I blag it all . I wish I knew more about the history of periods and how they were dealt with before we had a million different synthetic solutions handed to us with no explanation but unfortunately I don't which is why I am so passionate about working with Veeda

I never thought I'd talk about menstruation on my blog although I definitely have no objection to it, it's something that scared me a lot as a teenager which is silly because I was informed but unfortunately teenage years and puberty call for inherent embarrassment over completely normal bodily functions. Oddly as a 9 year old I was completely fine with the idea of the menstrual cycle and I understood quite a lot about it. I remember reading a book my aunty gave me, hidden inside another book, with my then best friend in the reading corner at school and giggling because we assumed no one knew what we were reading about. In retrospect we made it incredibly obvious, but at least we were learning!

Nowadays I don't really care about it all? I obviously care to an extent because my body is important but I'm not bothered about the stresses that come along with being a woman and I'm certainly not bothered about talking about them. I do however care quite a bit about what chemicals go in or near my body have always been all for natural products. Veeda use no chemicals, dyes, or synthetics in their sanitary products, are 100% cotton as well as being affordable (not only important as a student but the whole paying for your period thing sucks in general) and they are a nice, friendly company which means a lot to me.

A couple of months ago they very kindly sent me some tampons and pads and they were great. I preferred their tampons to any I had used before, I'm not entirely sure why but they were just much better and the pads were fine, definitely on par with those I would normally use and just knowing that I was being a tiny bit better for my body than normal did make me more content as a person.

If you want to know more about Veeda, all the interesting links are at the bottom of this post and I'm more than happy to answer any questions in the comments.


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