Wednesday 6 July 2016

Golden Hour

Dress - asos, Shirt - no idea :), Shoes - Converse X CDG, Bag - UO Watch - Casio, Lippy - Limecrime

So I'm officially moved back to Stockport for summer, moving back on a hangover was possibly my worst idea, I definitely didn't help pack or unpack the car as much as I should have and I managed to forget my waffle maker but we did manage to get home so that's fine I guess. I love being with my family but when they're all busy with work and school I would much rather be in Nottingham with my friends and my own space and all my stuff in the right place.

Something incredibly pleasant about being home is the novelty of being able to sleep without traffic noise on both sides of your house and being able to go for a walk in the evening and it be rather quiet though I think the novelty will wear off.

This was my second outfit of the day in all honesty and my preferred one, It may seem like I'm off for my first day of school and like more of a winter outfit that should be teamed with a warm coat but actually long sleeves and tights were a good idea because I didn't get chilly and I looked pretty cool.

I do hope summer warms up a tiny bit though because I do not want to spend the next few months digging through my wardrobe for winter jumpers...



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